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The superiority of the Bruce's shape gives it tremendous efficiency, particularly on short scope over a variety of bottom conditions.

Constructed of a single piece of cast steel, each Bruce Anchor has no movable parts nor any flimsy components. This allows each to be covered by a lifetime warranty against breakage.

The anchor sizes given above assume winds up to force 7 (28-33 kts) for working anchors and force 9 (41-47 kts) for storm anchors, some protection from sea, fair holding ground, and operation at a scope adequate to develop the full holding capacity of the anchor. Where a vessel has unusually large superstructure or heavy displacement, use the next heavier anchor.

Products and Boat Parts for the Offshore Oil Industry

* Bruce Anchors for Conventional Catenary Mooring
* Bruce DENNLA for Taut Leg Mooring
* Bruce Ring Chaser
* Bruce Roller Chaser
* The Bruce Chaser Stopper
* The BRUCE KT Connector
Bruce anchors


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