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South Pasifoc Australia - Since 2001, Company has been popular manufacturing and selling anchor windlasses, capstans and accessories for yachts and boats from 4 metres up to over 13.5 metres

Windlasses Series by South Pasifoc -


Our range of Products include: Horizontal and Vertical Windlasses, Electric Capstan and Accessories. Durable , reliable and affordable!


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The horizontal widlasses series. - compact winlasses, made of aluminium alloy casing with powder coated finish,one-piece housing and 100%water resistant. Simple deck mounting with no below deck parts makes it easy to install and means it can be fitted on most boats.


PRO 800 Windlass

- pervect for boats between 6m to 9m

Series up to 30 lb Handle anchor size and permanent motor type(600W Model). Ideal for customisation to your individual needs with a max working load of 275kg and swift retrieval speeds.

Windlasses comes with a standard stainless steel gypsy, which takes both rope and chain :304mm x 197mm x 153 mm. With new attributes such as the built-in torque limiter and additional stainless steel parts, it proves to provide smoother and more reliable operation.


PRO 900 Windlass

- pervect for boats between 8.4m to 13.5m

900 series with maximum working loads for permanent magnet motors of 320kg and 500kg and swift retrieval speeds, itís sure to make anchoring hassle-free and safe. Stainless steel drive shaft and parts and gypsy, which takes both rope and chain, available Express and Mighty Series with 700W Model and 1100Watt Models with Working Load 50kg(110lb) and 72kg(160lb)


PRO 710 Windlass

- for boats 4.5m to 6m

South Pacificís flag ship safe permanent magnet motor model - 710 series with a maximum working load of 120kg((265lb)) and swift retrieval speed. 300W/12V DC motor model for 6mm Short-link Chain or 12mm rope.



Our vertical series for those wanting a stylish and low-profile windlass. Heavy duty DC motor and base have been design as one, for simple installation.

Additionally, the heavy duty powerful motor-dc. It comes standard with a stainless steel gypsy, which takes both rope and chain, ideal for customisation to your individual needs.

Available Series in aluminium, stainless steel or nylon.

The New Vertical Windlasses

Models VS1500 & VS1500C

The new Windlasses series come to suit smal sail boats from 40 to 60ft. Both VS1500 and VS1500C are manufactured of sus 316 (polished ) stainless steel including the windlasses Base, gypsy, chain tunnel cover and capstan. Vertical Windlasses are heavy duty, designed to be into one, with no separate parts. They usually come in 12V/24V Operating Voltage.

Both Offering fast line speeds and easy installation, this is one of the most attractive and durable Vertical windlasses on the sailing market.


Suit Boats Size 40 to 60ft

Comparable Model: 1500W Model

Operating Voltage: 12V/24V DC

Max Working Load: 680kg(1500lb)

Typical Working Load: 120kg(265lb)

Retrieval Speed:16m(53ft)/min

Pay-Out Speed: 18m(60ftymin

Current Draw (Typical): 45A(12V)/22A(24V)

Motor Type / Efficiency:Permanent Magnet / 82 %

Motor Wattage I/O: 1500W/600W

Gear Type / Efficiency: Spur Gear/92% to 98%

Weight: 16kg(35lb), 18kg(40lb)


PRO VA Windlass

- for small boats and yachts

Performance Series include pro va 600 (with max 27lb / 30lb)and 1000(with max 40lb), is precisely the windlass for those wanting the best of both worlds Ė the benefits of a stylish and steadfast in windlass and the delights of economical pricing. The PRO-VA series is made of strong marine-grade materials, then powder coated for extra durability. It comes with a stainless steel gypsy capable of taking both chain and rope. With max working loads of 275kg and 450kg and swift retrieval speeds(18m(60ft)/min. to 20m(67ft)/min.).


VN600 Windlass

- competitive in price

Performance Series with 600W/12V DC Model Comparable Model. Economic nylon and fibreglass composition windlass with a steel gypsy (while also being UV resistant) with a maximum working load of 275kg(600lb) and swift retrieval speeds of 20m(67ft)/min.


PRO VS Windlass

Excellent the best series of everything! Performance Series include pro va 600 (with max 27lb / 30lb/600W Model)and 1000(with max 40lb/1000W Model).

Stylish and strong windlass Widlass polished with 316 stainless steel with maximum working loads of 275kg and 450kg (for the PRO VS600 and PRO VS1000 respectively) and swift retrieval speeds 18m(60ft)/min. for PRO VS- 1000 and 20m(67ft)/min. for VS- 600.

An optional with capstan model is also available, where capstan and gypsy can be operated separately.


PRO CV Windlass

These windlasses are great for those wanting the rope and chain to fall directly into the cabin or manually guided into a chain locker also or storage space. Series include CV600 for boats from 5.4m to 9.6m and Series CV1000 pervect for boats from 8.4m to 12.6m. and wiagth of 5.7kg/6.3kg.