Wave stopper for Silent Nights on your Boat

Wave stopper - Equipment for power and sailboats

Wave stopper

The company was founded in January 1994, since then they offer innovative boating inventions which were partly awarded several international gold medals.

Wave stopper are based in Augsburg, Germany.

Wave Stopper suited for Powerboats up to 9m(30 ft).

Notice: To smaller boats the Knocking Point will change toward if two or three persons are in the bow cabin.

The Wave Stopper is available as a so-called "pull-through unit" as well as an apron.

The pull-through unit consists of 2 connected with linen mats for fitting in Powerboats to port and starboard. These are "careened" via the enclosed pull-through line under the boat.

The Wave Aprons stopper is mounted vertically or at a slight angle to the hull or the bathing platform. Different widths &(heights) are available.

Aprons can be attached directly below the swiming platform. The length of all aprons depends on the length of the covered area.

Why to use

The coming of the waves causing the hull a permanent, unpleasant knocking sound, which leads many people to sleep and towards the bow of many boat hulls induces water into a "deadlock" situation Which Produces a characteristic "knocking" sound.

The new "Systa" Wave stopper reduces the knocking sounds by up to 95% and makes you experience a bit a pleasant way to spend a night.

Package include:

2 acoustic, floatable special rubber mats with 2 adjustable connecting lines, mooring lines 2 and 1 extension cord. Bundled stowed anywhere.

Features: Oil, petrol, salt water and UV resistant.. decay,
tearing up 50 kg, permeable to water for possible drain holes. 100% recyclable, weight about 2.5 kg, Color: black.

Wave stopper for sailboats

A variety of rowing positions and hull shapes given here. A number of options. The location of the propeller sometimes plays a role. Wave stopper consists of 2 parts, which can be done either as a unit or separately under the hull ("careening" or pushing).

If necessary: A cutting of the mats or the rudder may also be used(on both sides).


max. Boat width to approximately 2.50 m = Wave Stopper Standard (160x100cm)
max. Boat width to approximately 3.00 m = Wave Stopper (200x100cm)
max. Boat width to approximately 4.00 m = Wave Stopper (240x100cm)
Boat width over 4.00 m = Wave Stopper (280x100cm)


Wave Stopper Standard (powerboats to about 9m ): 149,90 Euro + 5, - € uro Shipping + COD charge
Wave Stopper "Plus" (only for powerboats from approximately 9m): 189,90 Euro + 5, - € uro Shipping + COD charge

Wave Stopper 200x100cm (for sailboats): 169,90 Euro + 5, - € uro Shipping + COD charge
Wave Stopper 240x100cm (for sailboats): 179,90 Euro + 5, - € uro Shipping + COD charge
Wave Stopper 280x100cm (for sailboats): 189,90 Euro + 5, - € uro Shipping + COD charge

For contacts:

Fichtelbachstr. 3
D86153 Augsburg