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INMARE Marine/Dock Fenders

INMARE is a quality manufacturer and distributor of marine fenders, mooring accessories and large line of boat fenders.

Every models of INMARE boat or dock fenders are designed from UV stable Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, fast to fit, easy to use and store with a guaranteed do well performance and quality assurance.

INMARE Marine & Boat Fenders (Italia)

Marine/Dock fenders

We all know that fender is extremely important to safeguard their own boat, way it often happens that just holding the hull too long protested wats causing damage to the boat hull this is due to the common use it go by fenders with sizes and materials are often not homogeneous.

But, it's a solution does not insure, lending for the boat and the holidays often can eventually damage the bold. This is why Italian Company INMARE produce a wide range offenders made with special plastic material that can meet any needs and get around any problem in order to set of the design and the global to make walls and your dock more and more safe.

INMARE Marine fenders can be easy and fast installed thanks to the help of even a single person and this allowed to increase the docking space available up to 10 percent making the phase definitely safer and more reliable without needing to be serviced.

INMARE will also be possible to work out special customized solutions for any customer's specific needs.

Designed and manufactured to fit every time the surface insuring preservation and performance.

Cover Inmare fender

Simple  fixed with cable ties. The only doch UVIl unit  specifically designed for application on  bricole, poles and cover Fender is produced in a closed cell material which does not absorb chemical elements or bad oils.

Specifically designed "Cover" fender that rrovides maximum protection for application on poles or bricole. This model can be fixed with simple cable ties.

Modular profile fenders

Sistema TRI Fenders

Modular versatile Fender that lends itself to many applications, particularly suitable for floating docks curved or non-linear. INMARE Modular specific profile for applications on fingers. Sistema TRI "Fenders" can be installed in series continues, alternating with free spaces or assembled double for added protection. It"s also suitable to protect the outside of the guide-post, which often represent a hindrance to the docking maneuvers. To reduce the distance among the fingers Modular fenders called Sistema TRI comes in small size guarantees.

fenders for boats from -  max 20m or 60 ton

Type of boat: max 20m or 60 ton.
Installations in double row - type of craft up to 30 m / 100 ton.

Note: in order to ensure the maximum elasticity on fenders , an optimal water outflow and a fast drying, tighten the screws up to leaving a 0.3 m. light.

INMARE Sistema zero

More of marine Inmare fenders are Modular profile fenders such us "Sistema zero" fenders that are particularly suitable for all type of iron,wood or aluminum floating docks or fingers.

Modular system dock fenders

To every jetty its fender. INMARE Italian Company offers a huge solutions for relieves damaging stress on cleats and new level performance.

Big Dock Fender

this fender Can be fixed on floating pontoons that concrete quays. The fender covers the angle of the pontoon to ensure the maximum protection to vessels that have a very strong bow, and that often go to rub the hull on the surface of the wharf. The surface of the upper flat and linear, poses no hindrance to pedestrians on the pier.

Marine Fenders:

  • Sistema 3
  • Sistema Zero
  • Sistema B Inmare
  • Sistema X
  • mega 1 - 600 inmare
  • Mega 1 inmare
  • mega 2 inmare
  • Angolo
  • Max Fender
  • Big Fender
  • Cover Fender
  • Bend Marine Fender

Angolo Fenders

This Fender, weight only 4,5lb, is conceived by Inmare for landing, docks or floating stages made of concrete.

fender suited for docks or floating stages

It is suitable to protect the most treacherous areas of the harbor, such as dock-heads or the corners of canal entrances,slipways and quays entrances. Can be used on boats as bow fender up to 100 tons / 98.4 ft.

Boat fenders

Every Inmarte boat fender is Designed and manufactured in Italy from E.V.A. MATERIAL. All they are Solid, UV radiation resistant, elastic and Resistant that guarantee advancedlevel of protection. Theay are easy to assemble and easy to store,in addition they come washable, stackable or customizable with your colours or logos.

All boat fenders comes in standart - blue and white colors.

Bow Boat Fenders

They are specially designed for boats up to 52.5 ft. This is a perfect solution for boat owners to protect effectively the bow of your vessel from impacts against docks & floating docks during mooring. Note: Major boat accidents involving mooring equipment in the last 25 years.

bow fenders suited for boats up to 52.5 foot

They are resistant, Light and come equiped with 0.3 in.elastic rope. INMARE Bow fenders does not scratch or damage the boat hull. In fact, they are accessorized with appropriate eye-type-bolts for safe fastening.

XL Size Bow Fender

large size bow fenders

They are New solution, designed to protect the boats up to 65.6 ft (20m). While the anchor is weighed and during head mooring "XL" will protect the hull from frequent impacts.

Stern Boat Fenders

Stern fender - Inmare

It's new Inmare flexible fender (640mm in length) designed to protect the stern. Resistant and Light it guarantees the maximum absorption during mooring Similar to other type Bow Fenders, it's composed with Swastik Polymer - E.V.A. (ethyl vinyl acetate) compound that are highly appreciated for marine applications exposed to water, salt and UV radiations. Can be used as bow fender. Dimensions: lenght: 610mm width: 192mm.

Boat Feneder "Poseidone" 2.0

Poseidone Boat Fenders. Fenders does not roll, but maintains stability at the point of contactpoint between the vessel and the dock.

The brand New Poseidone - fender designed in peculiar shape that permits an easy storage and stowage in a small amount of place. Designed to protect the boats up to 65.6 ft.

Poseidone will not stain and not scratch the hull. These Fenders are manufactured from solid, single shot plastic injection mold into solid, floating and flat durable profile.

does not scratch the hull  with Poseidone

Stern Boat fender

Stern-type Boat fender

Resistant and durable from E.V.A materials, New designe, engineering to protect the boat (for boats up to 65.6 ft) stern during mooring. Stern fender can be left assembled on the vessel and guarantees the max-absorption of the violent impacts.

Dock fenders

Fender Profile are suitable for concrete piers and jetties (fixed or floating), is suitable for protecting the entire perimeter of the port, in addition to hauling tanks and petrol stations. Its length of 60cm makes it specific for installation in a vertical position.

installation inboth: a vertical position

STANDARD COLOR: BLUE (other colors ny order)
Type of boat: max 25 m / 80 tons (limit tolerance: ± 5%)

Fender Installation kit

The Company fully provide the washers and brackets, but keep in mind that screws
are not included. in case of big installations and on request, they can assist you with washers and brackets, anchor bolts, fisher type or nylon washer.

Your boat or dock technician, who will look after the fender installation, will eventually have to decide the right type and size screw to be used according to the materials of the pontoon.

E.V.A. & Testing

All boat fenders have been tested for both effectiveness and durability . Thanks to EVA's extraordinary characteristics,Eva Fenders is extremely durable in contrast of the most common fenders produced from other less effective materials like polyethylene, PVC or ruber. E.V.A. Material is UV- Radiation resistant, Sea water resistant and Fresh, material that can change color simply by flexing it and and does not harden out like other fenders from plastics.

Boat Fenders. The models are after comprehensive study designed so that they are suitable for any type of boat and any form of mooring. Manufactured with the latest technology. The fenders are stackable because they are not around, never going to leak, leave no marks or sticky layer on the hull and are maintenance free. Moreover, they are mold-resistant and will not harden them by UV-radiation, also a fender cover is no longer needed. Special colors (standart: blue and white) are available on request.

for contacts:

Piazza Salvo D'Acquisto, 29
Ancona, 60131, ITALIA

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