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Winch Selection Guide

MaxwellMarine has a Winch and Rode and, particularly chain, Selection Guide at Maxwell which you may find helpful in selecting the proper Vertical or Horizontal windlass for your boat up to 100m. It shows a number of important criteria, how to figure the maximum-pull requirement based on the ground tackle weight , maximum pull capability, etc.

Maxwell Marine Windlass

Anchoring & Docking

Boat Accessories - Anchoring and Docking

All new Maxwell's RC series boat windlasses proudly follow in the highly successful footsteps of the Liberty, Freedom, and HRC fully automatic boat anchor winches both type rope & chain.

Maxwell windlasse and rope/chain winches

Maxwell windlasses

Maxwell RC series windlasses

Able to provide a complete mooring and anchoring package for the yacht and boat boat owners covers the full line of anchoring handling parts and boating equipment.
In a competitively package, each automatic chain& rope windlass is available with all the necessary parts for automatic fully dual direction control.


RC10 & RC8 windlasses

The need for safe and reliable navigation born new RC10 and RC8 Series Maxwell's windlasses, that are available in both low profile and capstan models.

Maxwell RC 8 Vertical Chain & Rope Series

The automatic AISI 316 SS RC8 Maxwell rope & chain anchor winches are the Cmpany models in mid-range section. RC 8 comes equipped with motor, gear box and dual-direction solenoid. Circuit breaker and Switches are not available and need to be ordered separately.

dimensions for Both Models	RC8 - 6/7 mm-1/4 and 	RC8  - 8 mm-5/16


Reference Specifications

RC6 Maxwell's series boat windlasses

RC6 windlasses is available in low profile version.

The RC6 automatic rope/chain anchor winch is SS 316 , the smallest version,only 8.5 kg in the vertical RC Series Maxwell 's Windlass Series. RC6 is Rated by a Maximum pulling/lifting weight of 770 lbs.

New RC12 series windlasses

The brand new Maxwell's RC12 Series windlasses retain the classic open design.
In every respect, the next generation of rope and chain windlass are more appropriate on larger yachts.

The New Chainwheel from Maxwell

From huge stern handling capstans and winches to fully automatic and modern , rope/chain winches Maxwell Marine Company is once again leads the boating market with the introduction of Maxwell latest Wave Design™ chainwheel.

Now, continuing to design and develop, Maxwell patented wheel (both rope/chain) incorporates two new concepts that greatly improve control and handling of the spliced rode. They comes with unique design concepts, that ensuring during anchor retrieval that the chain and rope are smoothly guided in the wheel.

Wave Design™ Chainwheel sizes

"Wave Design™" Chainwheel sizes ideally suit a Maxwell's HRC Series and RC Series boat windlasses, manufactured for anchor rodes with any marine grade chain, Metric, BBB, G4, and Proof Coil.

Rope - from 1/2” (12mm) to 7/8” (20mm)

Chain - from 1/4’(6mm) to 1/2”(13mm)

Here Wave Design™ resulting in increased longevity of boat anchor rode and hold the rope more securely.