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The Lewmar is Anchoring and Docking best manufacturer, finest quality marine materials and engineered for excellence for each anchor, windlass and thruster.

Lewmar Contacts:

Registered in England No. 620277
Registered Office:
Southmoor Lane, Havant, Hampshire, PO9 1JJ

Web: www.lewmar.com

Anchor Rodes

- Rodes Designed to complement the rope-chain gypsies fitted to all Lewmar windlasses
- Calibrated Rodes for even pitch
- Hot galvanized rodes,use to stop corrosion
- Smooth rope-to-chain transition
- Helps your windlass operate smoothly
- Hand-sewn whipping guarantees against unraveling

Premium 3-Strand Lewmar Series - top-performance anchor rodes are designed for use with rope/chain windlasses.

Rodes include with 5/16,3/8,7/16 shackle

Premium 8-Plait Series - designed to ensure the smooth running of the windlass

- Chain: 10' of 1/4" G4 Chain with shackle
- Rope: 125' of 1/2 " 8PLT, spliced to chain
- Recommended for Sprint 600, H-600 Windlasses

Anchor Chain

A wide range of good quality, calibrated chain

Pitch and wire size can be used to determine the exact type of an unknown chain - always measured for accuracy in metric values with calipers.
Lewmar Chain Standard and Sizes:
-Chain is available to the following standards: G4, Hi-Test, BBB, ISO, NF, DIN 766.
- In a range of sizes chain from 6mm (1/4")-12mm (1/2").

Lewmar Anchors Lewmar Bow Rollers and Windlasses

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