Ice Eaters

Protects Your Boat From Ice

Power House Protects Your Boat and Yacht & Dock From Ice

All of the ice eater units are designed to be hung in the water from two shroud lines. They can be hungvertically to produce a circular upwards current, or canted at an angle to create an elongated elliptical current. In addition to the shroud line mounting, some of these de icers can be mounted with a dock bracket that holds the unit on an adjustable rigid pole. This type of mounting allows the unit to be angled and depth adjusted with ease. Ice eaters can also be mounted on floating mounts which work well in shallower water or when the main purpose is to set up circulatory currents.

All designed to prevent damaging ice formation around boats. Ice on the surface of water can cause serious damage your boat as the razor sharp edge of the ice sheet cuts its way. Power House offer the finest Ice Eaters. Back to Index of parts - Anchoring and Docking