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It's a new generation boat anchor engineered to set in very grassy and hard sea bottoms. The Mantus Anchor has been extensively tested against the competition and will provide you high-performance in the segment, is a multipurpose anchor that outperform the traditional units.

With strong sea currents most of the boat owners has a anchorage problem and due to the fact that there isn’t good boat protection all the way around in any anchorage and many stories, but Mantus have a very good mooring field that is protected in all directions. It's a good thing because boat owners hate the idea of dragging their anchor.

Anchor details

Well designed again to penétrate dense grassy bottoms, these anchors are tested and they are deeper and faster than other include Bruce, Bulwagga, CQR, Sarca etc. They are also easy for storage and offers a lifetime Mantus warranty.

All are made of 316L Stainless Steel and hand polished to a # 7 finish and has a mirror-like appearance, roll bar are bolted to the fluke and shank boots are welded from bottom and top Shank.

Also Each bolt is stronger than the chain your would use with the anchor...and there are 4 of them and when assembled, the nuts will not loosen if you use lock washers provided.

To ensure safety bolts are oversized with a huge margin the anchor shank is attached to the fluke with four bolts instead one.


Standard anchor sizes are : 8 lb (boat size 0-14ft) to 125 lbs (boat size 60-70ft), bur larger sizes can be custom ordered.

25# Mantus in BC waters

Use. 25# Mantus anchor with30' chain and min. 5:1 scope fresh water no tides ask locals what works best in Gulf Is.

Mantus Anchor vs CQR

The new number one bower (primary bow anchor), a 33 pound Mantus. This will replace the current bower, a 25 pound CQR. CQR anchors might be beloved by cruisers around the world, but they fail to set too often, and even worse, they have a nasty habit of failing to reset when they break out because of a windshift.
Because these anchors can be disassembled, it's very easy to carry a few of them.

Number one bower lives on the bow, but I'll be getting at least one more of these in 45 pound size as my storm anchor, and either another 33 pound as my second bower, or a Rocna Vulcan for that purpose. People leaning towards the Vulcan for its holding and resetting ability in grassy bottoms.

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