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ASTRAL has been researching, manufacturing and designing boat and marine safety protection life Vests and PFDs for recreational and professional use. Astral have expertise and knowledge to designing Vest for all needs, Mens, Womens, Limited series or Unisex Vests and Jackets in different colors and styles.

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Men'sLife Jackets

Men's - "Ronny" The Astral Ronny Pfd for recreational and fishing kayak paddlers

Yes. the paddlers need to spend the many on the things that really count like pfd and quality batteries diy all the rest. The Astral Ronny Pfd was designed with Thin-Vent™ back, design that make it perfect choice for fishing and recreational kayaks. It doesn't ride up and like the high back.

Men's - "Fisher " The Astral Ronny was designed to meet the anglers needs

They are the same as the other Ronny, equipedd with high back seats, while loads of a lot of storage options keep the fishing tackle well organized for long day fishing. The purpose of the hood is to be more visible in the water if needing rescued.

"The Ronny will carry through next year with the same high tenacity 200D but who knows? We may mix it up some day with a new shell fabric. Two things we really like about this 200D(Denier High Tenacity Nylon) material is that it dries quick and is superlight". said from Astral.

Astral Ronny Fisher PFD in green pfd can matches your kayak

great PFD that really dig the built-in rain hood

Men's - "Villis" Life Jackets Acceptable for Kayaking/Canoeing, Sailing and Rafting

Sports Jacket sleek design and easy entry built with Foam Tectonics to provide unsurpassed best freedom of movement and comfort while paddle or in water.

Men's - "Tempo" Life Jackets Acceptable for Sea Kayaking and Whitewater

ASTRAL - Tempo 200 Model ergonomic fit life jacket best Acceptable for Whitewater, Sea Kayaking and all conditions and paddlers.

Men's - "Norge" Life Jackets Acceptable for Whitewater, Touring and Canoeing or Sailing

Classic PFD designed in raw materials suitable for any type of craft and paddle sport.

Women'sLife Jackets

Women's - "Bella" Life Jackets Acceptable for Kayaking/Canoeing, Sailing and Rafting

Woman PFD for Kayaking, paddle sports and rafting, Specific styling and beautiful
design Shorter torso height has offered women better comfort and fit.

Women's - "Wonder Jacket" Life Jackets Acceptable for Sea Kayaking, Sailing and Whitewater

The best Personal Ergonomically kayak-Jacket designed just for ladies and offers better performance and comfort fit.Easy to enter and don,equipped
with quick release tow belt and instructors.

UniSexLife Jackets

Unisex - "Nova" Life Jackets Acceptable for Touring, Recreation, or Kayak Fishing

Women's and men's also UniSex - PFD perfect youth vest for paddling and sport water activities,Touring, Kayak Fishing provides protection better comfort and ultimate air flow design.

Unisex - "V-Eight" Life Jackets Acceptable for Touring, Sailing, Recreation, or Kayak Fishing

Women's/men's Vest PFD for Warm or humid climates, featuring a mesh design - ventilating life jacket .

Unisex - "Camino" Life Jackets Acceptable for Touring, Sailing, Recreation, or Kayak Fishing

Caminp unisex - multipurpose - PFD best for Troling and Saling, also include Whitewater Activities. Breathable and comfort fit features air flow for hot days kayaking.

Kid'sLife Jackets

Kid's - "Otter" Life Jackets Acceptable for Kayaking/Canoeing, Sailing and Rafting

A classic Kid design comfort Life Vest(PFD) from Astral.Perfect protects the kid's ribs and abdomen from impact and water and to keep your infant safe and happy.
Ideal youth vest for paddling and sport water activities, this is also a good choice for family sailing and Kayaking.

Where would be the best place for you to find an Astral Ronnie Fisher life jackets for a discounted price?

Try eBay or Amazon. If you want a new one go to Austin Kayak's website & sign up for emails. They'll immediately send you a 15% off coupon code. That'll be a $24.00 discount. Shipping is free.

The Ronny Fisher by Astral is an excellent vest. Thin back really helps with the lawn chair style seats. The integrated hood is nice, but of course not necessary for everyone. I don't think the pockets are too intrusive and they're well laid out. However, I always recommend trying out PFDs in a local kayak shop. They're cheaper online but the only way to find the PFD that is best for you (meaning you'll be comfortable and actually want to wear it) is to try them on.

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MULTISPORTSLife Jackets/Vests

Unisex - "Olympia - buoyancy Aids" Life-Jackets Acceptable for Digny and multisports, men's and women's

Durability, Visibility(in Bright colours) and Comfort Olympia buoyancy aids designed in Outer cover 100 % polyester and 3 Buoyancy floats 1 in front and 2 in back and Loop in the neck to hang buoyancy aid from Plastimo.
Live vest available in: S(50kg) to XL(0ver 90kg), Red/Blue and Orange/navy Colors...more>>

Children's Life Jackets

CHILDRENs - KIDs - "baby" Life Jacket

Self-righting capacity,Turns fast and Visibility "tested" - Children's LifeJacket with
eašy to attach buckles and Large collar holds, polyethylen foam and bright orange colour, Suitable for children from 1(to 10kg) to 10(to 40kg) years...more >>

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STEARNS range of high quality life jackets is compact life saving devices and specially designed for Fishing and Boating, Đaddle Sports and Industrial Line of tested Life Jackets and Vests, the most important piece of safety equipment collection for mens, womens and kids.

FishingLife - Jackets/Vests

"Professional - buoyancy Aids" Life-Jackets PFDs, Acceptable for fishing

Durability and Ergonomic, Type-III Sport Jacket Models for fishing designed in polyester provides soft Hand for all day fishing comfort and Gusseted Handwarmer and zipped chest pockets with flap, and snap closure for convenient storage...more >>

BoatLife Jackets

"Adult - buoyancy aids" Life Jacket Acceptable for water sports and boating

Universal size, Adult Type-III Boating Life Jacket Series in durable nylon for boating needs and water sports. Life Jacket provides for perfect comfort and water safety...more >>

Canoe and KayakLife Jackets/Vests

Unisex - "comfortable - buoyancy aids" Life Vest Acceptable for canoe and kayaks, men's and women's

Type III flexible PFD - Paddlesports Universal Life Vest from Stearns, Vest features comfortable design soft flotation foam, big zipper in front, Mxesh lining and Padded shoulders...more >>

Women'sLife Jackets

Hydroprene - "VI" Life Jacket dsigned for Women's use, Water Rec Life Jacket Series

Women's Hydroprene Stearns Life Jacket Series features large front zipper, dry ring, 2 pvc foam on back of front and V-Flex panels...more >>

Children's Life Jackets

CHILDRENs - KIDs - "Youth"Antimicrobial Life Jacket

Children's antimicrobial Life Jacket Series from Stearns, Environmentally friendly design, Type III features Arrow Lock buckles perfect for fun water sports...more >>

Palm "Quest" Life Jacket

Astral Green Jacket used for 2 seasons. Shows no signs of wear. Does not include the knife, whistle, or paddle tether.

New 2016 Astral Green Jacket. Available in Black, Blue & Red. and they call the Green Jacket.

Palm Quest Vest - A simple life jacket with front zip and side adjustable waist belt, with good movement. Whether in a kayak & canoe, sit on top or on the SUP. The quest is always a good figure and an affordable price...leading manufacturers: Palm, Astral, Secumar, Wuidsau and more >>

PFD's, Before You Buy a PFD

My advise would be to go to a kayak pro shop near your home and try on several companies and styles of PFD's. Your should look for a PFD that fits your body type well. The only way to know that is by having someone there to adjust your pfd correctly. My two recommedations would be:

1.Make sure it has several adjustment points... straps at the shoulders and three straps across the torso offers some of the best fits.

2.Get something with a high back to clear the seat back of your kayak. I would caution you on something with a lot of pockets. they tend to get in the way, add bulk, and sometime catch you line which can create frustration. You can use a Bahjia Tour from Kokatat. It's a high end higher cost because of some of the extra features.

You can use the base level Bahjia for your kayak fishing classes. It has less features but the same design and adjustment points so it fits a lot of different body "shapes". Find something that fits you and that you are reasonably comfortable wearing.

Many paddlers love their Astral Ronny PFD - tons of storage, the drink pocket alone is worth price of admission, great thin breathable back for high back kayak seats.

Feedback on PFD's

A little bit more storage place

All personal preference on it having storage. You may find it uncomfortable but others like myself love it. It's obviously best to try them on if possible to see what's perfect for you.

A more comfortable PFD

The NRS chinook is comfortable PFD. Well, people often forget that they have it on until they try to sit down in the car to leave. You can skimp on cheap fishing rods or paddles but make sure your PFD is comfortable and safe.

The Stearn's Spiderwire Paddle/ Fishing Vest with front workstation at Walmart of all places for $69 It has 12-pockets. And the little workstation on that front pouch is very handy. The back of vest is designed for sitting in a kayak. Here is a video review of it:

A Mustage Elite it is another super comfortable Pfd, easy to fish while wearing, and breaths well even in the oppressive MO/IL heat and humidity, but it is expensive.

PFD that's comfortable to fish

Chinook is a great vest. that's comfortable to fish Order through and use their price match took with this web for a better price. The NRS PFD looks like it might fit the bill. Super comfortable and the pockets make sense and are easy to access.
It also has a buckle below the zipper, so if it's really hot out, you can undo the zipper and leave the buckle fixed.

Palm Kiakoura PFDs are very comfortable loads of pockets and hand warmer pockets and a large rear will take 1.5l hydration pouch, two lash tabs outside front pockets have tabs to clip or loop things onto like your snips ect grip tape waist stops ride up high back, and 70n of bouyoncy in larger sizes. In fact they featured best buoyancy aid for sea kayaking also.

red Palm Kaikoura PFDs

Note: avoid inflatable lifejackets on kayaks simply because their nature of design makes it difficult to recover yourself from swimming and climb back on your kayak, In self recovery. Also if you bonk your head while you fall out you might not be conscious to pull pfd inflate cord. Auto inflate can inflate if you don't need it too say you jump out to launch boat

Stohlquist ( fishing something or other. Its comfortable so you will wear it all day. Thought about inflatables but if you get hit by a boat you may not be able to deploy it and the auto ones would go off if you wear it to swim and float around. Yes you can swim with out a PFD vest but sometimes it's nice to just float with one on and not have to do any work.

Stohlquist Fisherman

by tohlquist

The Extrasport striper is a another great PFD and on sale most places right now for about 40 bucks. They discontinued the style it's originally a $120 flagship pfd. It's the much more expensive eon angler but people prefer the striper, light weight, mesh everywhere that isn't foam, good pockets etc. And has a half back.

Eon on left

Women's PFDs

This is one of the best PFD for your wife. It's made for high back kayak seats and is very adjustable and comfortable. It also has reflective strips on it which is great if she plans to ever night fish. It comes in other colors if she doesn't want pink. To learn more:

It adjusts over the shoulder area and in two spots on the sides, so whatever she's flat chested or very blessed, it'll help her get the perfect fit. The front of the Pfd has a slipper pocket with a whistle attached. See photo below:

Eon on left

High visibility PFD

Use a Kokatat and you have no complaints. High visibility, pockets for gear and comfortable. available at


Number one it must be comfortable, nrs and stohlquist make great PFDs. Second neoprene PFDs get really hot. Orange and yellow are he safest colors. When you try on a pfd sit in a kayak while wearing to make sure it fits while doing so, if it's not comfy you won't wear it. Everyone has different body types, so we can't tell you what will fit you. Find somewhere hat has a wide selection and try some on.

Doggy lifejacket

Favorite PFDs for swimming and paddling