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SARCA Anchor

Australian Company "Anchor Right": specialise in making anchors, designs & invents new innovative products. SARCA SUPER ("Super High Holding Power") Anchors has been designed to withstand a variety of boats and sizes,from small vessels to large-super yachts and vessels,our the revolutionary anchor has been designed to withstand a variety of seabottom types including sand, mud, gravel or rock, offering superb holding power, designed to right itself quickly so that the toe quickly penetrates deeply in the sea floor in all conditions.


-Super Anchors
superb holding power on a variety of sea bottom types,No 0.5 to 15 galvanized or steel;
SARCA Excel Anchors
-Excel Anchors
all new generation designs with doubling the holding power;
- Heavy Duty Bowsprits
The self launching manufactured from Stainless Steel - Grade 316 - and is designed for max durability and strength;
mmanufactured from aluminium;
- Spring Loaded Bollards
for easy Releasing and retrieving the anchor - increase your anchor's holding power by up to 15%
-Ground Anchor PRT - an invention patented Portable rescue tree land anchor designed by Rex Francis;
-Tidal Anchor Test Skid - TATS. Machines;

Address:27 Dunstan Road
Avonsleigh, Victoria 3782
Australia Phone:+61 3 5968 5014
Fax:+61 3 5968 6006

For sales enquiries:
[email protected]
tel: +61 3 5968 5014.

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Evolution of Sarca-Anchors

The introduction of SARCA revolutionized the trailer boat and commercial industry and was first released in 1997.

Recent independent testing with the TATS machine against the World's best anchors, including copies and look alikes have proved SARCA's design is still by far the best. We have found nothing can come close to holding power versus anchor weight ratio. Our latest development has inspired us to re-name SARCA and is now known as SUPER SARCA.

Sarca anchors for big vessles

Sarca anchors are used on some serious work vessels, so do not think your yacht is too big. These 2 x 145kg anchors on the Calypso Star have been a complete success reducing downtime through dragging and recommended for similar vessels.

Super SARCA was marginally developed with the aid of T.A.T.S, as a direct result of this new technology; Super Sarca is now producing more holding power than its pre-decessor. These figures can be found on our website. SUPER SARCA is tested for super high holding power certification. The applications of SUPER SARCA range from luxury to commercial boats such as Calypso Star. These massive vessels have to stay put as they solely rely on this boat not moving whilst carrying out maintenance on oil rig platform foundations. SARCA's versatility has revolutionized the trailer boat industry as fishermen now only have to deploy one anchor for all their anchoring needs.

Learn more about SARCA Anchor - Features and advantages

"SARCA Anchors Taking Hold"

When Rex Francis from Anchor Right called me and asked if I;d be interesed in attending an anchor testing demonstration at Shallow Inlet, I have to admit I secretly wondered how much there could be to lern about anchors.

Weren't anchors just anchors? Hunks of metal to be hoofed overboard when you wanted to stop your boat from drifting? How wrong I was!

What is SARCA?

Rex is the inventor of the Australian-ade range of Sand and Reef Combination Anchors(SARCA),which he has produced commercially since 1997. These weird-looking anchors come in a range of sizes, suitable for the smallest recreational fishing boat to the largest commercial vessels and super yachts.Rex had several on hand at Shallow inlet for the demonstration.

The SARCA anchors have several features that set them apart from other anchor types.The first is that, as its name implies,the Sarca is designed to be set in most types of ocean floor, be it sand, rock, reef or hard mud.

Next, the Sarca is designed to right itself quickly so that the toe quickly penetrates deeply in the sea floor.The result is a rapid set time and very high holding power. Each SARCA anchor has a slot along tha shaft that allows for easier anchor recovery.Essentially when you back over tha anchor the chain slides back and palls tha anchor out backwards.

Finally, SARCA anchors are designed to reduce the damage caused to the sea floor when the anchor drags. Rex demonstrated this nicely in tha shallows of Shallow inlet. When the SARCA drags across the seabed(as it would in the process of setting), the soil passes neatly over the blade and is deposited back behind tha anchor.This "backfilling" means that the SARCA leaves no discernible trench in the sea floor.In addition,when the anchor is retrieved there is almost no sediment sticking to the anchor. Rex is quick to emphasise the enviromental advantiges of his Sarca anchors.Karen Bennet, an enviromental scienist working with the Boating Industry Association of Victoria, was also agrees there are benefits. "If an anchor is pulled up covered in weeds and sediment, it could have any number of introduced species on it.If that anchor is dropped in a different area, those pests will come of and could start a new population.Rex has designed tha SARCA so that the weed and sediment drops off very easily so there is less chance your boat will be spreading marine pests",says Karen.SARCA anchors come supplied with several makes of boats,including Barcrusher,Haynes Signature, Streaker and Australian Master Marine.

Tidal Anchor Test skid

Sarca anchors have gained the certification of "high holding power" by the Victorian Marine Beard and passed survey in all Australian states. For some time, however,Rex has been keen to again the relatively new super high holding power rating for his anchors.

Until now, such accreditation has only been possible by aubjecting the anchor to testing behind a tugboat in the UK.At a cost of $16.000 per day,such testing was clearly, local manufacturer like Anchor Right.

Not to be put off,Rex turned his hand to develping a machine for testing anchors off the beach.The result is the Tidal Anchor test Skid(TATS),which has been officially by the National Marine Safety Committee.It is the only one of its kind in the world.

Essentially the TATS enabled the holding power of various anchors to be quantified and compared under standard conditions by winching them through the seabed behind a torque monitor. Not only is this cheaper and more convemient than testing behind a tugboat,it also has other advantages.

Because the TATS tests anchors in shallow water, both the anchor's performance and the seabed can be clearly observed throughout the test. This allows many of the variables that could affect the test outcome to be eliminated. For example, with the TATS there are no effects of wind and tide,while the type of sea bed can also be easily verified.

Hold on tight

The TATS is able to test any make of anchor but,of course, the first cab off the rank was the SARCA (in fact the TATS was a useful tool for developing the SARCA).Rex is happy to say that his anchors easily passed the criteria for super high holding power, and were more than the equal of other new generation anchor designs. The test sheets from Robinson Rigging and Lifting Authority (the independent body that tested the Sarca) will soon be available on the Anchor Right website.

Further Information Rex and Joy Francis Anchor Right, Avonsleigh,VIC Tel: 03 5968 5014 Mobile:0408 371 668

email: [email protected]



STEP ONE. Select the best location to mount the bollard either outside or inside your beat .Pull on the anchor chain until the anchor Is fully home in the bow sprit, position the bollard in line with the anchor and locate the chain in the bollard dog, then letting the chain go pull on the bollard until a dearance of approx 5 mil can be seen between the dog (arrow A) and the dog stop (arrow B) once this is achieved mark around the bollard, remove the bollard base drill and fasten the base within your previous marks, fit the bollard to It's base making sure to lcate the tongue in base plate through the bollard see (G) lower the bollard into it's base and secure with the fixing bolt (F) if you over tighten this bolt damage to the bollard could be the result. The bollard must be installed so that it's operational Position is horizontal.

STEP TWO. After yog have completed step one double check the Clearance between arrows(A)end (B), before motoring your boat always check you have selected the correct chain link as to once again achieve the Clearance between arrows (A) and (B), at the rear off the bollard there is a secondary chain step see ( E) make sure before motoring the anchor chain is located over this secondary chain stop.

STEP THREE. There are three holes In the rear of the bollard ,see example (G) if you should change your anchor or anchor chain and the clearance between arrows (A) and (B) are no longer achievable, rather than remounting the bollard base to achieve this clearance one of the three holes will normally service .

STEP FOUR. It is essential to make sure you tie off the anchor rope on the bottom section of the bollard, and carefully take note of how it's tied off. See example (I) and (J). Incorrect tying oif could damage the bollard.

STEP FIVE Failing to strictly follow these instructions could lead to injury or property loss, If you don't fully understand these instructions consult your local dealer before installing them. Before storing your boat remove the bollard from It's base and wash in warm soapy water.

DISCLAIMER Human error plays a major part in most accidents and property loss. Because of this Anchor Right will not acccpt responsibility for it's products should you choose to install them.

Mantus - a new generation boat anchor designed to set in very grassy/hard bottom, ranged from 8lbs to 175lbs.