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Sideshift Canadian Company ( is focused on stern and bow thruster revolutionary technology. Their new technology sets the standard for powerful,affordable and easy-to-install boat thruster solutions for both sail and power boats include houseboats and pontoons.

Sideshift Marine Products

Sideshift thrusters

Retractable thrusters

Starting at $3,890.00 for the complete kit they have three retractable thruster models for boats up to 70' in length.

Monohull boat thrusters

Perfect units for all boats from 20’ to 60′ in length Sideshift’s family of five Bow + Stern Monohull thrusters comes to help boat owners with more safely and easily. Sideshift boat thrusters deliver immediate performance for an installed cost up to 50% lower than conventional tunnel bow and stern thrusters.

Silent and immediate response where seconds count, is provided by Sideshift prop-in-water design, heavy-duty water cooled motor and 8” aluminum props. Saltwater proven, Sideshift rugged both tyle thrusters are anode protected to prevent corrosion on submerged structures.

They comes equipped with a complete kit contains all the components the insulation requires except battery cables additional battery terminals with thruster, all mounting hardware, controller and wireless joystick. Sideshift thrusters be installed with your boat in the water. Docking the boat in a marina without thrusters is hard to learn since your boat doesn't have the option. Having a Sideshift bow or stern thruster is a "Nice to have".

Sideshift® Bow thrusters

SS230 Bow thruster

Sideshift® SS230 mode Bow thrusters are perfect for boats from 6.1 to 10.7m in length. For optimum control the SS230 Thruster mounts on the exterior of a V-shaped bow which make a forward pivot point.

The Sideshift-230 Single Prop 2.5HP, 3000 RPM Bow Thruster is 300 Amps, water cooled 12 V DC. Dimensions: Unit Size: 12,0″ wide / 27,0″ long.

An Sideshift 230 bow thruster on a Viking 29' canal boat

In fact most of the canal boats are difficult to manoeuvre, particularly going astern and a Sideshift thruster, bow or stern type is a cost effective and simple solution for owners.

Adding a 'third' Sideshift thruster crew member

SS340 Bow thruster

Sideshift SS340 model Bow thrusters are perfect for boats from 9.1 to 13.7m in length.The SS340 mount easily on the bows of sport boats, cruisers, sailboats,pontoons and houseboats. As for the install, it really can be a DIY thruster - project. The Sideshift's instructions were easy to follow and only basic skills and tools were required.

The Sideshift-340 Single Prop 5.0HP Bow Thruster is 550 Amps, water cooled 12 V DC.Dimensions: Unit Size: 24,0″ wide / 27,0″ long.

SS350 Bow thruster

Sideshift SS350 model Bow thrusters are perfect for boats from 12 to 18.3m in length. The Sideshift-350 heavy-duty Dual Prop 5.0HP Bow Thruster is 400 Amps, water cooled 24 V DC, 12V or 24V Joystick Voltage. Dimensions: Thruster Unit Size: 22,5″ wide / 27,0″ long.

Bow thrusters from Sideshift are positioned externally at the front of the bow. Mounted at the most forward point of the boat, the propulsion of bow thrusters is able to utilize the max amount of leverage and that means you get an immediate response with very low vibration noise.

Sideshift® Stern thrusters

Stern thruster Kit Contents: all Hardware and Installation Kit and Manual , 10' Motor Wiring Harness, Controller + Joystick(Wireless). Two Gel Cell Battery or 12V 850CCA Starting Type refers to the battery size that will best fit the physical dimensions, terminal locations and type required for your thruster system.

ST340 Stern thruster

Sideshift SS350 model Stern thrusters are perfect for boats from 6.1 to 13.7m in length. The ST-340 5.0HP Dual Aluminum Props, Stern Thruster is 400 Amps, 12 V DC. For elevated mounting alternatives, Sideshift Stern Extension Mount Kits are available in 5,0″, 10,0″ or 15,0″ sizes. Dimensions: Thruster Unit Size: 24,0″ wide /16,75″ long.

The SS340 was made specifically designed by Sideshift for boats up to 40 feet in length. The thruster is 24 inches wide by 30 inches long and runs on a 12-volt DC. Its cousin, the SS350, is designed for vessels up to 50 feet in length and is the same size unit as the SS340 version.

No motor inside or tunnel the boat hull is required. The ST-340 Thruster mounts to the underside of a horizontal boat hull surface.
Instalation will take about eight hours to install the wiring from the upper helm down to stern. You can mount the side shift thruster with ease while the vessel was in the water .

ST350 Stern thruster

Sideshift SS350 model Stern thrusters are perfect for boats from 12.2 to 18.3m in length. The ST-350 7.5HP Dual Prop, Stern Thruster is 400 Amps, 24 VDC. Dimensions: Thruster Unit Size: 24,0″ wide /16,75″ long.

These Sideshift thrusters have an excellent price ratio to performance. Sideshift thrusters compare very favorably with traditional thru-hull systems, when the total cost of installation and hardware is considered. Regular maintenance involves only checking the air line and changing the anodes.

Not in a pipe

As boat thrusters are not installed in a pipe, you don't have to deal with zebra mussels, weeds, barnacles or whatever else gets stuck up in typical boat pipe versions thrusters.

All Sideshift® thrusters are one-year warranty and come with a harness that runs from the thruster to the motor controller, compression terminals, dual joystick avail able for both stern and bow options and mounting hardware.

bow thruster – the best place to stick the joystick