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At New England Ropes, quality and service go into every product we make. Every decision we make is intended to improve the quality of our products or our customers' experience with New England Ropes.

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Since 1967 New England Ropes, Inc. has built and maintained its reputation as the leading manufacturer of premium quality rope, proudly servicing more markets than any other rope company. Our rope is made in New England for you, the most discriminating customer. Its the most innovative product available, woven from the finest first-class fiber, and designed and tested in a place with some of the worlds most notoriously harsh conditions. If our rope can withstand everything from daunting mountain peaks to a historically ruthless sea, you know you can trust it to perform in your world.
Every time. Without exception

We are proud of our commitment to quality and excellence. In 1999, we earned certification to the ISO9001 quality standard. The practices we put into place for this designation help to ensure that our products and service meet customer expectations time after time after time. Every year, external auditors evaluate our performance and share information regarding best practices. It's a system of continuous improvement that we embrace.

We also subscribe to the safety standards developed and enforced by government and industry agencies in which our products are used. We recognize these industries to be experts in the safe use of our products and we ensure that our products meet their exacting specification. For instance, we were the first North American rope manufacturer to obtain UIAA certification on a climbing rope. In addition, our products meet or exceed (where applicable) safety specifications for a number of organizations including:

UIAA (Union Internationale des Associations d'Alpinisme). An international body that encourages mountaineering for the young, develops international standards, raises awareness about safety, and protects the environment. Today the UIAA is the recognized International Federation and the acknowledged expert on all international climbing and mountaineering matters.

NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) whose mission is to reduce the worldwide burden of fire and other hazards on the quality of life by providing and advocating consensus codes and standards, research, training, and education.


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New England Ropes provide unique manufacturing rope process stabilizes each line to reduce shrinkage, improve flexibility, and prevent line from hardening or defects to achieve even wear and outstanding abrasion resistance even the marine enviroment.

New England Ropes for the toughest customers and marine Enviroment

Whether for the fastening or transportation or securing of people or sailing markets NE ropes twines allow free movement while at the same time keep things together in motion. That’s the reputation typical of the dynamism for performance racing, pleasure cruising, yachting and sailing markets.

This Company produce and develop more marine ropes ,rope products and than anyone else in the segment. NE rope assortment are engineered to offer superior rope handling, feel and performance, regardless of your sailing style and sport. High tech manufacturing process and Innovation ensure that Ropes will enable you feel comfortable and safe in any waters.

NE Rope assortment


New England Ropes offers a wide range of different type and constructions, specific type of rope-line, or ropes for the classic sailors to meet each of market needs.

Traditional New England Ropes

3-Strand Classic Ropes

New 3-Strand Ropes in a classic shade with low stretch and Excellent abrasion resistance, available in 6mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 16mm and 18mm

Sta Set and Endura Vintage Ropes

Double Braid rope, low stretch,yet still remains soft over time. Available in Natural Only,6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm,14mm sizes | Endura low stretch and lightweight ripe has a specially designed 12-strand "Dyneema" core with Marine-Tech
coating along with a 24 braided polyester cover which is available in a classic color and 8mm,10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 14mm sizes

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Rope slippage

If the rope on your rope/chain anchor rode has started to slip in the gypsy of your anchor windlass.

A way to modify the windlass to stop the slippage

Rope slippage is a common problem with many models of rope/chain windlasses. Matching the rode to the exact make and model of the windlass can become a fine art. Not all rodes are created equal.

A single rope supplier may manufacture the same rode in different grades. And the 1/2" 3-strand nylon of one manufacturer is not exactly the same as the 1/2" 3-strand nylon produced by a competitor rope manufacturer . On top of that, some gypsies handle some rodes better than others.

The New England Ropes Company make a Standard grade 3-strand nylon which is a blend of nylon.

They also make a Premium 3-strand nylon rode, which is a coated Caprolan® product.

New England Ropes Standard

The plain white New England Ropes Standard, is not suitable for any type of windlass gypsy as it is too soft. If this is the rode you have, the problems you are experiencing can be expected.

New England Ropes Premium

The second type, New England Ropes Premium, is excellent cordage and is identified by a red tracer woven through the rope strands. While it works well in some types of windlasses, we have found, just as you have, that it doesn't work as well in others. The reasons are various, including this: the abrasion-resistant coating on the Caprolan® can become slippery with age, especially when used in fresh water.

All nylon products tend to shrink with age and become harder. Anchor rodes also tend to stretch with use and thus are reduced in diameter. The combination of a rode that is reduced in diameter with use, harder and less pliable with age, and slippery, adds up to a predictable rode slipping problem. Generally, this slipping starts after a few months of use and becomes worse over time.

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