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Heavy duty inflatable boat fenders provide rugged protection and convenient storage, high-impact absorbing boat fender that can be easily stowed without taking up valuable storage space, Recommended for recreation and commercial use.

AVON® Fenders

AVON Company - offer higher quality inflatable medium and heavy craft and accessories for commercial and military applications. Accessories

include hypalon Inflatable Fenders and Commercial Boat & Dock use Fenders.


Dafen, Llanelli
SA14 8NA - UK

Web/source: www.avon-workboats.com

AVON Fenders


Inflatable boat fenders with large diameter valve for easy inflation.This fenders are designed for use on powerboats, yachts include super yachts and provide max safety and protection for most demanding sea conditions.

All Fenders are water and abrasion resistant, very light but tough, heavy duty steel d-ring and low profile valve enables services over time:
inflation and deflation.

Fender models are available in Blue and White colours and 4 different sizes:
length(cm) 92 143 203 254
diameter(cm) 41 51 61 91

CommercialBoat fenders

While docking Protect your boat hull from scrapes and damage with Avon Commercial Fenders, made in Hypalon double skinned fabric for most extreme hard usage and long life.

This Fenders are heavy duty water and abrasion resistant, very light but tough yet, designed in two sizes and enough light for one man to handle.
Boat fenders required for small boats, patrol boats, Coastguard cutters or dock use.

These Inflatable fenders with large diameter valve are heavy duty, lightweight and small packed size for boats with small crew and limited stowage.

Fender models are available in Blue and 2 sizes:large and medium, inflated pressure of 1 p.s.i
length(cm) 107 213
diameter(cm) 61 61
weight 14kg 22kg

Other Companies

Inflatable Fenders from Tilley Inflatable

Inflatable Megga Fenders - There are many situations where special or extra large fendering is required to prevent damage. Marinas, fuel berths, construction environments and large yacht moorings are just a few.

They are ideal for large yachts or work and power boats requiring maximum protection, and of course, they require a minimum of stowage space once deflated.

In this situation the standard products available from chandlery sources are often inadequate. This is where Custom Inflatable Fenders come into their own.

Manufactured by "Tilley Inflatable" from the well proven material now used for most inflatable dinghies, Hypalon, these inflatable fenders are tough enough to withstand heavy impacts and abrasion, yet can be inflated/deflated using standard dinghy pumps and are fully repairable. High strength attachment points ensure that, once in place, Megga Fenders provide a buffer against almost any impact.
Tilley Inflatable can manufacture custom inflatable boat fenders to any size or specification as required.

Please visit http://www.tidel.biz/ for details or discuss your requirements.

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