Dry docking systems from "FAB Dock"

Fabulous Docking

Dry docking boat systems

A new innovation in dry-on-water docking systems

Do you want to be a environmentally safe and clever boat owner while knowing it is also saving you money.

They offered boat owners completely differentiate ourselves from anything else that was on the market.

FAB Dock have spent over two years in research and development to ensure we have the right product. Their Team are all boat owners so they understand what a good product needs to do, hence it was important for us to get it right.

dock system in the Seychelles

Forget boosting, hoisting and skidding your boat above the waterline. The Fab Dock low-profile lets it stay right where it is while the boat is not in use, "Fab Dock" system also protects it from dock damage realy effectively pushing the water away from the hull by surrounding it from below with an inflatable polyurethane or PVC collar and polyurethane alloy floor.

The Fab Dock system benefits:

No antifouling - Environmental responsibility -
Safety - easy to berth, less risk of collision or damage.
Easy Portable - Easy to disassemble and/or assemble. Fits in a storage bag.
Cost effective - keeps your vessel dry improved fuel economy.
Minimal maintenance with no moving parts or accessories to service.
Available to suit all boat sizes, with the choice of 2 products.
PVC with a two year Fab Dock warranty
this FAB Dock's new design allows the FAB Dock
to act as a fender protecting your boat from
hitting other boats or pontoons
Urefhane Alloy with an outstanding 5 year warranty
Acceptable in any water-area or Marina.

FAB Dock's premise is simple; you drive your boat in, pump up the rear section and connect the pump via a magnetic connector installed on your boat. That's it. All done in ten minutes.

The FAB Dock system looks after the rest. It empties the water out and then turns itself off. Your boat is completely dry. If it rains, the automatic sensor turns the pump on until the FAB Dock is dry again and then turns itself off again.

dock system + engines

You can use it like a bumper to catch your boat if the wind or tide is pushing you in the wrong direction.

Because FAB Dock's made from fabric rather than hard plastic, it also helps docking your boat in tidal or windy conditions.

It will simply guide
you safely into your berth.
This makes docking your boat so much easier and, a lot safer and better still. It also means that you can dock even larger powerboats single handedly.

Custom sizes

FAB Dock's custom build their dock systems to any size. Company can make them suitable even for larger vessels up to 100ft.

dock system in  any sizes

Minimum Maintenance

There are no moving parts and no metal parts to corrode, so maintenance is minimal with a simple clean once or twice a year. With 2 models to choose from offering a 2 year warranty for the PVC model and a class leading 5 year warranty for the Polyurethane dock version that will well and truly pay for itself before the warranty expires.

Currently Fab dock is rapidly expanding throughout USA,Australia.
In Western Australia there are now happy FAB Dock already installed and a national distributor appointed.

So if you are looking for an environmentally alternative to putting chemicals on your hull every year and want to reduce your overall maintenance and running costs, then take some time to research this new innovative product by FAB Dock. For more details visit http://fabdock.com/


VersaDock Company creates and designs dry docking systems, innovative modular pontoons for many types of use around the world with time, space, time and cost efficiency in mind.

Over 38 years of combined practical and technical industry expertise VersaDock is a one of the major worldwide supplier of floating-modular-dock-systems and innovative solutions to both commercial and private.

New Dry dock system "DrySail™ System"

Dry dock system for sportsboats and small sailboats. The New generation (less than 50% the weight of previous generations of dry docks) Version 2 of the Company VersaDock - DrySail™ System (V2) has been designed and engineered specifically for modern lifting keel sports powerboats. VersaDock DrySail™ System is extremely easy to assemble with eyecatching design.

New Dry dock system for sportsboats and small sailboats

In around a minute or two at any time, low maintenance Drysail ™V2 dry dock system provide easy to winch your own small boat out and in of the water. Being in the water for lond periods is the perfect alternative to marina drysailing options.