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The Company …
Craig Marine, an International Company, offers innovative, ground breaking designs with the features of a super yacht in a semi production boat. Conceived in 2003, by David Craig, it now has divisions in Bulgaria, Holland and USA. All workmanship is done in accordance with ABS and CE governmental standards.
Bulgaria is duty free into Europe, and for ease of commerce the manufacturing arm of the company was placed along the Danube. With a literacy rate of over 98% and a government that encourages economic growth, wages, land cost and infrastructure combine to allow for an educated workforce, ample facility and ability to obtain materials from the world's leading suppliers. The company sits upon 280,000 ft of land in Bulgaria, in a 80,000 sq ft building to support 25 finely skilled craftsmen.

In the USA, a country with many boating centers, interested clients and investors, a major sales and assembly division of Craig Marine is anchored around the Baltimore, Maryland area on the east coast.

Holland hosts a sales office dedicated to the activity center around the Holland and Germany region, a central communications hub for the European market.

The Management…
David Craig, Owner of Craig Marine, oversees the company and travels between the European and American locations frequently. His family hails originally from New Port, Rhode Island, but he actually grew up in Sarasota, Florida, a major US boat building center, and was a long time resident of Annapolis, Maryland.

He began racing sailboats at a young age and spent as much of his life on water as on land. Many sailboats and power boat races later, he chose to follow his dream of combining his love of boating and his love of working with his hands in a way that would impact the future of the industry.

He attended Ringling School of Art and Design to accompany his nautical knowledge, and for the past 9 years, Mr. Craig lived in Europe, (7 years in France and 2 in Italy) working in the yacht design and building field.

In 1999 his seaman's heart and visionary mind led to the creation of a new design of hull - a high speed lightweight planning hull that has no competition. After rigorous testing at the Davidson Institute in Hoboken NJ, it performed beyond his expectations and he is the patent holder, granted in both USA and Europe, of this new work of nautical art and supremely functional form.

In 2003, industry reactions to this innovative and powerful hull design prompted Mr. Craig to begin production. He created Craig Marine and now offers this ground breaking hull design, with the features of a super yacht in a semi production boat, designed by international yachtsman for the international yachtsmen, and built by traditional artisans and craftsmen,

Jim Plagenhoef, Head of Sales, USA. Three-time American Cup Racer, Jim hails from Portland, Maine. He has worked for many marine suppliers and as a seasoned professional, his knowledge of all aspects of boating prove invaluable to Craig Marine. The voice of experience, Jim handles all sales for the USA division of the company.

Designed by International Yachtsmen for the International Yachtsman
~ Built by Traditional Artisans and Craftsmen ~

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