Anchor Snubbers

How To Use

Snubbers are used to take the shock loading off the chain, in choppy conditions, are an very important add on when using a chain rode. The snubber absorbs the forces generated on a otherwise snatching anchor chain, which if about to part, would give no warning.

After setting the anchor, simply slip the hook onto a link of chain and tie off the 3-strand nylon tail. You can then let out additional chain with the windlass, which transfers the anchor load to the snubber from the windlass.

This makes for an easier and quieter ride as the nylon tail will stretch slightly as the load of the boat on the anchor changes. Use high strength chain hooks in our snubbers and offer these as separate items so you can build a snubber to fit your specifications.

Made of NYLON rope with either a Chain Gripper Shackle or Chain Grab Hook attached at one end. The Anchor Snubber is connected to the anchor chain approx 50cms outboard of the Bow Roller. The lanyard is secured to a cleat, and the chain veered to transfer the weight onto the Snubber. This will leave a slack part of chain below the Snubber.

Anchor Snubber Line: when using an all-chain anchor rode which - under strong wind conditions - may be pulled straight tight, a nylon rope of 5 to 20 m should be used to absorb the tugging on the anchor chain. A chain hook is used to fix the snubber line to the anchor chain. "Imtra" Marine Products offers line of anchor accessories like hooks and snubbers.

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