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Boat Anchor Winches Product Review

Now, we're going to talk about a product that, once upon a time was a commodity when it comes to general boating. But these days, just about everyone. Who purchases a boat, whether it be a small little baby Surtees like this one, 485. or some of the larger models like the 6.1 Surtees or the 5.8 Surtees.

Every body is asking for winches, And in particularly your winch.

A little about the winch your humble beginnings and where it all started

Savwinch've been around for about eight or nine years. They also make Industrial motors and gearboxes.

" I saw what was on the market, and we decided to develop a Australian manufactured product. We're supporting five local businesses and we're very proud of that. Keeping everything in Australia. It was easy for us to go overseas, but we've decided to stay here and its paying dividends now." said Nick - from a engineering background.

They do have points of differences as well.

Nick: Where Savwinch stand out to the rest of them on the market. Every body is asking for winches.

The fact - that they are made in Australia. Is it generally the Quality.

Look its not only that it's made in Australia. That's sometimes doesn't get you over the line. But Savwinch Snchor Winches have huge points of differences. First of all. This is a drum style winch.

It is the most efficient way, and effective way with no problems to bring in your anchor and chain.

Nice and neat on a drum.And it reals it up and drops it. There's no tangles and no ties. So it's a real effecient way to do stuff these days.

"We sell a lot of winches now, because people are moving often". " Your actually increasing your catch. Because if you are there for a ten - fifteen minutes. And there's nothing there. It's very easy to.." said Nick

If you are a fisherman and move a hundred meters every fifteen to twenty minutes Savwinch Anchor Winches is great for you, actually asking for the Savwinch.

Savwinch Winches have really got some advantage points. Not just another, winch on the market.

550 Watt Anchor Winches

This is the 550 Watt, Savwinch can go up to 5.5 meter boats. They've designed it, and they've miniaturized this system So it can fit in a lot of smaller Anchor wells. And places where you weren't able to fit a drum styled winch before. It has been very successful. We can fit up to a seventy meters of rope and chain on this product. Heaps of power, and very reliable and it fits into wells, and places Where nothing could fit before.

So it's the Worlds smallest anchor winch on the market.

A winch like this. In terms of what Savwinch required not only by law. But in terms of the areas in where you would be fishing in.

By using double braided nylon rope. And short link. six millimeter chains. So that we can get the capacity on there. To do what we need it to do.

And for the guys that are out in the deeper waters these days. Savwinch Winches have got a new ratings of rope called Dyneema or Spectra.

We can go down to a four millimeter, if you like. Or, two millimeter. That's got a huge breaking strain, that we can fit a lot more rope. So if someone even needed a hundred meters of rope we can do that these days.

So just so people know that Savwinch've got that and we can provide that for people.

Savwinch Winches can fit that on the little baby 550 W Savwinch.

1000W Savwinch Anchor Winches

Next one up, which is another popular model. That Company particularly sell a lot of.

Is the thousand watt (1000W Savwinch.) The thousand Watt (1000W Savwinch.) most definitely, is the most popular model on the market up to about 6.5 meter boats.

The most moving (selling) winch on the market. Well it's a big winch, particularly for My Marine. It can fit any boat. From 5.5 meters to about 6.5 meters.

the 1500W Savwinch

This is the particular model, the 1500W is suited up to 8 - 8.5 meter boats

Savwinch 've designed all different sizes. And the motor is larger and the barrels is bigger to fit more rope and chain. And to get that capacity of Torque and power that's required, for the application. Fantastic and Moving up mate.

We've gone way bigger in motor. And gear box to take the Torque. and the holding capacity. We're using a solid shafts on all our Drums.

That's a solid 25 millimeter shaft. That Company're using. There's an outer bearing hub which I'll talk about later, but Savwinch have oversized everything, to take the loads, because you could imagine, 10, 15 20 tons of load. So you know, you need to have this winch. Again its a safety thing.

Electronic Fast Falling System

Drum winch on the market at this stage. - this is definitely for the commercial styled boats.

That are out on the market. Savwinch Winches are doing them into big fishing vessels, and Some small commercial boats up to sixty footer and up to 20 tons of weight. Savwinch've again way over-sized this product to take the loads and capacities. These sort of.. these two winches especially here. People cannot afford for them to be broken down. Because we're talking about. A business now. Not talking just a recreational winch.

"Look we, looked at what was on the market previous was a mechanical clutch system. and not putting down anybody's product, but there has been a lot of issues and problems. with the mechanical clutch. You can accidentally hit the button."

"It can over run, and fall, and the anchor can drop. It can corrode it can wear. We've designed the world first Electronic Fast Falling System." said from Savwinch

So it's not a free fall It's a fast fall. It's a fast fall electronic system.

the way it works

It increases the voltage. and the speed of the motor, so there's no loads involved.

It can drop as fast as you can drop it. But it's all touch button controlled with your finger.

And you don't get any mechanical clutch errors. There's a big gap between the clutch where the rope can fall into as well, and we can do different voltages if we want to..

Savwinch Winches offers two models.

Electronic Sav EFF 50.

- A model with a variable speed system. (Sav EFF), where we can adjust the speed on this.

Which is two speed system. It just increases the voltage and drops two and a half times faster. As fast as you can drop your anchor. 90 percent of the speed any way. For those fishermen that are fishing in. fast water and you know, if your actually dropping down at a, normal speed of a winch without free or fast fall.

Then obviously you have to make allowances for tide, current and wind. This helps you get down so as that you get down so as that you don't have overridden your mark by 200 hundred meters.

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