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Polyform US, the top world leader in buoy manufacturing, produces buoys, fenders and Accessories for use in boat mooring, marinas, oceans and rivers.

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Polyform BUOYS

A Series buoys

The A-Series is the product that launched the Polyform story. This all-purpose product, with the signature "blue ropehold" has proven itself in the most adverse conditions. Marking gear used in heavy seas is no easy task. You name it, ocean, sea, or river, and the A-Series has been there.

LD Series buoys

In 1989, we introduced the patented LD (low drag) Buoy. Retrieving a 700-lb. crab pot in 30-ft. seas is the most dangerous job in the world. We tried to make this job a little safer by creating a buoy with less surface drag for faster, safer pick ups as well as easing strain on both crew and gear. Like all good products, it didn’t take long before other fishermen saw the value of the LD. Polyform’s LD Series is the undisputed world leader in low drag buoys, outselling all others combined.

S Series buoys

The S-Series is an excellent choice for multipurpose applications. The compact size makes it perfect for small boats or jet ski fender and mooring applications where you don’t have a lot of storage room. The elongated shape allows this buoy to sit higher in the water than a round buoy, making it more visible. To satisfy your small fender and buoy needs, choose the S-1.

WS Series buoys- Designed to compliment our S-1 Watersport Buoy, the WS-1 Slalom Buoy gives Polyform a complete watersports package offering to our customers. Made of high quality PVC and featuring a strong ropehold, this buoy is built to last for a long time. The WS-1 meets American Waterski Association specifications for record capability tournaments. Add in the S-1’s for use as boat path markers and you’ve got the ultimate in course markers.


The CM Series buoys

has been designed to provide the ultimate in strength, durability and versatility, providing increased security to any mooring. The mooring iron is made from 1/2-inch galvanized steel with the additional protection of a vinyl coated eye. A larger eye (4-3/8'' diameter) and swivel (1-1/2'' diameter along) provides maximum strength. And best of all the CM's soft vinyl surface won't harm boat finishes. Available in fluorescent red and white with a blue stripe.

Polyform’s CC-Series buoys

have the same legendary history as our A Series buoys. Developed shortly after the A Series , the CC has been proven to be a valuable commercial buoy for over 40 years. Because of the flexible center tube, you will see the CC buoy used in a variety of applications. They are used by longliners, fish farmers to add buoyancy to their pens, and more recently by geophysical researchers to tow sonic cannons in search of gas and oil. People who use Polyform’s CC buoys, can count on reliable performance, even in the most extreme conditions.