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Bow Thruster

The WillDo MINI Jet Thruster, available in a 20 or 30 kgf version, is an entirely new and ingenious development by WillDo. It is a two-way system which does not have a separate inlet like the other models, but only two small openings. Simultaneously, one ot the openings functions as the suction end and the other opening as the
pressure end, where the thrust force is generated and, of course vice versa when you need to manoeuvre into the opposite direction.

This procedure is made possible by the specially designed WillDo floating nozzles, to provide enough water supply.

The bidirectional electric motor drives the vane pump which has been
especially developed by Willdo.

The major advantage of this compact MINI Jet Thruster is the fact that it is self-priming, so that the jet pump can be installed up to 50 cm above the waterline. Therefore, the MINI Jet Thruster is ideally suited for smaller boats, with little draft and also limited space on board.

In order to be sure of a large enough water flow, the outlet nozzle must be installed at least 10 cm below the waterline.
The scope of supply includes the complete system, containing 2 inlet/outlet nozzles and a control panel with 1 joystick.

Hydraulic Jet Thrusters

Hydraulic Models available (kgf): 35, 45, 55, 80,100,120
For smaller boats, ask us about WillDo's Mini Thruster.

Each WillDo Hydraulic Jet Thruster is supplied with a unidirectional (clockwise) hydraulic motor which can be connected to the P.T.O. (Power Take-off) of the main engine. If no P.T.O. is available they can supply, as optional equipment, an adapter which is made suitable for any type of engine and enables easy installation of the hydraulic pump at the front end of the engine. The jet pump itself is made of a synthetic pump housing and a synthetic impeller (bronze in the case of the larger versions, starting from model HY80), driven by the hydraulic motor. This assembly features an integrated package with the hydraulic tank to keep the whole jet pump as compact as possible.

The system includes an hydraulic pump mounted inside an hydraulic oil tank. The remainder of the scope of supply of a WillDo hydraulic Single or Combi Jet Thruster is exactly the same as that of the electric Jet Thrusters.

No ropes required: WillDo Hydraulic Jet Thrusters do not depend on batteries or electric motors and therefore are able to work for extended periods of time. No ropes are needed to keep the boat in a confined area (e.g. a lock) if the Jets at the bow and at the stern are simultaneously operated.

It is also possible to drive the WillDo Jet Thruster by using your on board generator set.

Electric Jet bow Thrusters

DC Models available (kgf): 25 (12V), 40 (24V), 65 (24V), 80 (24V)
AC Model are also available.
for Hydraulic Models For smaller boats, ask us about WillDo's Mini Thruster.

WillDo thrusters are powered by an electric or hydraulic motor. The motor drives a jet pump that sucks in water through an opening in the bottom of the boat and forces the water at high pressure via hoses to nozzles either side of the bow and stern. DC powered models are available from 4 to 18.8 HP (3 to 14 kW), hydraulic systems from 4 to 33 hp and more.

The Thruster( Combi-Jet ) in the right-photo example can shift both the bow and the stern of the boat to either port or starboard. By thrusting one side simultaneously, your boat can be moved sideways; when departing very nice from a jetty. WillDo Company Jet Thrusters can also be installed as a bow thruster or stern thruster only, particularly useful in small vessels with the transom space limitations.

Technical Specifications and Models (pfd)

Parts and Accessories

Combi and Single Control panels

If you wish to extend the control position to the flybridge area, a second control panel can be easily installed, in parallel formation with the first panel. Our panels are waterproof, according to IP65. The joysticks are spring return and go back to their neutral position after activation.

The panel energizes the control valves. The Single is provided with one joystick and the Combi panel has two joysticks.
The system is monitored by a green flashing LED on the control panel

- Batteries too low; one flash
- Too high currents have occurred; two flashes
- Control valve is unable to define its position; three flashes.

Battery Banks

Series/Parallel Switch creates a 24V supply from 2 12V Battery

The series/parallel switch will enable you to charge the batteries at 12V and at the same time provide the required voltage of 24V by using two 12V batteries in series formation. This process works automatically as soon as the Jet Thruster is put into operation. For safety reasons we would strongly recommend not to use this 24V circuit for starting batteries.

The switch can be installed and connected in the most simple way by providing the wiring circuit yourself with the help of the supplied wiring diagram or by our
WillDo technicians.

Series/parallel connection box

In order to ensure an easy and time saving installation, our series/parallel connection box will be an excellent solution. It has a similar function, but WillDo has already provided all necessary wiring connections. Installation is

Cable Sets

For both the Single and the Combi Jet Thrusters, the electric cable sets
between the control panel, the control valves and the electric motor can
be ordered separately. These sets are provided with plug and counter
plug connections, which makes the installation truly "Plug & Play".

Support for control valve

By using this support, the control valve used for diverting the water flow port side or starboard, can be mounted very easily to any suitable place of fixation. The support is supplied complete with all necessary bolts, nuts and washers.

Battery cables

We can also supply these specifically designed and custom made battery cables, including the required cable clamps. They are available with a cross-section of 35, 70, 95 or 120mm2; in the colours red (positive) and black (negative). The battery cables are supplied with a neoprene rubber insulation jacket, oil resistance and allowing temperature changes in between -20 to +85°C.

AGM batteries (Maintenance free)

AGM stands for Absorbed Glass Mat. By using glassmat separators the entire electrolyte is absorbed therein, which makes these batteries entirely safe. Even transportation by air is permitted! If the batteries are damaged by shove or push, there will be no spilling of electrolyte at all. These batteries can also be stored in any position, even upside down, but when charging, the battery terminals must not be pointing downward. These batteries are characterized by a very long life span and they are able to sustain very deep discharge cycles, up to max. 70%. So-Pac supplies Lifeline 12V AGM batteries in the capacities of 80,100, 210 and 255 Ah.

Fuse holder with alarm function & strip fuses

The WillDo fuse holder is an entirely in-house design and it is equipped with a red LED, lighting up when the fuse is blown out. An additional LED can be fitted into the instrument panel to have a remote view of what is happening below decks. The fuse holder is supplied including a rubber cover (cannot fall off as a result of engine vibrations) and it also features a bracket which will carry your spare fuse. The strip fuses (100-800 Amp) themselves are provided with a glass cover, so that the possibility of a fire is reduced to a bare minimum.

Custom made outlet nozzles

The standard supply of WillDo Jet Thrusters is complete with outlet nozzles for welding or bonding in. On request we shall gladly provide you with custom made flanged outlet nozzles. These are provided with screw connections and with the required angle, which is dictated by the shape of the boat's hull.
With these tailor-made skin fittings you will be assured to provide an quick and easy installation. We can also supply from stock standard flanged outlet nozzles made of stainless steel 316, with the following angles: 90°, 55°, 45°, 35° or 25°. Finally, WillDo can also supply you a 90° angled nozzle version for the stern.

boat operarting equipment supplier So-pack Marine

Boat thrusters manufacturers & Technology:

JV Verhaar Omega Maneuvering Boat Equipment

Z-drive / Roerpropeller by JV Verhaar Omega

OMEGA Z-drive (rudder propeller) is a 360 degree rotating compact propulsion for ships, this unit designed for small to medium work boats, ferries and passenger ships. The OMEGA Z-drive is available in 105kW (140 horsepower) model SD1 or 150kW (200hp) model HD3.

rudder propeller

Wherever small workboats, tugs, ferries, sightseeing boats, platforms a 360 degree maneuverability is required, combined with harsh conditions for extended periods, Omega Z drive / Omega rudder propellers are the right solution.

The rudder propeller 360 provides thrust during rotation, so that the rudder propeller checks the vessel in all directions.

Verhaar Omega control grid

Almost equal acting as a channel thruster with the difference that the unit is compact and the Thrust is distributed via a rotatable outlet grille. Available in capacities from 75 to 660 kW.

De Gerlien bow thrusters

De Gerlien - bow thrusters from 60 HP to 1000 HP

Since 1985, De Gerlien’s bow thrusters have been a driving force at the bow of inland vessels and coasters. Today, 'De Gerlien van Tiem' Company has a reputation as a high level shipyard, in addition to a spotless name as builder of reliable DG bow thruster repairs and installations. They offers a huge selection of 360? steering radius thrusters ratings from 60 HP to 1000 HP and propeller diameters of 40, 58, 67, 85, 100, 120 and 140 sm. This Company also produce the "4-channel" type bow thrusters with diameters range from 80 sm to 140 sm.

In 19 years’ time, more than thousends bow thrusters have been put into work built by De Gerlien’s craftsmen. The bow thruster system can be delivered as a fully assembly set to be easy installed at any service shipyard, abroad or at home. If you planned replacement: as De Gerlien’s standard, the propellers can be replaced only from the inside.

That makes these Company based in Netherlands attractive and the leading producer of bow thrusters to the boating industry.


Jet Thruster Systems

Pier 12, in cooperation with Holland Marine Parts offers, exclusive to Italy, this innovative maneuvering system suitable for all types of sailing boats up to 55 feet in length.

the Jet Bow Thruster is fitted with a powerful  pump(centrifugal),  electrical controls plus a three-way valve


The "Jet Thruster" consists of a pump-priming that sends sea water two or four birds positioned at the bow / stern and selected via a three-way valve electric. The system can be single (only the bow or stern only) or combined (fore and aft) with a single pump unit.


There are 4 power outputs (30,50,70,90 kgf) depending on the type of boat. Installation is very simple, unobtrusive (3 holes with relative thru-hull) and versatile since the individual components can be arranged according to space available. The system comes with a joystick in the cockpit or a wireless remote control (optional). Prices from ˆ 3280 + VAT.

To calculate the required thrust pressure(in Kgf.) for your boat or to see full range of products include Bow thruster, Stern Thruster or Ski boat Bow Thruster, single/combi system visit: jetthruster.com.

Eris Propellers BOW THRUSTERS

By achieving to combine current boating and marine knowledge and new technology with previous experience with over 30 years in boating sector, beside of the manufacturing of boat propeller casting from 100mm D. (include 2, 3, 4 and 5 bladed propellers), now on the other hand E.R.C. casts auxiliary equipments such as Bow Thruster Systems.

By combining boating world's most reliable propeller  analysis and selection  Eris Propellers offers the most appropriate Bow Thrusters

Bow Thruster by "ERlS PROPELLERS" Turkey's leading propeller company ensures your yacht's & boat's manoeuvrability by supplying pushing power at starboard and portside directions.

Bow Thruster from Eris Propellers (ERC), is special purpose designed and movement shift is supplied by silent gears that have corrosion strength and high resistance . They use the propellers shaft(read below) which is heavy condition resistant, also ocean water and to prevent extraction they use ocean water resistant felts.

Bow Thruster by ERC could run with hydraulic,diesel and electric propulsioned engines according to boat owners needs and desire.

Available 3 models BP-400, BP-600 and BP-100 respectively 85HP/7,2kN, 185/13kN and 300HP/36kN.


ERC(Eris Propellers) applicate different boating projects and systems for wooden, steel and fiber vessels. Our company supplies 304, 316, 316 L quality shafts.
All shafts used in manufacturing are certified. Boat Shaft systems are manufactured certified or noncertificated.


Different features and systems of various design are available for boats.


1. Keel-based steering system: For one engined vessels.
2. Suspended type steering system: For double or single eng.
3. Flanged steering system: For Gulet type vessel.
4. Steel sleeve steering system: For steel boats.

for Contacts:

Veth Propulsion thrusters

This is family owned international manufacturer of auxiliary & propulsion machinery for ships,include bow thrusters and rudder propellers,generator sets and and repair of diesel engines not for boats and yachts. Synonymous with innovative developments Veth Propulsion family company has been a strong part of the marine sector since 1950.

They develops and sell various types of Veth bow thrusters, including conventional tunnel bow thrusters, the well-known in sector channel thrusters, Steering and Compact-Jets Grids.

Sideshift® bow and stern thrusters - Starting at $3,890.00 for the complete kit they have both: Stern and Bow thruster systems for boats up to 70' in length.

Lewmar - Electric, Hydraulic and Swing thrusters, small boat bow thruster, Special deals and discounts

Hydrosta Bow-Thrusters - 'Swing' bow and stern thrusters

Do it yourself - Installation of electric Bow Thruster (Electric/hydraulic LEWMAR thruster)

Techniques and retractable designs - solutions for bow thrusters, Drift and turbulence, Lifting Keel with a bulb, a system of adjustable rings and solution to facilitate the work.

Duco thrusters - a family company focused on Electric, Hydraulic, Diesel and Custom Bow Thrusters

WESMAR / Western Marine Electronics - Bow and stern thrusters

Max Power Thrusters - 12V / 24V Units, Model Overview, Bow and stern Tunnel thruster for the entire tunnel thruster range.

Yacht Thrusters - Bow and stern thrusters features German engineering and Swiss Precision.

bow thruster – the best place to stick the joystick