Anchor Rollers

Anchor Rollers

Anchor rollers make dropping and weighing anchor easier on you and your boat or yacht.

The bow roller on your boat will be strong, with pins to hold the anchors in place.

Bow Rollers Cruisers commonly have two bow rollers and ideally have a self-stowing system for the rode and an anchor locker or chain pipe, which can be sealed when underway. Both the Bruce and CQR anchors stow well on bow rollers, but must always be lashed or pinned securely on passages. Many cruisers also have a system for a stern anchor, particularly useful in the Mediterranean as it allows one to Med Moor bow in.

Boat Anchor Rollers - constructed and designed and constructed for rugged marine use from Non-corroding materials with High strength polymer roller wheels.
Easier to raise and lower your anchor.
- Conveniently stow your anchor on the bow
- Rollers Used with different anchor types, chains and nylon ropes.

Anchor rollers for sale:

Anchoring Systems - Imtra Anchor Rollers - all models of imtra rollers are build of heavy duty stainless steel and are extremely durable - impuritues and provides
an attactive, bright,smooth that does not requires no maintenance. Many models are sized to hold specific anchor sizes/types, range of 20lbs.-110lbs.

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