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Modular floating dock system


Buying a new dock can be a time consuming job. However, with purchasing options on the web and UPS shipping, customers can shop in the comfort of their homes.

All docks by Connect-A-Dock are molded from environmentally friendly polyethylene plastic, making them very durable and resistant to UV-rays, salt water, oil and gas. Slip resistant and slightly domed for water run off, the decking provides a continually safe and clean surface.

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Floating docks (1000 & 2000)

Floating docks are an effective alternative to areas where fluctuating water levels are common,including intracoastal waterways, rivers, reservoirs and holding tanks.

The most popular 1000 and 2000 Series of floating docks from Connect-A-Dock ride on the water and fluctuate as much as 10' to remain safe and stable. Because it is easy to move and reconfigure the docks, owners can relocate them closer or farther from the shore with changing water levels. With proper anchoring, the use of floating docks can eliminate submerged or inaccessible fixed docks.

1000 Series Dock

photos: High-Profile Docks | Dock Cross Section

Connect-A-Dock's innovative modular floating dock system can now beconveniently purchased online at After purchasing online with a secure ordering system, the 1000 Series can be shipped via UPS directly to the customer's home.

At 45" x 30" x 10" and 50 pounds, the 1000 Series easily supports 325 pounds. When grouped in a rectangle or square, they work wonderfully as a swimming, diving or sunning platform. Because they are made of impact-resistant plastic, wood slivers are a thing of the past. When creating a water walkway, stability is key.

2000 Series Dock

With the 2000 Series, the customer can request a quote, then proceed with ordering online. This larger series of docks is shipped via motor freight and can also be delivered directly to the customer's home.

Connect-A-Dock offers high-quality, low-maintenance docks with a patented connection system that allows for easy set up and configuration. One person, armed with a wrench, can assemble the lightweight float sections of the 1000 Series.

A 1000 Series section weighs 50 pounds and has dimensions of 45" x 30" x 10" with a maximum floatation of 325 pounds. The 2000 Series section is 4' x 8' x 20", weighs 200 pounds and has a maximum flotation of 2,500 pounds.

It is ideal for smaller bodies of water, and perfect for entering and exiting low profile boats such as sculls, kayaks, canoes and row boats because of its 8" freeboard. Boaters can grab a friend or two and install the 2000 Series in a short amount of time. With a 17" freeboard, this series is perfect for customers with larger boats.

PWC Dock

When purchasing a dock, many homeowners undoubtedly consider the dock maintenance involved in winter preparations. As the temperature takes its annual nasty dip downward, they want a dock that is easy to remove for winter storage or one that can endure the elements during the cold winter months.

The docks are extremely durable and designed with a skid-resistant surface. Floating docks fluctuate with changing water levels to make entering and exiting docked boats safe. Docks from Connect-A-Dock are completely reconfigurable, providing a variety of different shapes and sizes to create the perfect dock for any situation.

Floating docks from Connect-A-Dock are made of rugged low-maintenance, polyethylene plastic. Removing them for winter storage can be accomplished with a wrench and a helping hand. The docks are easily disassembled by disconnecting each float in the reverse of the installation, eliminating the need to enter the frigid water. Removal of these docks is recommended where there are ice flows and wave action. The rugged docks can be stacked and stored outside and will withstand harsh climates season after season. The innovative construction saves hands from splinters and resistsoil, gas and saltwater for simple cleanup.

Heavy-duty docks

Connect-A-Dock's floating docks are designed tough to heavy-duty use

In order to tackle large bodies of water and accommodate bigger boats, homeowners need to rely on strong, rugged docks. The 2000 Series of floating modular docks from Connect-A-Dock is built tough to ensure long term performance, season after season.

Made of color-molded polyethylene plastic, the low-maintenance docks can hold up to 2,500 pounds per section and withstand harsh weather or boat hits. The docks are modular, they can be set up to handle a variety of different size boats. In addition, a 17" freeboard serves as a stable docking platform for multiple-passenger vessels including ski, pontoon and sail boats.

Closely spaced support ribs providerigidity underfoot, while the float chambers trap air on the water's surface for additional buoyancy. Unlike wood docks, the unique plastic docks won't rot, peel or splinter.

Because of the slip-fit connectors, installation of the heavy-duty dock is easy with a wrench and a friend. Each float section measures 4' x 8' x 20" and weighs 200 pounds.

Swim platform

by combining a group of 1000 Series float dock sections

When the sun is at its hottest, there is nothing more refreshing than diving off of a swim platform into cool water. The completely modular float sections from Connect-A-Dock can be configured to make an ideal island for diving and swimming.

A sturdy swim platform can be created in a minimal amount of time by combining a group of 1000 Series float sections. Because of the sections' low freeboard, swimmers have no problem climbing up for another jump into the water. The pearl color keeps the surface cool by reflecting UV rays, which makes the ultimate sunbathing platform easy on the feet. Made of durable polyethylene plastic, the float sections won't rot, peel or splinter. In addition, they repel saltwater, oil and gasoline.

Installation Note: Each 1000 Series float section is 45" x 30" x 10" and can support 325 pounds per section. Installation can be completed by one person armedwith a wrench in about 5 minutes per section, plus anchoring time. The Connect-A-Dock recommends a minimum of four sections per swim platform.

Different Dock-applications

Because of their versatility, floating docks are ideal for many different applications. Not only are the Connect-A-Dock 1000 and 2000 Series float sections perfect docks, they are great as construction platforms, fish cleaning stations, seaplane docks or ice shanty bases.

Completely configurable and easy to install, the float sections can be arranged to suit any situation. Rugged enough to endure the rigors of a work station, the sections are constructed of low-maintenance and durable color molded-polyethylene plastic. The innovative plastic sections repel oil, gas and saltwater and require minimal or no maintenance.

Strong enough to be used as a seaplane dock, the 2000 series floats have a maximum flotation of 2,500 pounds per section and can be valuable in a variety of ways. An ideal party barge, the sections are sturdy enough to support a large group of friends-and even a band.

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other companies:

Poralu-Marine Dock system

Dock system by Poralu-Marine, the North American division of Poralu Marine, a world leader in the engineering, design and manufacturing of innovative floating docks products for inland and coastal marine installations.

The product installed is the Megaport, which is a concrete floating dock built of polystyrene foam core encapsulated in a galvanized steel reinforced concrete structure. The high-density mass, inertia-stability and dimensions of these docks ensure a very stable and safe installation. The highly waterproof concrete used in this docks offers a long life expectancy.

Over the past 20 years, Poralu installed more than 200 miles of docks around the world and fulfills the requirements of the most demanding customers. Poralu is also the supplier of a large variety of marine sporting events, including the rowing world championship.

Poralu Marine can handle, anywhere in the world, all aspects of a marina project from the economic and technical feasibility study to the turnkey marina, including the design, supply and installation of the required equipment. Poralu offers a complete line of aluminum docks and gangways as well as concrete floating docks to meet any commercial or residential requirements.

International Dock Products

Based out of the Ft. Lauderdale, FL area, International Dock Products with the S. King Fulton electrical power pedestals and dock ladders, and Flexmaster® dock bumpers and dock accessories, enjoys a high stature in the marine industry as a premier manufacturer of dock products and accessories. For more information, please visit

LUXURY TOUCHES with Connect-A-Dock

Added luxuries such as a shade canopy or portable head could enhance your “floating island” camping experience even more. Connect-A-Dock also offers several accessory items including cleats, guardrails and a sturdy aluminum ladder to facilitate easy boarding from the water. Also available are Extra Flotation pods that can be easily slid into chambers on the underside of the floats wherever you have added weight, like someone climbing up a ladder or on dock corners where several swimmers might congregate.

Each pod delivers an additional 60 pounds of buoyancy and they can be stacked on top of each other for exponential flotation if necessary. According to Connect-A-Dock officials, you don’t want so much weight on any area that the float submerges, because the floats have tiny vent holes in the upper section of connector pockets that permit the floats to breathe to avoid bloating and disfigurement from trapped heat on hot days. If these vent holes were submerged the float could take on water. Connect-A-Dock says the water can be drained, but it’s best to use the Extra Flotation pods instead.

The sturdy aluminum not rust framework is attached directly to a Connect-A-Dock 2000 Series floating docks

Pleasant Dock Systems

Pleasant Dock Systems - It's simple,ruged and ready to install, made in Bowdoin. Starting at only $800 Dock Systems are lightweight and an affordable system, durable alternative to classic heavy wooden docks.

Floating Dock vs Dock

What is the depth of the water where you will be installing your dock? If the water is over your head, you should consider a floating dock. You spend a more money, but you will be grateful with it comes time to pull or install the dock out. You can always save some money with a dock on posts from land out to where the depths exceed 6', then float the rest of the dock system.

Floating docks by Rolling Barge

Party Platform

With an upper and main deck, the Party Barge has the perfect amount of space to hold social gatherings, family outings or even a band. It is certified to carry up to 30 people and because the main deck is twice as wide as the upper deck, a number of people can be upstairs without comprising the stability of the vessel.

The extra room and spaciousness creates plenty of room lor air mattresses that can allow 12 or more to sleep comfortably on the barge. Party-goers can choose to be outside in the sun or inside with the optional zip-down. Sunbrella fabric enclosure.

This "party hut" or "Floating party dock" feature is available for
both decks.

It's extremely comfortable and stable because of the eight-pontoon design.

It can take waves from any direction without shaking up the passengers, so everyone can sail in pleasure. You bring the coolers and the barbeque and we'll provide an optional four-speaker stereo and marine toilet, and there's no better way to enjoy the water.

Easy Access

People of all ages can have fun on this craft with its optional upper deck
diving platform and/or water slide.

This unique barge becomes the central location for people to relax, dance, or sunbathe. Boats and PWCs can be tied alongside and the gate that lines the perimeter on the main deck can be opened at any location to provide boarding access for those wishing to get on the barge.

Allow this Floating dock to relieve your stress with its easy maneuverability and drivability. The barge travels at a top speed of five to six miles per hour, providing a relaxing day on the water.

Visit or call 503-631-7539 for more information on
the Party Barge or other products: TV & Trail Bridges and Floating Dock Kits.

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