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For hobby, sport or sailing enjoy the sea with safety and comfort. LALIZAS offers you the unique opportunity to be comfortable, but most of all to be safe marine products and equipment include fenders Working on boats and dock.

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Lalizas Company - Our 27 years of experience, Manufacturer of Marine and Safety equipment

All our products are designed to offer you the maximum comfort and safety all made with the highest quality standards and the best combination of price and quality.

LALIZAS Mfr. manufactures and distributes over 5.000 products and parts of marine and safety equipment, miscellaneous items.


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Boat Fenders

Boat/Marine Lalizas Fenders are essential equipment on a boat as they max absorb shocks and prevent abrasion when docking.

Fenders help avoid costly repairs and distress caused by damage from scratchs, contact with other yacht, boats or vessel or the dock.

Lalizas Offers fenders

are available in two boat types (normal and reinforced), three designs - cylindrical, round and bow fenders and in various colours and sizes and are manufactured in special marine grade strong PVC.

There is also a wide range of covers for all models of fenders.

Hercules plusBoat fenders

A fender is a specially designed, cushioning device, used in between two boats or a boat and the dock.

It is fery important that you inflate your fenders to the correct pressure for max effectiveness.

Normal inflation pressure for fenders at 68F/20 C is 15 bar.However during hot weather the pressure should be decreased by 0,05 bar.

Designed one processmolded , for use under harsh conditions and for heavy-duty use all fenders made by tough, abrasion resistant PVC. The Hercules PLUS boat fenders have features that strongly reflect the high qual-ity construction standards.

The eye of fender - rope hold and strong body are moulded in one process, so that the eye cannot be ripped off the rest of the body. Unlike other fenders in the market, the Hercules PLUS fenders have solid, reinforced eyes on the inside and outside for perfect resistance.

Fender Series: Hercules Plus Double Eyelet - Fenders(20-30D), Hercules Plus Single Eyelet Round Fenders(30-60D), Hercules Plus-Red Round Single Eyelet Fenders (30-60D)

But What is the difference between Hercules Fenders and Hercules Plus ?

The main difference is that only the Hercules "Plus" fenders are constructed with solid reinforced eyes, rope holds, which make them perfect for heavy-duty use. Nevertheless, all LALIZAS fenders are designed from strong and highly resistant PVC, and both models can be used in recreational boats.

Round Single Eyeletfenders

These fenders in red are ideal for mooring or anchorning, fishing marking in heavy seas.

Hercules fenders

They are avaliable in single or double eye models, blue or white with blue end caps.

Lalizas offers also Fender Covers to prolong the life of your fenders (protecting them from UV rays, salt and humidity) and Modular Fender Baskets.

The Lalizas

New (2014-2015) Fenders

EasyStore Boat Fenders

Lalizas Marine is proud to announce that Inflatable boat fenders called EasyStore. EasyStore Fenders are designed from durable abrasion resistant PVC ( re-inforced) that make them simple to stowed and use.

All fenders are available in light-grey color scheme the larger sizes only have fixing mounts at both of the ends. They ranged from 20cm to 60cm D and 50cm to 150cm H.

In Additioanl tha Company offers Fender Covers (on photo below), also singe and double which provide maximum protection for your fenders and are available in huge selection of sizes.

Nerw Buoyancy Bag

Lalizas Marine offers also new Buoyancy Bag in grey. They come in two models - designed from PVC and Nylon with TPU(coated fabric).They both are 41 W cm 100cm H and equiped with valve for optimist. A pressure gauge reading to 0,5PSI for PVC model and U 3,6PSI for Nylon with TPU.


marine equipment manufacturer

With the Greek economy currently on its knees, marine equipment, boat fenders and accessories manufacturer Lalizas SA is going against the sinking trend of its nations businesses and has in fact shown a growth rate of 19 per cent in the last four years. Lalizas is coping with its recent acquisition of some of the leading industry brands.

Lalizas's goal is to regain the trust of its customers and boat owners by starting to deliver products without compromising the renowned product quality of the four companies Lofrans, Max Power, Nuova Rade and Ocean Fenders.

Today, Lalizas has managed to get Lofrans', Max Power, Ocean Fenders and Nuova Rade on the road to recovery as many product orders for anchor windlasses, boat thrusters manufactured by Max Power and boat fenders manufactured by Ocean Fenders have been dispatched.

News: In December 2012, Lalizas Company took the biggest step in its 31 year history when it completed the acquisitions of companies Lofrans', Nuova Rade, Ocean Fenders and Max Power. Despite the popular brands being the best in the business, all were experiencing financial obscurity and production at the companies had been stopped for over a year.

As soon as Lalizas found out they were going into liquidation and open to offers, at that moment, the president Stavros Lalizas knew that this was the moment this company had been waiting for, for the last 30 years. "This was our chance." says Stavros.

Lalizas Company was started as a small family business in Greece by Stavros Lalizas, a former sailing champion.

Now, the company has transformed into a multinational company, selling over 5,500 quality products, exporting over 90 %.

Global Presence, Family Orientated

Eight years ago, Lalizas took the decision to set up its very own production site and distribution centre in China. If you combine this with office, warehouse and production facilities in Greece, along with another state of the art logistics centre in Belgium established in 2011, and not to mention the staff at the recent acquisitions, over 700 people are directly employed by Lalizas.

For the past three years Mr Spinoulas was proud to say that the Lalizas has been gaining market share every day. This is despite his opinion that competition within the marine industry has certainly increased in recent years. The most obvious way for any company to gain market share is pricing, and Lalizas has a very aggressive pricing policy.

Lalizas invests a lot of money in production, placement and promotion. Combining all the necessary P's, a company has a good chance to overcome its competition!

Lalizas Product Delivery

Three working Day Product Delivery

Lalizas have over 95 percent stock availability meaning the Greek Company can serve our customers in three days, whereas our competitors may need weeks.

Lalizas Delivery - 95 Per Cent Availability

Away from pricing, timing is also a critical factor for all customers. Following the opening of the aforementioned Belgian distribution centre three years ago, Lalizas now can offer international boat owners and customers a delivery time on the majority of its products that is unrivalled.

The company is ISO 9001 certified and Lalizas has all aspects of the business in perfect shape.

Lalizas research & development

Lalizas spends over €150 000 a year in research and tests of its line of (boat parts, marine equipment, fewnders , boat safety equipment and accessories) over 10 000 products in order to be approved first when a new regulation comes out.

the US market is the Lalizas's next big aim.

Having recently established Lalizas in Sarasota USA, acquiring US Coastguard approvals, which is expected to take around six months on all the products.

Lalizas's positive actions

With Lalizas able to supply 95 % of all products a boat, power and sail requires, all signs are currently pointing to more and more of the same positive actions for the years ahead.