Balmar has been the N1 source of high output alternators and smart, multi-stage voltage regulators for the marine industry.

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Beginning in the mid-seventies as an importer of diesel stoves and heaters (known as Dickinson Marine Products, U.S.), Balmar's primary business now is electrical generation of the D.C. variety. Battery systems with computer monitors, alternators, inverters, power chargers, and scuba compressors are but some of their high quality products. They also supply other equipment, including marine water heaters - both vertical and horizontal models - automatic pressure water systems, bilge pumps and a combination charger/watermaker, fully automatic for 20 g.p.h which can be increased to 40 g.p.h. with options.

News: 2013 marks some exciting changes and new additions for the Balmar product line. Most notable are the introduction of our new AT- Series(feature an innovative new hairpin stator technology that markedly improves output efficiency and allows us to provide far greater output in a compact case design.) high output alternators and Smartgauge™ battery monitors, and the addition of AltMount to our family of companies.

Available in 165 & 200-amp configurations, these powerful new alternators are the ideal solution for supporting new and emerging battery technologies. New Smartgauge battery monitor delivers the unique ability about your batteries as it monitors their voltage and state of charge. Over time its accuracy grows, eliminating the need for complicated re-synchonizations. It's also the easiest monitor on the market to install, requiring no external shunt, and just three wires to monitor a two-bank system.

product range includes:

Marine Alternator Advisor
AT Series Alternators
6-Series Alternators
94-Series Alternators
94LY-Series Alternators
95-Series Alternators
97-Series .97EHD Series and 98-Series Alternators
5276 Off Engine Bracket
UAA Adjustment Arm
Alternator/Regulator Packages
AltMount® Serpentine Pulley Kits
Voltage Regulator Advisor
Max Charge Regulators
ARS-5 Regulators
Centerfielder 2
Digital Duo Charge
Single Stage Regulators