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Anchor Windlass by Simpson Lawrence | for sale by owner

Lewmarence has long stood for premium quality and performance. That’s why Simpson-Lawrence is a component of the complete system of Lewmar Marine.

Simpson Lawrence Anchor Windlass

by Lewmar

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Great range of Lewmar winches available today, providing solutions that meet the needs of entry level sailing enthusiasts to the demands of the world's elite racers, provides winches that meet the functional and aesthetic requirements for classic, super and smaller yachts.


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Simpson-Lawrence is a key component of the complete system of Lewmar marine hardware, anchor solutions.

Anchor Windlasses

Simpson Lawrence Sprint Anchor Windlass

Range provides the latest advances in anchoring technology with top performance and high style.

An elegant design gives powerful warping and anchor handling for boats and yachts up to 20 m length.


Stainless steel housing and a sleek flush-mount design that hides the motor down below, the V700 is one of the most attractive and durable windlasses on the market. It works at the push of a button and has two built-in features that make it unique - motor protection and anchor lock. Plus it's affordable.

5 year warranty

Kit include: windlass, base gasket seal, fast mounting studs, installation wrench, toggle switch and circuit breaker.

- 316 Stainless steel deck unit
-700lb maximum line pull
-IP677 Rated
-Fall Safe anchor lock
-Built-in motor protection and anchor lock

-Impact resistant motor cover
-Fast line speed, manual recovery option


The Pro-Series windlass from Lewmar is simply the professionals' choice. Lewmar windlasses are chosen by more boat builders than any other manufacturer. The Pro-Series extends Lewmar's commitment to provide quality products for boats from 6m-14 (20-45ft). The Pro-Series is deisgned for easy installation and the housing is made from 100% 316 Stainless Steel, making the product well protected and durable. For additional ease of use, the Pro-Series has a Manual Recovery system built in.

Windlass supplied in kits including the following:
700 model: Windlass, Base gasket seal, Fast mounting studs, Installation wrench, toggle switch and circuit breaker
1000 model: Windlass, Base gasket seal, Fast mounting studs, Installation wrench, rocker switch, contactor and circuit breaker

Each Lewmar windlass they bring to the boat and yacht market is engineered and designed of the best quality materials.

V1 Vertical Lewmar Windlass

"V1 Gypsy " Lewmar Windlasses omes in 3 versions: Only 12V RC 6mm , RC 7mm and 12V RC8mm (001). Every one of them is Rope-chain combination gypsy, IP68 - fully water resistant , Free Fall- the manual chain release, for less hassle and quicker installation FastFit™ option, Cone clutch and recovery kit.
These Vertical Lewmar Windlass V1 Gypsy are suitable for yachts up to 48ft.

Lewmar V1 Gypsy Windlass - 12V RC 6mm (138) in left, Lewmar V1 Gypsy Windlass - 12V RC 7mm (138) in right

Lewmar V1 Gypsy Windlass - 12V RC8mm (001)


The NEW Freefall Horizontal Windlass is the ultimate windlass for fishermen. The horizontal Pro-Fish has an automatic freefall that allows you to pull right up over a wreck or ledge, and drop anchor with speed and precision. No more running your motor or wasting fuel while you " ;hover fish". When you're ready to go, you can retrieve your anchor just as easily, with the push of a button. Plus, the Pro-Fish comes equipped with a reliable spur gear-box, is DIY ready and made of 100% 316 stainless steel. Strength, speed, efficiency and durability a perfect catch, all around.

Windlass supplied in kits including the following:
700 model: Windlass, Base gasket seal, Fast mounting studs, Installation wrench, toggle switch and circuit breaker
1000 model: Windlass, Base gasket seal, Fast mounting studs, Installation wrench, rocker switch, contactor and circuit breaker


The latest generation 'H Series' of horizontal windlasses from Lewmar, the H2 and H3 windlasses are designed for boats from 9m (30ft) to 15m (50ft).

The contactor is integral to the deck unit. This saves valuable installation time as it reduces the number of components in the system. In addition the contactor is protected.

This has now been combined with a stylish, low profile design that takes up the minimum of valuable foredeck area.

The electro-polished stainless steel rode management system will handle both rope and chain, while the manual recovery module means that the anchor can be recovered even in the event of a power failure. Dual direction operation gives total control when both raising and lowering.

Kits include: Built in dual direction contactor, circuit breaker and rocker switch gypsy for 5/16" G4 chain and 9/16-5/8" line

- Quick easy 1 piece installation
- 1433lb maximum pull
- Robust horizontal worm motor-gearbox for reliable performance
- Integral contactor protected by main case while saving installation time
- Sealed waterproof unit requires the minimum maintenance
- Aluminum & composite main case for reduced weight.
- Stainless steel warping drum with unique "Wear & Abrasion Reduction Pattern" finish

Lewmar winches

Lewmar boat winches feature a needle peen grip pattern on the drum, all bronze one piece center stem, stainless drive shaft, and nylon cased stainless roller bearings.
A wide selection of drum materials: bronze, aluminum with a black top, chrome bronze with a black top, all bronze, all chrome, and stainless steel are available in most sizes.

Bow Rollers

More Manufacturers:

South Pasific - South Pacific Industrial Pty Ltd (Australia), Company has been popular manufacturing and selling anchor windlasses, capstans and accessories for yachts and boats from 4 metres up to over 13.5 metres. The horizontal widlasses series. - compact winlasses, made of aluminium alloy casing with powder coated finish,one-piece housing and 100%water The Vertical windlasses - Very compact profile deck as the motor and the gearbox are under the deck, they are suitable for every kind of boat, sailboat or motorboat. Vertical windlasses offer more security for anchoring more >>

DataHidrolik - Turkey Manufacturers of three main categories; yacht equipments, ship steering systems, Horizontal and Vertical windlasses and tugboat equipments.

Classic anchor windlass design designed for the most of the yacht & boat owners. They are entirely installed above the deckand more simple than the vertical types of windlasses. more >>

Quick® Boat/Deck Windlasses - Quick windlasses products constructet to work with both chain and rope and equipped with a gypsy(sizes from 6 mm to 14mm)- available in 2 main versions: with/without a drum. Make your boat anchoring faster safer and easier with our perfect Windlasses: Manual for fishing or in deep water series for fast anchoring, Automatic series and Emergency Manual Lift windlasses more >>

Anchorlift Anchorlift Windlasses

Anchorlift distributing and manufacturing windlass systems manual or electric available in a huge variety of different types depending on their size, type- rope and chain and performance, available in different mounting in external or internal type...

Horizontal Boat Windlasses

Series 12V Breeze Windlass for 4,5 to 6m Boat

Windlass - 12V -300W with maxumum working load 20kg and Pull 120 kg Breeze designed with extremely durable plastic for smaller boats suitable for 4,5-6m. Water resistant and easy to install Windlass runs for rope(6mm) and chain(6mm) with compact design one piese housing and control ...more

Vertical Boat Windlasses

Series 12V Windlass for 5,4 to 8,4m Boat

Vertical Boat Windlass - 12V -600W with maxumum working load of 45kg and Pull 275 kg pro VN600 avalilable apere steel gypsy for both rope and ...more

Electric Boat Windlasses

12V Electric Windlass for 8 to 11m Boat

Electric power Boat Windlass in compact design for limited space boats - 12V -900W suitable for 8 to 11 m boats with maxumum working load of 250kg and Pull max power 750 kg Stingray run for chain 6 mm. Windlasa are made of Stainless steel for the rigid sea conditions and wieght 14 ...more

Muir Australian Company specialise in the design and manufacture superior quality & reliability marine products of Anchorning systems and horizontal/vertical Windlasses, capstans and Accessories for boats from 5 to over 150 m mega yachts, pleasure boats, charter or fishing since 1968

Muir Windlasses

for pleasure Boats


Boat Windlasses

12V Series Automatic HFF600S Windlass - Vessel length type 5 to 8

Automatic Compact design and stylish Horizontal rapid 12V windlass the harshest of conditions with power 400W motor coupled to heavy duty gearbox, anodised aluminium housing, metallic finish looks, tuns perfect for rope 12mm and chain 6mm... more


Boat Windlasses

12V and 24V DC Series Atlantic 600 Windlass - Vessel length type 5 to 9

High performance Windlasses in Luxury chromed finish, 12V and 24V DC power supply. This Model are available in low profile -VR or capstan - VRC configurations
12V and 24V DC for Vessel length type 5 to 9.Gypsy for rope(12mm) and chain(6,7mm) and combinations offering smooth operation for both
Model with power Heavy duty marine grade 1200W motor offering ...more

Windlass Anchor Store - We sells anchor windlass and boat windlass accessories in both horizontal and vertical versions including Lewmar windlass, Powerwinch, Maxwell, Quick and Simpson Lawrence windlass systems

Andersen winches

Andersen traditional electric winches combine safe sailing with the ultimate push button comfort.

Aidersen electric winches are available with single(one) or two(double) speed gearboxes. The two speed power drives feature automatic load sensed gear shift as an option. The gear boxes are made of non corrosive bronze which ensures easy dismantling should service be required.

The range of electric Andersen boat winches are designed with a very high degree of service kindness and flexibility made possible by the unique Modular Power System. Every Andersen manual winches are factory prepared for electric conversion at a later date. The motor is protected from overload by an amperage sensor installed into the cut off power at a pre-set load.

As further security all electric motors are fitted with thermal cut-outs to prevent any over heating.
These winches are supplied complete with installation manud. control box, switches, and plug in fittings. Al winches are available either 12 or 24 volt. Keep in mind: Please specify when ordering. All winches except #12 are 2-speed manual and 2-speed electric type. #12 is a single speed. 2-speed manual and-1 speed electric are available on 46STB68STE and are about 15% less. Hydraulic boat winches available. Control box and switches are included.

Andersen Electric Winches - Slim Line

Slim Line winches can be motored above deck or below with minimal intrusion into the boat. 24 volt motors available a the same price as the 12 vol. motors.

Maxwell Windlasses

The name - synonomous with innovation and quality to support flawless style and operation "Maxwell" has been designing and manufacturing reliable boat anchoring and mooring products for four decades. Together, Maxwell and Vetus have formed a marine equipment include Windlasses and Winches and powerhouse. To suit just about any installation needs Maxwell Marine offers both different types of windlasses - a wide variety of vertical or horizontal Windlasses.

Anchor Windlasses Buying Tips

Many electric models can be wired to both pull upward and power down, offering complete control over the anchoring process. The proper solenoids to accomplish dual-direction operation are standard with some models and optional with others.

Controls can be arranged as foot switches on the foredeck, a panel near the helm or as a remote hand control—more than one type of control system may also be wired into many windlasses.

Different manufacturers include different parts in the price of their electric windlasses. Initial purchases may include optional wire, circuit breaker, solenoids, foot switches and/or a rocker switch. If the battery system is marginal, additional battery power or charging will be required to support the windlass, increasing its cost.

Some electric windlasses have a manual override system as standard equipment while it is optional on others. If a manual emergency system is optional, be sure to purchase it with the windlass as you may need it if the boat’s electrical system fails.

Both manual and electric windlasses, with both gypsy and drum or with gypsy only, have two size ratings labeled as "working load" and "pull." During anchor recovery the windlass passes through five phases:

- Beginning recovery
- Recovery under way
- Retrieval
- Stowage.
- Breakout

The "recovery under way" phase is the longest, but does not require maximum pull, especially if the forward motion of the boat is used to aid the windlass. The breakout phase places maximum load on the windlass, though for a short amount of time. The retrieval phase sees decreasing load and time.

Most manufacturers supply sizing recommendations based on length overall in their catalogs, but you should view these as guidelines only. Other factors for sizing your windlass include whether you plan weekend cruising or long distance voyaging, keel type, windage, and displacement.

A basic formula used by one manufacturer for sizing windlasses is "the pulling capacity of the windlass should not be less than three times the total weight of the ground tackle." Thus, a boat with 100 feet of 3/8 inch BBB chain (170 pounds) and a 45 Manta anchor has a total ground tackle weight of 215 pounds, requiring a minimum 650 pounds of pulling power.

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