Boarding Steps

Dock & Boarding Step

The Steps on your boat will be strong and Sure.

buy Boarding steps - two or three steps?

- plastic or fiberglass?

- no wood or metal ?

The Steps must be in good condition and price must be reasonable.

Be sure the upper ends of the side pieces, particularly the toe area, thick enough, do not make them any smaller than the general dimensions .This is important because the step can be heavily loaded when itís in use, and the design places a great deal of loading on the hooked section.


Keep in mind: Boarding steps should be used as a place to pause your bodyweight, not to bivouac during a blow.
They are not a place to ride underway and are not rescue ladders. When as cending, users let their upper body domost of the hauling work. Also, the steps' construction and design quality are a non-issue if the attached lifelines,stanchions, and toerails are faulty or loose. Consider bracing attached stanchions to support the lifeline when a gate
is open.

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