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Plastimo fenders series for RIB owners wanting to protect the tubes on their ribs, they are made from very high impact UV hydrocarbon resistant foam.

Easily for storage fenders, preventing any abrasion.

Plastimo® Fenders

Plastimo - Quality, innovation in Boating Equipment and Accessories.

Safety as a much broader concept, we disign and manufacture into the development and production of thru-hull bollards and fittings ,boat ladders , fenders- Rib, flat & fender Accessories and ohter quality products, because they all contribute to your safety on boat.


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Plastimo Boat fenders

Inflatable Boat fender

it's a ideal solution for small boats and yachts in addition to other fenders on board. The inflatable is designed from PVC fabric "1100 Decitex" and come equipped with standard pump valve for inflation in few seconds.

the Inflated Size: 15x45 cm.

Multi-function Step/Ladder fender

The Multi-function Plastimo ladder maybe the perfect solutions for boat owners. They come in 3 Versions, from 2 to 4 Step (3 to 5 kg) to enable easy access on board and protect topsides. In additional this Multi-function ladder works very well as the step fenders will keep your feet off the topsides.

Only the critic is if the people want it to serve at the same time, as both type a ladder and fender then you have to go for the ladder.

Those Ladder/ Step fenders are all very well and works great, but if you mount them in such a way that they are acting as a boat fender Multi-function fender will have to be at correct level. They are very useful ladder, which fit well securely into sockets mounted to the outside of the boat hull at the gate on both side.

Fenders for Rib's

models are available in Gray and White with 2 different sizes: 350 x 800 mm and 270 x 440 mm

Plastimo New Flat Series Fenders

The New Flat Boat Fenders come suited for both: horizontally and vertically. For perfect pressure resistance they are designed from closed-cell (high-density) foam. All they are washable and for easy maintenance - removable.

Flat Fenders come in Navy colour, equiped with rope, and a PVC waterproof cover with a zip.

Flat Series is available in 3 version:
Thickness/Length/Width/with Rope
6 cm, 30 cm, 25 cm, 2.10 m
12 cm, 40 cm, 30 cm, 2.60 m
12 cm, 50 cm, 40 cm, 3 m

Rigid Flat fenders

A semi-rigid flat fenders from Plastomo will not deflate or puncture. Fenders made in polyethylene closed cell foam with a textured finish these flat series will not mark the hull and are very easy to clean and easy storage.

models are available in Blue with 3 different sizes: Thickness 5/18 x 49 cm, 8/31 x 65cm and 8/31 x 95 cm

Covered- Series Flat fenders

Flat Fenders in closed cell polyethylen foam with outer white removable and washable PVC cover offers optimum boat protection when against piers and quays and easy maintenance .This Covered Fenders can be positioned either horizontal or vertical position and can be fasten together in combinations.

models are available with 2 different sizes: Thickness 10 cm/60 x 20 cm and 10/60 x 40 cm

Performance - Series PVC Boat fenders

New Plastimo design with smooth finish two-eye fenders, Ideal to moor alongside another boat, this performance fenders build from soft, shiny and UV resistant PVC also offers maximum protection and perfect shock absorption. Range of boat fenders required for 6-14 m boat lenght. Quality construction for active sea duty.

fender models are available in Black, White or Blue with 6 different sizes: 10 x 40 cm, 13 x 50 cm, 15 x 60 cm, 21 x 62 cm, 20 x 80 cm, and 23 x 85 cm

Bow - Series fenders

Plastimo Bow Fenders. They are in PVC,washable and removable, designed in C-shape to fit bows snugly or to protect outboard motor.

Bow fender models are available in White and Blue with 2 different sizes: 35 x 34,5 cm and 48 x 38,5

Stern - Series Boat fenders

PVC - strong and flexible V-shape fender is part of the "Thru-Fender Rope" Plastimo Series, washable and removable.Series for max protection of the stern, swim platform or boat

Stern fender model available in White and Blue with sizes: 47,5 x 19 cm

Parabor - Series Boat fenders

Fenders are part of the "Thru-Fender Rope" Plastimo Series, features s through bore hole for rope. Fenders come standard with rope. Range of boat fenders required for 6-16 m boat lenght.

models are available inflated or not inflated in White Color with 5 different sizes:
Inflated Fenders: D 10 cm/ length 30 cm, 15/43, 20/55,25/68, 30/80
Not Inflated Fenders D 15cm/ length 43 cm,20/55, 25/68 ,30/80

Ring - Series Boat fenders

Inflatable light and easy to handle pvc Ring fender- are the perfect choice for small to medium size boats or powerboats.

model are available in Blue and White in sieze: internal 10 cm/ External 33cm

Reinforced eyes - Series Boat fenders

Solid Fenders made from resistant PVC with reinforced eyes on the outside, best way to protection of your boat against damages caused by contact with dock or other boats. Range of boat fenders required for 6-12 m boat lenght.

models are available in White and Blue Color with 6 different sizes:
D 12 cm/ length 48 cm, 14/53, 17/58,21/64, 23/72 and 27/81

Spherical - Series Boat fenders

PVC - super strong and flexible Top quality Plastimo Spherical boat fenders(range of buoyancy: 21-310kg.) with solid black eyes D 3 cm for hevy rope or chackles. To be really efficient a spherical fender must be neither under nor over inflated.

models are available in Yellow, White and Orange Color with 5 different sizes:
Width: 35 cm Height: 48 cm, 45 cm 62 cm, 55 cm 73 cm, 65 cm 88 cm and 85 cm 105 cm

1 eye Boat fenders

PVC - strong and flexible drop-shape fenders required for 8-12 m boat lenght.

models are available in White Color with 2 different sizes:
D 18 cm Length: 48 cm, 22/68

Large Boats fenders

strong,UV resistant and flexible fenders with solid black Two eyes D 3 cm on the
outside for large yachts/boats (12-18m)

models are available in White Color with 2 different sizes:
D 35 cm Length: 110 cm, 45/140

Long - Seriesfenders

Super strong, UV resistant and flexible heavy duty series - Long boat fenders with solid Two eyes in blue D 1,8 - 2,4 cm on the outside for large boats.

Fender models are available in White and Blue Color with many different sizes & Volumes:
Lenght: 56 cm D 13 cm Weight 0,9 kg Volume-5 L Eye D 18 mm,

66 / 19 / 1,5 / 15 / 22 , 61 / 14,5 / 1,1 / 8 / 18 ,
145,5 / 60 / 11,5 / 310 ,195 / 80 / 24 / 750 / 40 , 61 / 21,5 / 1,9 / 16 / 22 ,
74,5 / 21,5 / 2,1 / 22 / 22 ,105 / 21,5 / 3, 1 / 35 / 22 ,
77 / 29 / 3,1 / 40 / 24 , 109,5 / 29 / 4,6 / 70 / 24 and 147,5 / 37,5 / 7 / 150 / 24

40/10cm boat fenders

Large Boats fenders

strong,UV resistant and flexible heavy duty spherical fenders with solid black eyes D 2,5-6 cm on the outside

Fender models are available in Red and Blue Color with many different sizes & Volumes:

Lenght: 39 cm D 31 cm Weight 1,2 kg Volume-16 L Eye D 25 mm,

51 / 40 / 2,1 / 35 / 25 , 62 / 48 / 3 / 62 / 25 ,
73 / 59 / 4,1 / 115 / 27 , 94 / 75 / 8,5 / 225 / 30 ,
119 / 93 / 13,5 / 430 / 38 , 142 / 110 / 21 / 670 / 60 , and 28 / 23 / 0,7 / 7 / 25 ,

Plastimo Dock fenders

Dock fenders

Designed from rotomoulded with Sturdy construction to be secured on a flat surface on the pontoon Plastimo Bumper 1/2 Dock Fender will protects the bow and amidships and comes in handy. Fender secures to dock using8 x Ø 7 mm screws. 1.45 psi. Max pressure. Air filled, it's 485 long and has a 72 mm width.

Angle Dock fenders

Aangle Plastimo Dock fender is perfect for corners of pontoons and Fully adjustable up to 90°

Accessories, Holders & Socks for fenders

PLASTIMO also offer fender accessories line and socks,
standard 3-holder fender model, standard one-holder model come with clip ,screws and basket, universal fender holder, polyester rope for fender, fender cleat, Washable, thick, in polyester spherical fenders socks .

Release Information:

Boat Fenders

As most boat owners know, fenders (sometimes erroneously called bumpers) are cushions designed to protect boats from directly contacting rigid structures such as docks, pilings or other boats. A fender is suspended on some kind of line or strap (called a fender whip) that is connected to a deck cleat or stanchion.

The type, size and number of boat fenders you choose will depend on the size of your boat and the kind of places you typically tie up. Big, heavy boats need large fenders, and more of them, to absorb the energy of the hull moving against the dock.

Boat Fenders come in several shapes, including cylindrical, sphere, pillow and flat. Some have eyes on one end for attaching the whip, some have eyes on both ends and some have a tunnel through which the whip can be threaded.

Suspended Prtection

Regardless of the type of fenders, you need a suitable method of suspending them along the side of the hull.

You can made your own boat fender whips by using a length of three-strand nylon rope and splicing an eye in one end. The eye-end was connected to the fender eye, and the other end was connected to the rail with a clove hitch.

Methods of attaching the fender

There are other methods of attaching the fender. Fender hangers come in a variety of configurations. I eventually settled on Tidy-Ups Fender Adjusters from Taylor Made (about $15.99 each,

These consist of plastic straps that snap over a rail, and the whip passes through a knurled wheel-type cleat that allows for easy adjustment of the fender position.

Cleat it off

Some boats don’t have rails, so owners rely on deck cleats. One complication is that the cleat may be needed for the dock line at the same time. With this in mind, place the fender whip on the cleat first, so that you are free to remove the dock line without disturbing the fender.

There is one problem with that method, if you need to raise or lower the fender, the whip will be trapped beneath the dock line. And that’s where this next product will come in handy.

The product, called FenderFriendby Shockles®, is an adjustable fender whip made of inch-wide tubular nylon strap into which a bungee section has been inserted. The bungee acts as a shock absorber to ease the strain on the fender whips as the hull moves against the dock.

The Fender Models - STRETCH IS GOOD

With normal fender whips, when the fender gets trapped between the dock and hull, the force can be enough to break a whip, rip out a deck cleat or bend a rail. Another possibility is that the non-stretch whip pulls the fender from between the hull and dock, leaving the boat unprotected.

The FenderFriend comes in two styles, Twin Eye and Center Tube. Twin Eye models come in small (12 to 36 inches; $16.95) and large (16 to 72 inches; $22.99), and Center Tubes are universal (16 to 72 inches; $22.99). Available in red, blue, silver or black, they are guaranteed for two years against breakage.

Twin Eye model boat fenders are intended for use with fenders that have an eye built in. Simply thread the tail end of the FenderFriend through the fender eye, double the strap back on itself and tie a figure-eight stopper knot. The other end has a nylon buckle that creates an adjustable eye in the strap so it can be looped around a deck cleat, the base of a stanchion or around a rail. The buckle permits easy adjustment of whip length, even if the strap is trapped under a dock line.

The Center Tube model is threaded through a fender that has a tunnel down the center. This style of boat fender can be hung vertically or strung horizontally along the side of the hull while being suspended from any combination of stanchions and/or deck cleats.

Whatever type of whip you decide to use, inspect it often to prevent chafe from getting out of hand. The few dollars you spend on fenders and whips is excellent insurance against having to spend a lot more to repair hull damage later.

The air bat fenders

The air inside fenders will expand and contract based on ambient temperature. To compensate for temperature changes, buy fenders that feature an inflation valve, and use a basketball pump and needle to make the adjustments as the seasons and temperatures change.