Marine Applications by BITZER

The BITZER Group is the world's largest independent manufacturer of refrigeration compressors with sales companies and production sites for screw, reciprocating, and scroll compressors as well as pressure vessels all over the globe. In 2012, 3,046 employees generated sales of millions.

BITZER Production

BITZER devices and service: Day by day, enormous amounts of cargo are being shipped to destinations

all over the world. This logistic service would be unthinkable without maritime transportation. State-of-the-art container vessels from MAERSK, for instance, are capable of carrying 18,000 containers at a time. To ensure optimal cooling throughout the journey, MAERSK's reefer containers are equipped with specially designed 2-stage aluminium compressors, developed by BITZER.

But there's even more BITZER technology on board of many ships: BITZER compressors are at the heart of HVAC installations, for example, helping the crews from gigantic vessels to small private yachts to feel comfortable during long cruises. Meanwhile groceries in store rooms remain fresh too, thanks to BITZER technology. And even the electronic equipment of many vessels and large boats is chilled with the help of BITZER devices.


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