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The XYZ Boat Anchor ® designred by Dragomir Ivicevic, XYZ Marine Products, Company since 2005. This Boat Anchor "XYZ" has striking appearance and functionality, it is a complex mechanism with no moving parts.

The modular boat anchor also called "XYZ" is constructed of Both: marine grade aluminum (from 10mm solid machined plate) or stainless steel - 316L low carbon stainless steel and ultra hard 17-4 PH for saw blade. The shank of the anchor is a high stress resistance 2205 mirror polished stainless steel.

New Boat Anchors

XYZ Extreme Boat Anchor is a Modular design Stainless Steel or Aluminum with Stainless Steel Innovative anchor.

XYZ Boat Anchors are Hand made with a precision to the details,light and compact design, heavy duty construction and unique design.

Available Boat anchor Versions:

-Two, 23 lbs(Up to 46’ boats) and 18 lbs(Up to 33’ boats) Extreme SS anchor

-One, 13.5 lbs (Up to 46’ boats) Extreme stainless steel anchor with aluminum fluke

Videos: XYZ Anchor in action

Click the link and Watch the "XYZ" Boat Anchor Videos


The XYZ has New tested Design enables setting even on a very hard, rocks or corals to penetrate bottoms such as weeds and mixed sand.
The XYZ’s fluke Design: very effective, the holding power, deep setting and surface of the fluke is equal to three-times larger boat anchors. Fluke is designed with the Dynamic Horizontal Stability Control that enables the anchor to rotate even the hard bottoms.

The New design features force the XYZ boat anchor to set deep almost instantly in demanding bottoms, regardless of angle of pull and sea conditions. The Extreme anchor is made to enhance the most fundamental features: large and heavy fluke and short shank - to enable almost 70-80% of the anchor’s weight.

XYZ Marine Products575 Main St.

#1514 New York

NY 10044

tel - 212 486 3912


Group anchor tests

Test of inexpensive steel and aluminum boat anchors, include XYZ in soft mud bottom

This group anchor tests consists anchorning units priced from $200 to $500,also These have been suggested for 23 to 38 feet vessels.

The short 3:1 and typical 7:1 scope test, see results below:

ANCHOR MODEL PRICE & SOURCE WEIGHT SUGGESTED BOAT STYLE SET RATING HOLDING POWER SET RATING HOLDING POWER LENGTH 3:1 Scope 7:1 Scope Anchor Right Sarca $412 30 lbs. 23-34 ft. Plow Good 420 lbs. Fair 500 lbs. Bulwagga / $238 17 lbs. 20-30 ft. Hybrid Good 450 lbs. Good 480 lbs. Danforth Deep Set II $249 23 lbs. 30 - 36 ft. Danforth-style Good 350 lbs. Good 450 lbs. Davis Talon XT / $275 36 lbs. 30 - 36 ft. Plow Good 450 lbs. Good 450 lbs. Fortress FX-23 $269 16 lbs. 39-45 ft. Danforth-style Good 375 lbs. Good 475 lbs. HydroBubble $249 15 lbs. 30-40 ft. Plow Good 480 lbs. Excellent 480 lbs. Kingston Plow $249 36 lbs. 30 - 36 ft. CRQ-style Plow Good 450 lbs. Excellent 380 lbs. Rocna 15 $383 28 lbs. 30-39 ft. Plow Good 300 lbs. Good 440 lbs. Spade A80 $449 West Marine 16 lbs. 25-34 ft. Plow Good 250 lbs. Excellent 460 lbs. Super Max Pivoting $475 45 lbs. 28-36 ft. Adjustable Scoop Plow Good 400 lbs. Good 500 lbs. Super Max Rigid $475 47 lbs. 30 - 38 ft. Plow Good 300 lbs. Good 425 lbs. XYZ $395 13 lbs. 30 - 38 ft. Plow Good 500 lbs. Good 500 lbs.

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