Boat Feners for sale:

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#1: Shoreline Boat Inflatable Fenders

Shoreline Marine

4.3 out of 5 stars(69)

Buy new: $9.49 - $82.02

#2: Best Choice Products?® Case of (4) 27\" X 8.5\" Heavy Duty Fenders Bumper Boat Docking Protection

Best Choice

4.6 out of 5 stars(19)

Buy new: $109.99 $37.95
5 used & new from $37.95

#3: G Series "Polyform" Boat Fender

Polyform G

4.8 out of 5 stars(65)

Buy new: $8.77 - $130.50

#4: Extreme 3006.7204 Max Boat Fender Value Pack

Extreme Max

4.6 out of 5 stars(40)

Buy new: $43.56 $36.22

#5: "Taylor Made" Big B Inflatable Vinyl Marine Fender with Center Rope Tube (8\" x 20\")

Taylor Made

4.8 out of 5 stars(23)

Buy new: $31.44 - $85.93

#6: ® Case of (4) 27\" X 8.5\" Boat Fenders Bumper Boat Docking Protection White

Best Choice

4.4 out of 5 stars(16)

Buy new: $66.90
3 used & new from $50.99

#7: Taylor Made Products Big B Inflatable Vinyl Boat Fender (10\" x 26\") with Center Rope Tube

Taylor Made

4.7 out of 5 stars(7)

Buy new: $59.94 - $139.00

#8: Taylor Made Products Pontoon Boat Rail Fender Pack of 4 Adjuster

Taylor Made

4.6 out of 5 stars(75)

Buy new: $19.99 $16.52
18 used & new from $14.62

#9: Shoreline Marine Ribbed Inflatable Fender

Shoreline Marine

4.6 out of 5 stars(15)

Buy new: $21.59 $13.16
5 used & new from $12.17

#10: SuperGard Inflatable Vinyl Boat Fender (6.5\" x 22\") from Taylor Made Products

Taylor Made

4.1 out of 5 stars(16)

Buy new: $28.28 - $56.33

Polyform - Boat Fenders and Accessories

Polyform U.S. Ltd® Boat Fenders

Polyform® Boat Fenders and Accessories


Polyform fender guide for rafting When rafting, the best fendering technique is to have the fenders in place on the boat already moored or at anchor. Group three standard boat fenders rather close to maximum beam, then position two round A Series or LD Series buoys fore and aft to provide greater protection from boats tossing into each other.

Boat Fenders

F Series Fenders

The F Series Boat fenders - ultimate in protection for your boat, a wide range of sizes and colors to suit any vessel has offered protection to the world's finest yachts,boats and fishing vessels. Why? Because the owners and captains of these prestigious boats know that they can rely on Polyform’s F Series fenders to offer the size, strength and dependability to protect their vessels from the rigors of the sea and weather.

G Series fenders

G Series fender has raised the bar for quality and appearance in utility boat fenders. Subscribing to the philosophy that quality does not have to cost more, we include ribs for extra strength, inflation valves for larger sizes and reinforced ropeholds for long-term durability. The versatile G Series fender comes in a variety of Polyform colors - Black,White, Gray, Sand, classic red, orange, yellow, blue, Forest Green, cobalt blue, navy and purple, enabling you to create the look you want for your boat. G Series - a wide range of sizes and colors.

HTM Series

HTM series fender - a wide variety of applications was designed to provide maximum boat protection. Vertical ribs for extra protection, reinforced tube ends to prevent lines from pulling through if the fender gets caught in a tight spot, and extra wall thickness to resist punctures and tears are just a few of the features this high-quality fender has to offer. The HTM Series fender is designed to provide protection and stand-off for larger vessels between 20 to 50 feet in length.

4 sizes fenders HTM series and a variety of colors.

NF Series

The NF fender Series is an extra tough, recreational boating fender. The NF fender is designed to last and stand up in the toughest conditions as well as being compact for easy storage in smaller craft.

colors : Black,White,Sand,Classic Red, burgundy, forest green, cobalt blue, blue.

Looking for Fenders, Browse a wide range of Polyform sizes, colors and tips of Boat Fenders and protect your boat.

Polyform Accessories for

Boat Fenders

Fender Holders

Durable construction and style fender holders and systems from Polyform. We Offer holders modular systems at any angle and height that fits rails from 7/8” - 1-1/4”. Holders are available as Large line sizes and Diameters & individual pieces or as a kit for a 2 or 4 assembly.

Fender Covers

Polyform offer Elite Fender Cover series in grade polyester that is 100% UV,water and abrasion resistant best keeping material. Hand-crafted Covers are also Washable, stronger and heavier with seamless tube designed for many of the seasons - three year warranty.



Polyform U.S. Ltd®
7030 South 224th
Kent, WA 98032

1-800-423-0664 (U.S. and Canada Only)

Fax: 1-253-395-4650
E-mail: [email protected]


Boat fenders, more manufacturers: "Dan-fender®"-world leading manufacturer of quality Buoys, Fenders, and Accessories for Boats and other water vessels, "Lalizas Gr"-For hobby, sport or sailing enjoy the sea with safety and comfort. LALIZAS offers you the unique opportunity to be comfortable, but most of all to be safe marine products and equipment, Taylor Made.

Dan-fender® Company - world leading manufacturer of quality Buoys, Fenders, and Accessories for Boats and other water vessels.

Heavy duty - Series Boat fenders

The quality and durability Heavy-Duty series is for flagship- maximum safety and maximum protection models of your boat, available in all sizes required from about 17 feet up to mega boats or yachts...[more]

Lalizas Company - Our 27 years of experience, Manufacturer of Marine and Safety equipment

Boat Fenders

Boat/Marine Lalizas Fenders are essential equipment on a boat as they max absorb shocks and prevent abrasion when docking.

Fenders help avoid costly repairs and distress caused by damage from scratchs, contact with other yacht, boats or vessel or the dock.

Lalizas Offers fenders

- are available in two boat types (normal and reinforced), three designs - cylindrical, round and bow fenders and in various colours and sizes and are manufactured in special marine grade strong PVC.

Normal inflation pressure for fenders at 68F/20 C is 15 bar.However during hot weather the pressure should be decreased by 0,05 bar.

Designed one processmolded , for use under harsh conditions and for heavy-duty use all fenders made by tough, abrasion resistant PVC. The Hercules PLUS boat fenders have features that strongly reflect the high qual-ity construction standards.

The eye of fender - rope hold and strong body are moulded in one process, so that the eye cannot be ripped off the rest of the body...[more]

Fender Series: Hercules Plus Double Eyelet - Fenders/20-30D, Hercules Plus Single Eyelet Round Fenders/30-60D, Hercules Plus-Red Round Single Eyelet Fenders (30-60D)

Safety as a much broader concept, we disign and manufacture into the development and production of thru-hull bollards and fittings ,boat ladders , fenders- Rib, flat & fender Accessories and ohter quality products, because they all contribute to your safety on boat.

Fenders for Rib's

Plastimo fenders series for RIB owners wanting to protect the tubes on their ribs, they are made from very high impact UV hydrocarbon resistant foam.

Easily for storage fenders, preventing any abrasion.

models are available in Gray and White with 2 different sizes: 350 x 800 mm and 270 x 440 mm [more]

Rigid Flat fenders

A semi-rigid flat fenders from Plastomo will not deflate or puncture. Fenders made in polyethylene closed cell foam with a textured finish these flat series will not mark the hull and are very easy to clean and easy storage. [more]

models are available in Blue with 3 different sizes: Thickness 5/18 x 49 cm, 8/31 x 65cm and 8/31 x 95 cm

Covered- Series Flat fenders

Flat Fenders in closed cell polyethylen foam with outer white removable and washable PVC cover offers optimum boat protection when against piers and quays and easy maintenance .This Covered Fenders can be positioned either horizontal or vertical position and can be fasten together in combinations.

models are available with 2 different sizes: Thickness 10 cm/60 x 20 cm and 10/60 x 40 cm

Performance - Series PVC Boat fenders

New Plastimo design with smooth finish two-eye fenders, Ideal to moor alongside another boat, this performance fenders build from soft, shiny and UV resistant PVC also offers maximum protection and perfect shock absorption. Range of boat fenders required for 6-14 m boat lenght. Quality construction for active sea duty. [more]

fender models are available in Black, White or Blue with 6 different sizes: 10 x 40 cm, 13 x 50 cm, 15 x 60 cm, 21 x 62 cm, 20 x 80 cm, and 23 x 85 cm

Spherical - Series Boat fenders

PVC - super strong and flexible Top quality Plastimo Spherical boat fenders(range of buoyancy: 21-310kg.) with solid black eyes D 3 cm for hevy rope or chackles. To be really efficient a spherical fender must be neither under nor over inflated. [more]

models are available in Yellow, White and Orange Color with 5 different sizes:
Width: 35 cm Height: 48 cm, 45 cm 62 cm, 55 cm 73 cm, 65 cm 88 cm and 85 cm 105 cm

AVON Company - offer higher quality inflatable medium and heavy craft and accessories for commercial and military applications. Accessories

include hypalon Inflatable Fenders and Commercial Boat & Dock use Fenders.


Inflatable boat fenders with large diameter valve for easy inflation.This fenders are designed for use on powerboats, yachts include super yachts and provide max safety and protection for most demanding sea ...[more]

All Fenders are water and abrasion resistant, very light but tough, heavy duty steel d-ring and low profile valve enables services over time:
inflation and deflation.


Supafend Ltd.

385 Thynne Road Morningside Qld 4170


SupafendSeries Boat fenders

The popular highly and proven Supafend brand Boat Fender
range has been redesigned for increased functionality and strength
with modern contours to aesthetically compliment both contemporary and traditional boats/vessels.

"one-piece" Fender from Supafend" - rotationally molded with non-marking and UV stabilized Marine Grade PVC. They are manufactured and specially designed tough to last with consistent wall thickness and extra heavy-duty rope eyelet ends.

All Our fenders are factory tested prior to dispatch to ensure they provide max fendering reliability and durability.

The 3 larger sizes of "Supafend" Fenders are all significantly larger suitable for large size boats than the previous range and are all the result of evolutionary new
design and rigorous testing.

Fender Dimension:
Small 415mm x 140mm
Medium 600mm x 200mm
Large 800mm x 260mm
Extra Large950mm x 320mm

SupafendDock fenders

One-piece-design Dock Fenders from SUPAFEND are rotationally molded, build from the same exceptionally strong UV stabilized and resistant PVC, Fnder dock design incorporates eleven lugs for permanent fixing with Tek S.steel screws.All Fenders come equipped with screws and inflated at 1 psi. providing the ultimateboat protection . they can be reinflated if required with pump.

Corner Dock Fenders , both version-338mm are Straight, right angle bend - 90 and 135 degree , are foam-filled for max protection

Dock Fenders Dimension:

L980mm, H150mm, Straight
L676mm, H150mm, 90 degree
L676mm, H150mm, 135 degree

CASTRO fenders

CastroInflatable Series Boat fenders

"F" series of Inflatable boat fenders (Dimensions and details >>)are the strongest fenders from CASTRO mfr. Allare moulded in just "one piece design " with with high abrasion resistance flexible and hard vinyl and they all They resist common solvents and mineral oils - a fine application for floating pipelines and cables.

All Colour ordinated to suit your boat Specifications equipped with kids includes Fender, Fender Fit & Rope.

Fender Characteristics and Quality:

CASTRO Ltd - inflatable fenders with Flexibility in the body and buoys are high quality PVC The eyes of fender made by injection provide them an extreme
hardness suitable for a greater damping between the dock & the boat.
Totally watertight valve that avoids air loss. Castro Fenders and Buoys by Castro offer over 35 % more stretch when carrying a load of 356 kgs
without the blue eyes seperating from the bodyfender.

Single eye Buoys and Fenders

Inflatable Resistant F strongest series from Castro Available in 29,34,46,53, and 85cm Diameter in Orange and White and BlackColours

NAVY JP Series Fenders

This Series Jp-Fenders have been designed as complement to our
other series G&F equipped with swelling valve and all are moulded in just 1-piece
with flexible-hard vinyl special for the sea. Available in Navy Colour

Diameter/Circum/Length /Buoyancy
18cm/58cm/61 cm/10kg

Fenderfits fenders

Inflatable Series HD fenders

The Inflatable boat HD fenders have high abrasion resistance also Resistant to mineral oils and solvents- strongest fenders from F series of Castro. Moulded in just one piece design with flexible&hard vinyl. They Can be perfect used as inflatable floats. Available in 3 Colours - Black, Claret and Navy. Dimensions

Taylor TM made


Taylor fenders

Over a century, Taylor Made marine Products has offered the most innovative
selection of quality marine accessories, trusted us to provide products like fenders,performance and durability of their boats.

Survivor fenders

Survivor Series fenders - Lab tested and reinforced fenders inh eavy duty construction provide new level of protection for your boat. In addition this fenders come with Micro "Infusion" Pump to keeping fenders properly inflated

Survivor Series Twin eye Fenders
suitable for 20" to 50" boat size, come in 2 colours White and Blue.

Survivor Series CRT(centerRopeTube) Fenders
suitable for 20" to 60" boat size,come in 2 colours White,Blue and Black.

Big B Vinyl fenders

A Center Rope Tube seamless construction series fenders,design with molded ribs and suitable for horizontally or vertically use with single line and all
docking situations. Available in White,Blue,Black,Teal,Green, Navy, Red,Sand, and Yellow Colours

SuperGard Vinyl fenders

Super Gard series inflatable one-piece fenders designed with ribbed fendersides from the highest-quality marine grade vinyl, feature a double molded black ends and High gloss finish. Available in White,Blue,Black,Teal,Green, Navy, Red,Sand, and Yellow Colours

HullGard Vinyl fenders

Inflatable styrong and reinforced Vinyl Fenders with molded in eyelets for long life.

six-sizes oval Fenders feature a unique oval design and that max prevents the
fender from rolling out of position.All Equipped with inflation valves.

Available in White,Blue,Black,Teal,Green, Navy, Red,Sand, and Yellow Colours

Tuff-End Vinyl fenders -Inflatable Vinyl Buoys and Fenders

Tuff End Series fenders designed from the same vinyl and suitable for heavy duty boat applicationsThe end is injection molded tested to 2000psi designed to perform under the most demanding sea heavy conditions. Available in White and Blue

Tuff End Series Buoys designed in seamless construction inflatable Buoys with injection molded end.Available in White and Orange.


Ocean srl via Balzani 12 40069 Zola Predosa

Tel. +39 051758827

Fax +39 051758827


The Company: Since 1985 Ocean Marine Accessories has been reputable marine accessory companies and offer useful and quality boat products (from the design to the end products),include a huge range of multipurpose and solid polyurethane boat and dock fenders, UV resistant fender covers, upholstery for comfort and much more safety for Power and Sail Boats.

Mooring Accessories

SailBoat fenders

zip-on cover Solovela fenders

Specific closed cell polyethylene foam solid fender for 30-55ft sailing boats combines max protection an practicality made in exclusive design.

Practical. and easy to use long life Fender designed with wide surface area ensures a better distribution of the reduction and load and reduction.

Dim: 38x60x19cm
Weight: 4,2 kg

Stern Clasic fenders

SailBoat Stern Fender manufactured of extremely durable polyurethane for any stern shape from 60° to 75°. Exceptional protection and long life.

Dim: 60x32x25 cm
Weight: 4,2 kg

Stern Match 80 fenders

SailBoat Stern Fender manufactured of durable polyurethane
for any stern shape from 75° to 90&deg.Easy and practical with 2 years Warranty

Dim: 66x28x24 cm
Weight: 4,2 kg

Blade Bow fenders

cannot deflate Flexible and durable Fender with 2 flat lines speciali designed for racer or cruiser sailboats.Prevents the Anchor from swinging.

Dim: 104x16x12 cm
Weight: 2,7 kg

PVM1 - OceanBow fenders

Ocean Bow Fender against Prevents the anchor from swinging manufactured in
of durable polyurethane Fits all sailboat or catamarans bow shapes.

Dim: 60x25x17 cm
Weight: 3,2 kg

PowerBoat fenders

Clip-on -Ocean A1 fenders

Fender manufactured of durable polyurethane and fit most gunwales and guardrails.
Exceptional boat protection up to 16ft.Easy and practical with 2 years Warranty.

Dim: 16x38 cm
Weight: 1,5 kg

Clip-on -Ocean A1 fenders

Fender manufactured of durable polyurethane and fit most gunwales and guardrails.
Exceptional boat protection up to 16ft.Easy and practical with 2 years Warranty.

Dim: 16x38 cm
Weight: 1,5 kg

available version A2 Dim: 20x46 cm, A3 Dim: 23x53 cm,A4 Dim: 25x60 designed designed to fit boat size match up to 23 ft., up to 37 ft, up to 50 ft

PowerBoat/Swimplatform fenders

Match 80 Ocean fenders

Fender manufactured of durable polyurethane and fit most swim platforms

Dim: 66x28x24 cm
Weight: 4,2 kg

available version: ÐVM1 swim platforms Fender:

Dim: 60x25x17 cm
Weight: 3,2 kg

PVM2 swim platforms Fender:

Dim: 43x24x25 cm
Weight: 2,5 kg

Attention: swim platforms thickness up to 15 cm, combined versions PVM1 and PVM2 will ensure the best protection for your Swim/Dive platform

Dock fenders

ÐVM1 - OceanDock fenders

Against long life Ocean practical Fender of durable polyurethane with 2 reinforced holes provides a easy attachment with lines to any Dock or swimplatform

Dim: 60x25x17 cm
Weight: 3,2 kg

EzFender Fender Hanger

EzFender made of 6061aluminium, water proof and tarnish resistant - If you're looking for a great staff,solution to eliminate tying bumper lines to the railing of your boat. Ezfender can be easly mounted on boat,accepts up to 1/2" fender lines

Two of the popular boating magazines "Pontoon & Deckboat" and "Boating World" tested the durable product EzFender.

published:Boating World

published:Pontoon & Deckboat

Bryan Hermann, owner
2231 13th Ave North
Clinton, Iowa 52732
Ph. 563-357-3831

Majoni Plastics BV

Boat,Dockfenders and Special Fenders


tel:0031 (0)488 48 1441

Majoni Plastics BV

Panhuizerweg 2
4041 CN, Kesteren
The Netherlands


Majoni Plastics BV Company has a great variety of of all type boat fenders manufactured to protect your boat for more than 40 years engineered of our own special receipe of a strong UV resistant grade of vinyl which are used all over the world.

Dockfenders are the ultimate mooring protection. Our range offers protection and impact resistance for all types of vessels, boats, powerboats and yachts. We have dock fenders to drop over the side of your boat or to made a fixed protection at the dock.

Functional,Good practica fenders manufactured with a nice design. Our special-series fenders are self made innovations and designed at request from our customers. We have a great range of special fenders from pear drop fenders to lady fenders.


Star Fenders |

Diameter x Height | Volume

Combi Fenders


The cylinder fenders

Center hole Style Fenders

Korf Fenders

Dock and Special Fenders

Drop and Dumpy Fenders

Pear and Ladder fenders

Ring and Pickup fenders

Pontoon&Block fenders

Jetty fenders

The best places to tie fenders


Mooring Products (FL)

Solid-Core Boat Fenders

Megafend Boat Fenders are available in marine custom sizes and sizes and six standard sizes, all performance engineered to withstand heavy marine use and environment. All standard Megafend boat Fenders from mega 30 to mega 100+ models use a 25 mm (1") pvc pipe through the center for boat hanging.

This solid boat fender having the potential to outperform pneumatic units and is the perfect solution during severe weather.

All solid Megafend Fenders come with stainless kit and outer covering of Sunbrella® durable fabric, the standard color is black, other custom colors are available by Order.

Megafend Transom Boat Fenders

Specifically designed Lagre size boat fenders by Megafend® Company for luxory super yachts and large size powerboats. These Megafend Transom Fenders
offer a wealth of high-end features long lasting protection for both yacht tenders and transoms as well as water toys.

Megafend® Transom Fenders come in sections for easy installing and when needed and stowing after use or storage.

Inflatable Boat Fenders

HDI™ Ultra Duty Fenders

Specifically designed built-in strength inflatable Space-saving boat fenders. HDI inflatable fenders are available in popular sizes 36cm to 96cm to match most all boating needs. Durable and quality , manufactured by Megafend TM from high density materials are the benchmarks of Ultra Duty Inflatable Fenders. To assure its ability, each of HDI i inflatable unit has been extreme testing and over inflate test.

Megafend Round and Cylindrical Inflatable boat Fenders

Fender Coat by Megafend is available for all fenders ,for both appearance and protection Megafend fender Covers are made using only the finest acrylic marine fabrics, also best outdoor fabrics for specific applications.


3001 SW 3rd Avenue, Unit 1
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33315 U.S.A.
Tel: 954.759.9929


Taylor Made - online Boat Fender Fit Guide

Join the easy easy stuff - TM online Guide
will give you the right boat fender that's the most ideal for your vessel. Just answer a few Very easy questions, what type of Boat you use, select the length and that is all.

Video Instructions

In additional, you can watch Introductions, Instructions and "How to" videos that can help you to make your choice, Upon Learning.

Fendasox®Boat Fenders

The ultimate Fender cover, Fendasox® are designed, manufactured and finished by hand for a perfect fit. In addition to the extensive range of sizes available, there is a special bespoke service for a 'made to measure' Fendasox®, from dinghy to super yacht.

The ultimate hull protection. Produced in a range of colours, choose an embroidered logo or boat name as an added option.

Colour co-ordinate the look of your boat using Fendasox® accessories, safety rail covers, guard rail covers, anti chafe mooring rope covers and outboard motor covers, for the smart and polished look. On shore, complete the look with dock bumper covers and soft dock pontoon fenders, all in matching fabrics and colours.

What is the difference between Fenda Sox and Sunbrella fender covers and why should I use them?

A fender protects a boat from damage when docked, rafted with other boats, or otherwise tied up to a fixed or floating object. The surface of the standard "white" fenders can trap dirt and grit, and will eventually get soft and sticky with continuous exposure to the elements. The constant rubbing of these fenders against the delicate finish of the topsides of your boat can cause significant damage, or mess, to the gel coat or painted finish of your boat. This damage could be costly to repair, or at the least, difficult to get off or clean properly.

The use of covers for your fenders is highly recommended to reduce or eliminate this damage. Sunbrella covers are made from the same material as your Bimini top or Sail covers, and comes in more than fifty colors. It is very durable and is guaranteed not to sun fade for five years. However, this durability causes the cover to be slightly abrasive and while having very little effect on a gel coat, can dull the finish on a finely painted hull. The Fenda Sox brand of covers is made from premium, non abrasive, loop knitted, acrylic fabric that is completely washable and fast drying. Either Fenda Sox or Sunbrella Covers will protect your fenders, dress up your boat, stop annoying scuff marks, and eliminate fender squeak.

For painted surfaces the Fenda Sox covers and for other finishes the Sunbrella covers. Either way, fender covers give your boats a new, finished look, adding style and reducing maintenance.

Photo-luminescent Boat fenders

a ful range of photo-luminescent products ranging from clutch markers to safety

A new range of marine "goods" - boating products made by French manufacturer
Lancelin now are available in the boat market.

Photo-luminescent floating Line and Fenders

A floating Dyneema-cored line and a fender are best solutions on a night sail.

The light comes from a luminescent powder that is put into the polymer during production a manufacturing method aimed at extending the life of the
Photoluminescence compared to a surface treatment such as paint.

You could definitely see them in the dark. The lines would be good as jib
sheets, especially if you were doing a lot of short-handed night sailing, or as mooring lines if you were worried about someone tripping in the dark.

The fender is even more visible. It would be good for mooring as a pick up buoy, and could also be a useful way of finding your yacht at night in a marina.

The verdict Pricey, but potentially a good investment for offshore or night sailors.

The braid on bride rope ranges from 6.5mm 13mm, a smaller-diameter, braided lashing line is also available, costingfrom 1.5mm to 2.3mm. The floating rescue line. Fenders cost from $10 to $45 depending on size, and pick-up buoys. (

How to make a Rope Fender

A genuine rope fender is one of the things I always wanted to make. I also realised that a lot of (expensive) rope was involved in this project. Well, I was lucky. A local sail maker had this 25 meters of (3 cm or 1.2 inch diameter) Manila rope lying around and he was willing to sell it to me for a very friendly price because he had no purpose for it anymore he said.
With these 25 meters of rope I was able to make two rope fenders. They are a "nice looking pair" so to speak.


In photo below you can see the eye of the rope fender. It is formed by doubling the rope and adding a stout seizing. The length of rope used was 11 meters!

You can see eight pieces of the same rope. They are going to form the interior or the body of the rope fender. These pieces are attached to the two ropes with which the eye was already formed. I used marline hitches to do the job. The length of the body is 40 cm.

Then you can see the completed body of the fender. Furthermore the two long ropes (from the eye) are completely unraveled. This gives you six strands with wich the body is to be covered. This is rather simple but heavy work to do. The covering of the body itself was done by crowning.

To get endresult you have to continue the crowing until the stout seizing is reached. The fender is totaly covered now but it has still to be finished. To finish of neatly I used a crown and a wall subsequently. The ends were tucked under the covering by making use of a fid. The finishing touch is a 1.5 m long, 10 mm thick rope which is eye spliced to the loop. A sailmakers whipping should be applied to the end of this rope of course.

InMare Fenders(Italia) - Quality manufacturer and distributor of E.V.A Boat and Marine/Dock fenders

Dfentex fender covers

Information about our product DFENTEX ( Fender covers, pdf )

08320 EL MASNOU (Barcelona)
Tel/Fax 00 34 93 555 10 63
[email protected]

Osculati Boat Fenders

New PVC Boat fender with double eyelet

All Fitted with inflating nylon valve these boat fenders comes excellent value for money. An oval fender shape minimizes rolls and reduces boat hull chafing and rub , while molded-in double eyelets withstand the constant pull of hard enviromenty and everyday use.

Manufactured by Osculati, these comes in 4 different versions D 10cm L 34cm, D 11cm L 46cm, D 13cm L 53cm, and D 16cm L 61cm and 3 colors Black, White and Blue.

In addition, Now Osculati offers new Removable fender 316 SS hooking device (see photo above). The stainless steel ring (8/12 31x77x55H) remains connected to the boat fender and snaps onto the base in a matter of 1-2 minutes.

Soft PVC Osculati fenders

Soft PVC fenders are realy sturdy and comes with bright surface and rope.
Thanks to 4 PVC layers these large boat fenders equiped with central rope thru-pipe provide great dampening power.

Manufactured by Osculati, these Soft units comes in 6 different versions: D 26cm L 10cm, D 12cm L 36cm, D 14cm L 46cm, D 16cm L 54cm, D 20cm L 56cm, and D 21cm L 62cm, in White.

Anchor PVC fenders

Special Inflatable PVC fender for sailboats. These protective units are specialyy designed to suit sailing boat bow and stern.

Available in 53cm x 25cm. Thise may be either Black, White and Blue.

Pneumatic Boat fenders

To get the most out of boat fenders these Osculati boat fenders come to suit your needs for large boats, regatta or sailing boats. Designed with exceptional abrasion high-strength fabric and equiped with stainless steel fastening rings on both sides plus deflating & inflating valve these pneumatic fenders comes ultra lightweight.

Produced by Osculati, these Pneumatics comes in 5 different versions:
D 30cm L 70cm, D 30cm L 110cm,D 45cm L 110cm, D 45cm L 170cm,
and D 60cm L 182cm, in Black, Grey and Blue.

Soft blown PVC Fenders

It's Osculati Fenders manufactured from white soft blown PVC so they comes really cheap. In addition, for easier installation Soft blown Fenders are fitted with three eyelets.

In additionm Osculati offers two versions(610x165x64 and 762x165x101) of Flat Boat fenders produced of closed-cell soft expanded PVC.They comes with external covering made of strong PVC fabric, electro welded and linen.

For more details visit

Puncture Resistance PU Foam Boat Fenders - Supreme Seven Marine Pte Ltd