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Top manufacturer and distributer of chain, fittings, wire forms, tire chains, wire rope and cordage. Our products can be found at local retail stores, through industrial distribution and on many types of products and equipment manufactured by original equipment manufacturers throughout the world.

ACCO - Anchor Rodes & Chain

Largest U.S. Best Chain Manufacturer.

Acco Marine Chain and accessories for all of your boating needs.

ACCO carbon steel, general purpose chain with short compact links. The short link makes chain more flexible and ideally suited as anchor chain. Compatible with all major brands of windlass.

ACCO - Marine Chain & Accessories Products:

  • Grade 43 ISO High Test
  • Grade 30 ISO Proof Coil
  • Grade 30 BBB Chain
  • Anchor Lead Chain
  • Chain Accessories
  • Mooring Chain
  • Tuna Net Chain
  • Trawlex Marine Chain
  • Trawl Door Chain
  • Scallop Sweep Chain, Links & Rings

ACCO Marine Chain and Anchor - Catalogue


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ACCO Marine Chain

Windlass Chain - Grade 43 ISO


A high tensile strength carbon steel anchor (windlass) chain with an ISO short link. The short link makes it more flexible and ideally suited as a windlass chain. Check fit or contact windlass manufacturer before purchase. This extra thick hot dip galvanized finish is recommended for all marine applications.


Carbon steel.


Self-Colored and Hot Galvanized.


Full drums, half drums, wood crates and pails.

Windlass Grade 30 BBB Chain

A low carbon steel, general purpose chain, with a short compact link. The short link is ideally suited for anchor chain. Check fit for windlass manufacturer's specifications before purchase.

ACCO Anchor

Boatman's Pride Anchor Lead Chai
Heavy Duty
Hot Galvanized Plating
Protects against rust and corrosion. Assures years of dependable service

-Protects Decks and Hulls.
-Hot Dipped Galvanized Undercoat. Heat Cured White Polymer Overcoat or Heavy Duty Vinyl Coating.

Polymer Coated Anchor Lead Chains

-Easy Swiveling Design
-Stainless Steel Pin Locks
-Grade 40 High Test Steel
-Hot Dip Galvanized

ACCO Mooring Chain

Compare ACCO's mooring chain to proof coil chain and it's easy to see that ACCO mooring chain is stronger. Plus the hot dip galvanized coating has 30% more zinc per unit volume than mechanical coating.
The long link design permits the hook-up of shackles anywhere on the chain, not just on end links as with most chains

High Quality Steel
Hot Dip Galvanized Coating
Hot Dip Galvanized
Long Link Design



ACCO Tuna Net Chain is then continuously Hot Dip Galvanized to provide the deep strong protective coating you have come to expect which has over 30% more zinc per unit volume than mechanical coating. In the hot dip process the galvanized zinc coating is alloyed with the base steel creating a METALLURGICAL bond that is several orders of magnitude stronger than mechanical bonding. This zinc-steel bond is immune to further corrosion for the life of the zinc. If the chain's steel base is exposed by cuts or nicks, the base steel will not rust until the nearby zinc is consumed.

Trawlex Marine Chain

Distinctive Trademark
Only original Trawlex chain is embossed with a fish for quick identification and assurance of ACCO quality.
ACCO chain and Anchor rode for sale (new or used) - Snow Chains, Cable chain, 3/16 Anchor Mooring, ACCO 5/16 High Test G4 Chain 9/16 Nylon 100FT Rode, High1/4 Test G4 Chain 7/16 Nylon Rode 400FT etc.