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Nautical Style & most famous women

Nobody is quite sure, but the Nautical look could catch on. As a rule, fashions and style are fairly easy to predict, once something "works", it just seems to come round over and over again.

Awesome seafolly - Seafolly Australia

We've got you more covered (literally!) with some more serious rashies, but we decided to trial some more fashion rashies too! said from Seafolly Australia. (

Looks fab on the model but not practical for surfing or body boarding, think for Rashies will stick to Ripcurl or Roxy unless you bring out one that covers the stomach. Love the colours also! Just bring one out that's longer and I would be sold....Also maybe you could incorporate the rashie top with the bottom piece that zips to the mid section to create a one piece. Now that would be retro cool and I would wear that body boarding or surfing any day! posted by Sarnia Latelle Gillett

What a super gift! Fashionable, and comfortable! - Zappos

You, and all our customers, are definitely appreciated. In fact, we feel our customers are more like family and therefore deserve to be treated as such. by Zappos

Summer Lifestyle. The Hottest Trends, Beach Fashion and Suppliers

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Adriana Degreas

- Summer 2012 Sao Paulo Fashion collection

web & Source: REUTERS Date:06/18/2011

web & Source: REUTERS Date:06/18/2011

Victoria’s Secret Swimwear collection 2012

Seafolly 2012 models

The fashion&fun swimwear and beach lifestyle brands - women, girls and boys

web/source: | Swimwear, Swimsuits and Bikinis Made in Australia

Boa Turquesa "aguaclara" 2012 models


MiamiBeach International Fashion Week 2012

Day 1 - Wednesday | Zella Machado 2012

Video Miami Beach Fashion Week 2012 - Zella Machado

Day 1 - Wednesday | Emmanouela lliaki 2012

Day 1 - Wednesday | Pais del Sol 2012

Day 1 - Wednesday | Pais del Sol 2012

Day 2 - Thursday | Davor Sladakovic 2012

Day 3 - Friday | Liliana Montoya 2012

Day 3 - Friday | Makiatto 2012

Day 4 - Saturday | Ema Savahl 2012

Day 5 - Saturday | Ema Savahl 2015

Behind The Scenes photos

Official House Photographers:
James Eagles-
Leon Prime -

web/source: |

...inspired by love of sailing

Derby Telegraph | Juni 2011

UCF Fashion Sailor/Beach Show 2011 - Photo Shooting


Fresh Swimwear

published: Posted in Jana Cruder, News 2011

The Miller sisters'knack for design became apparent in elementary school, when the artistic duo began creating their own wardrobes with their mother's sewing machine. In their teens, they surfed competitively for Roxy. So it's no surprise that last spring, Kalani, left, girlfriend of 10-time world surfing champion Kelly Slater, and Oleema launched Mikoh Swimwear, a line of earthy, solid-colored separates that can be mixed and matched. In their 2011 line, they've added an array of vibrant tropical prints, cover-ups, and jumpers to pair with their uniquely cut suits.—Ashley Breeding


Beach Fashion

Fresh Star - Sea Sand Fun

High quality Brazilian Lycra Bikini + and hygienic protection

puiblished: 2011 - Family & Travel Magazine

Sunuva brand of kids swimwear & beachwear

Mum's the word for chic

YOU MAY be surprised to learn that the idea for Sunuva, the kldswear brand which has fust hit the market like a tropical hurricane, was conceived around the swimming pool of Jewish yummy mummies'favourite Herztlya hotel, the Dan Accadla. London mothers (and. really, the phrase yummy mummy could have bean invented for the pair of willowy blondes) Sabrina Naggarand Emily Cohen were by the pool with their kids - Sabrina has four under tight; Emily has two. both under five-when they got chatting.

"Our children were at the same St John's Wood nursery, so we vaguely recognised one another," explains Sabrina, who trained as a chartered accountant and had her own costume Jewellery range which made for, among others, Nicote Farhi and Whistles. "We were saying how annoying it was that all the UV-protective clothing and a lot of the kids' beachwear that was on the market was so horrible. It was all Bob the Builder and Dora the Explorer, and in in awful colours."

From the conversation -and 18 months'slog, sourcing fabric, creating prints and finding designers to realise their drawings -sprang Sunuva, the kids' collection, featuring 50-plus UPF-rated tops (the fabric meets stringent Australian standards) along with cute swimwear and sweet poolside pieces, all perfect

for lunch at Abama, the Royal Beach or wherever smart young families holiday with their kids. The range includes clever reversible swimsults, mini-kaftans, teeny bikinis and cotton swimshorts for boys that resemble a French brand much beloved of north-west London dads (andTony Blair). Cleverly, they have what they call "sibling" collections -using complementary colours and motifs. There is also a beach bag which reflects a real understanding of family life: who invariably finishes up carrying the bag. Yes, dad, so this one is very u nisex (green camouflage, since you ask), big enough for alt the paraphenalia families need beside the pool, along with three waterproof bags, labelled "Shekels and phone", "Lotions and potions" and "Camera and Video". Despite being launched well after the store-buyers had normally closed their books, the range has been snapped up by Harrodsand lots of small independents, as well as selling fast on the firm's website, Next year's collection will include a few pieces for grown - ups and prints including Sephardi Judaism's hamsah. Price points are good for such a stylish range: clothes are £20 to £38, while the bag is £58, plus £35 for the set of washbags.

Emily, one of the three young entrepreneurs behind Pout, the make-up brand which was sold to Victoria's Secret for a figure somewhere north of $20 million In early 2007, is the PR brain behind the brand, but both women insist their instant success is due to complementary strengths. Clearly their concept resonates across north-west London. A sale last summer brought In £10,500 in two hours: It was like a shoe sale in Sex and The City. We figured if we could sell that much In two hours, we couldn't miss," says Emlty.

published:The Jewish chronicle | 2009

Evening at the Beach

| magazine style

Daddy got home around 6p.m. and we all went to the beach He was very hungry (and I didn't cook anything yet). So, we stopped at McDonald's and grabbed a few things to cat. We had dinner at the beach sitting on the benches. It was pretty warm but still little windy. After we ate we went down to the ocean. Sammy hated the feel of the sand on her feet! She kept saying "Toes! Toes!" and was showing me her feet. Her face was so funny!!! She was trying to kick the sand off her feet. Then daddy took her to touch the water. The water was still freezing and she wasn't really excited about it. I hope this year you will have little more re- spect for the ocean and won't run in it with no fear like she did last year.

Snow in Myrtle Beach

How often do we have snow in Myrtle Beach? It happens rarely =) On
February 12, 2010 it was very cold. I went to check our mail box and saw that it was snowing! Snow flakes were so big! I told daddy that it was already snowing (we expected snow that evening). In about a half heiur snow was evcrywbefft!!!
We put snow coats on and went outside to play in a snow I You were so exited!
You were trying to catch snow with your hands but wasn't really exited about
touching snow which was already lying on a ground.
Me and daddy wcrt; cold and wanted to go inside. You didn't think it was a fabu-
' lous idea arid started to cry. Daddy didn't have any choice but stay with you out-
side and pfay! You were running in the snow until daddy was to cold to stay out
side any longer. You came in the house and started to tell me all about the snow.
You were saying "Snow, snow" and pointed outside. I promised that you wall see
snow Hrst thing in the morning.

published:magazine style | 2010


Beach Style - Bikinis

70s-style beach bikini

Of 70s-style bikini "Kristie" offers beach glamour

Retro Bree Bikini Bra in Blue with traditional bra stitch detailing

Sexy denim style beach bikini made in soft stretch cotton


Victoria's Secret Model: Niki Taylor - issue of Seventeen - 1989

Victoria's Secret Model: Helena Christensen - 1987

Model: Molly Sims in "Swimsuit Issue"- 2000 to 2006

Mama -

Beach Fashion in harmony fabrics


Mama la Mode

SLAM's (The combination of detailing , garment cut, detailing and the latest in fabrics) Italian heritage echoes through the styling of our Nautical Fashion Look is

Mother Beachwear in sea Blue

Clockwise from above: Lotus London kaftan, £128; Maxi dress by
Temperley, £584 (currently out of stock but new deliveries shortly); Amoralia one
piece, £53; Melissa Odabash three-piece set (tankini not shown), £165; Anya Hindmarch, Oakley nappy bag, £166

published: The Sunday Telegraph



It's fashioned and style

It's time for sun. The beach-friendly "KNIT TUNIC DRESS" in whire, red or blue

Long sleeves tunic dress inspired by summers along the shores of the Mediterranean




Style and modern, super gorgeous by Mariano Vivanco

publisyhed:Vogue Russia | May 2011

Nanette lepore in Press


It's not even summer, but you can feel the heat. The new crop of swimsuits in rich, bold printsis sizzling hot.
Get ready to burn up the beach!

published: SELF Magazine

Play Time!


:Packing for your holiday has never been easier thanks to these pretty playsuits. Opt for a bandeau style a la TOWIE's Jessica Wright for a fuss-free look, or choose shoulder tie straps for extra ease.

Published:OK! Extra Magazine |

Nautical&style Women's beach swimwear -

Hats, Scarves and Accessories

On trend

Life and Style in Newport Beach

Hats Off to Resort
Give a nod to this season's hat craze.
Whether you're enjoying the beauty of Big Corona or strolling the golden sands of Saint-Tropez, a stylish sun hat is a key resort accessory. Try different hat styles until you find the one that's right for you, says Amy Rosten, owner of The Hat Loft in Newport Beach.
For shoppers concerned with sun protection, Amy recommends a hat with
a large brim offering UPF 50+ protection. Something Special's rainbow-striped
sunhat with large brim and Broner's brown sunhat with natural stones provide
vital sun protection along with great style. Those looking to lounge may opt for
a concentric brim -like San Diego Hat Company's raffia bucket hat with flower
accent which allows sunbathers to relax on the beach and read a magazine
comfortably, Amy says.
When traveling, bring a packable ribbon sunhat, such as California Hat
Company's brown ribbon sunhat with grommets, or San Diego Hat Company's
packable ribbon sunhat with large brim. "I recommend owning at least one and
leaving it folded in your suitcase, or even your glove compartment, so ifs there
when you need it," Amy says.
All styles available at The Hat Loft, 410-J W. Coast Hwy.

published: Newport Beach Magazine | 2011

How to Look Beautiful at the Beach or Cities - Scarves



Photographed by TRUC NGUYEN

http:t / /

Scarves are so amazing because they can give you so many different looks! I concocted this side braided version after playing around with one to see what it could do, ,it's quickly becoming my signature style."

published:Papercut Magazine | 2011

Nicolita Swimwear

Beach Style

in Esquire Magazine


Published: Esquire Magazine 2012

Where Can I Find...

You saw it. You want it. We found it!

Taylor Swifts flirty look?
The country pop singer stepped out in Australia rocking a one-of-a-kind Rebecca Taylor corset dress. Its structured bodice and billowy skirt is a figure-flattering style for those who like minis. A blush version is available for spring ($495;


web/source: InStyle | 2010

lingerie 2011 fashion show of Victoria’s Secret:

Official Beach Fashion Dress...???:-)

2011 Victoria’s Secret


Beautiful at the Beach

Gonna make you sweat

published:Self Magazine | August2011

look at new model:

where to find new Swimwear models


New for 2012 - you'll find a beachwear and swimsuit at Swimwear

Swimwear Designers 2012:

Chio di Stefania D , Crystal Jin , Dorit , Mara Hoffman , Maryan Mehlhorn , Parah , Roidal , Shan , Nicole Olivier, Gift Certificates, Vitamin A Gold , Vitamin A Silver , Aerin Rose , Bra Sizes B/C-F/G, Agua Bendita , Aguaclara , Badgley Mischka , Beach Bunny , CAFFE , David , Debbie Katz , diNeila Brazil , Sunsets Woman , Swim Systems, Diva , Iconique , Jets Black , Koral , KUNY , Masquenada , Melissa Odabash , L Space , Lady Lux , Lenny , Maaji ,Miraclesuit , Nicolita , OndadeMar , OndadeMar Vintage ,Zeki , Zeugari ,Seafolly , Seafolly , Panache , Poko Pano , Robb and Lulu , SABZ Luxury , SABZ Sport , SAHA , Sauvage , Sauvage Luxe , Limited Edition , StarBlu , Sunflair , Sunsets , Tara Grinna , Vacanze Italiane etc.

Elite fashion swimwear

Beachwear by Designers- (2012 collection)Jolidon Beachwear- L*Space Beachwear- Luli Fama Beachwear- Paula Beachwear- Prelude Beachwear and Rebecca Beachwear

simply beach

Simply -Simply find the New 2012 Summer clothing collection, Beachwear and accessories from the best brands. Buying the latest beachwear, lingerie or swimwear has never been easier

Cosmo Bride | BEACH BELLE
Be leader of the pack with these

hot buys for sunny days on the sand

published: Cosmo Bride - September 2011

Elegant Swimsuit

One Piece style Women's swimsuits on the FASHION page of The Observer Magazine 2011

Clockwise from right Swimsuit GBP175 and hat GBP115, both Heidi Klein (

Cutaway swimsuit GBP310, Emilia Pucci ( Sunglasses GBP279. Cutler and Gross ( Sandals from GBP380, Celine (

Polka-dot swimsuit and cover-up both from a selection, Chanel (020 7493 5040) Wedges from a selection, Kurt Gelger (

Swimsuit GBP340, Louis Vultton (020 7399 4050) Sandals from GBP380, Celine (

Find swimsuits for all budgets at

The Observer Magazine - August 2011

The Times | July 2011

How to get dressed

by Hilary Rose

When Italians go to the beach, they put on a bikini and grab their shades. When we go, we move there lock, stock for the day. It's a national trait


| July 2011


So, what's your therapist really thinking as she spritzes your cellulite? We asked a top celebrity tanner to spill the beans in exchange for total anonymity. Here's the lowdown

Not everyone's OK with getting naked, especially their first time. Often people need reassurance. My approach is to be very friendly and keep the conversation flowing. I make a point never to talk about body parts as that makes people really self-conscious. Some customers apologise all the time: 'I'm sorry for my fat thighs' or 'I'm sorry for my cellulite! But I see all kinds of body shape, and even celebrities aren't perfect. A lot of my customers come in not having shaved their legs, but it doesn't matter to me. Customers who put tight jeans on straight afterwards drive me mad - clearly the tan's going to streak. One customer forgot I'd tanned her face and used a face wipe straight afterwards! Sometimes I get asked to tan just the bottom half or top half, depending on what people like to show off. I had one customer at an event ask to try the tan just on the palms of his hands! I'd say about 20% of my customers are male: it's definitely on the rise. I have a lot of regulars. I've never been chatted up but they'll use a lot of blokey humour to lighten the mood. I see all ages, gay and straight. I recently gave a 65-year- old man his first ever spray tan and he loved it. There's definitely a buzz working somewhere like the Oscars. We'll usually tan celebrities at home or in their hotel room. Crazy hours are normal - I've been called out at midnight and you often have to wait around for hours. Sometimes you witness a few dramas. One A-lister I recently worked with took a call in the middle of our session and started having a huge row with her lover. I just had to pretend I wasn't listening!

Elle | July 2011

Elle edits

What can we tell you about swimwear dial you don't already know? A brief recap: bandeau tops only for the minimally chested and halter-necks for the most maximal; underwires for uplifting, all-in-ones with Spanx-like interiors for those concerned with their midriff. High-cut briefs are lengthening and incywincy bikinis score best on the confident of thigh. Got it?


Our ultimate selection:


published:Elle | July 2011

Grazia | June 2011

Junior fashion editor: Catherine Neito

'The thigh-tightening


"URGH. MY THIGHS! I've wished long and hard for a magic wand to shape them up. Until that happens, I've found these clever tips.' says junior fashion editor Catherine Nieto

I always buy a tie-side bikini, because they don't cut into my thighs and create unsightly bulges. Heidi Klein bikini (1), £122 (was £175), I'm trying Rodial Crash Diet Sticks (2), £48, which help speed fat-burning and eliminate water retention. The four-step FatGirlSlim treatment (3) from Bliss, £30, has a salt scrub to smoothe skin, a "slimulator' massage tool to stimulate circulation, a cafleine-enriched firming gel to diminish cellulite, and a night cream that gets busy while you sleep. I'm also slathering on Prtty Peaushun Skin Tight Body Lotion (4), £39 - the light-reflecting particles give skin a glow that conceals minor dimpling. Rihanna's a fen, too. 'Pilates gives Pippa Middleton shapely thighs, not just a peachy bottom, which is why I've taken it up. Personal trainer Liz Smith advised me that I should target my inner thighs by lying on one side and making sweeping circles with my top leg, forward, up and down. Regularly doing three sets of eight on each leg does make your thighs visibly firmer.' I lost 5lbs in a week on the alkaline diet. Eating alkalising foods reduces acidity, so your body releases excess toxic stores. Try the Alkaline Programme delivery diet, £350 for a week, from Raw & Juicy. Or pop a few drops of Now Foods Liquid Chlorophyll, £16.95, into your water every day to promote cleansing.'

Beach - Body Diet, press, Stories and Diet Books

Beach - Body - Secrets and "how to" Fitness Programs, Books, photos and video

Vogue Magazine:

Beach Retreats : Nicaragua and Panama

Health Magazine


Beauty insiders share their hottest secrets and product obsessions—from faux-glow oils to teal nail polish.

By Diana Cerqueira | Photography by Cheyenne Ellis


published:Health | June 2011

Stars on the Beach: Kety Perry, carrie Underwood, Rhiana, Gretchen Rossi, Ramona Singer

Spring Beach Bodies

Star Magazine | March 2012

Do You Need to Lose Weight? - you can choose your own favorite diet for summer Beach Days here.

STYLE | Bikini Rules

Observer Magazine | July 2011

The style clinic What are the rules for buying a bikini?

Choose a bikinistyle to complement your body shape and give you a great figure, and a colour that will enhance your skin and Hair.


Protect your sunglasses, eyeglasses and especially your eyes with this three-in-one visor/case/ lanyard. Wearing the Proshade by itself or attached to sunglasses, the black underside absorbs reflected light for comfort. Waterproof and floatable, the Proshade is convenient for trips to the beach or the pool, because it also serves as a safe storage place for cash, credit cards and keys. The nonscratch, fleece-lined case interior protects lenses. $14-99" $19.99,

Emerald coast Jun-Jul 2006

How to Look Amazing on the Beach for less

Look good for less

Allyou Magazine (| May 2012

Skirt the issue

Keep your upper thighs under wraps without looking dowdy.

Suit. Apt. 9, $46 per piece, sizes 16W-24W; Earrings, $14; Small bracelet, Croft ana Barrow, $20; Urge bracelet M. Haskell, $18; at select Macy's stores.

Protect yourself

If you spend a lot of time in the sun, consider a suit made of fabric with a UVF rating of 50 or higher. It will help block out the sun's ultraviolet rays.

Look pretty in florals

Get a lift from this tankini, which features underwire cups for extra support.

Tankini top, $60, sizes 2-16 petite, 6-18 regular. $70. sizes 16W-26W, and bottom. $40. sizes 2-18; Earrings, $18, and necklace, $28; Bracelet Cocobelle. $28; dianes Bag, Cappelli Straworid, $45; 800-367-3626. Sunglasses, $20; davidand Towel, Sonoma.


Hit the boardwalk

Transition from seaside to shopping in a versatile dress.

Cover-up, $98, sizes S-L" Hat, $11; Necklace. $36; Bag, $30; Bracelets, M. Haskell, $26 for a set of 2; 212-764-3332.

Turn up the volume

Sing it loud and proud in a peony-pink faux tankini. The twist bandeau top accentuates your bust, and the ruching adds a slimming, retro touch.

Suit, Athena, $97. sizes 4-16; swimspotcom.

Show your stripes

The chevron pattern whittles the waist.

Suit, Nautica Swimwear, $97, sizes 6-16; Hat Gippelli Straworid, $33; 800-367-3626.

Get fringe benefits

Try a knit poncho over your suit-it's a cute new spin on the usual cover-up.

Poncho, $34, sizes S-XL; cableand Earrings, $18; robertrose .com. Bracelets, $44 (pink and blue wraps), $38 (yellow and fuchsia) and $42 (silver) each;

Help your suit last longer

Wash swimwear by hand with mild soap after every jse, and air-dry flat. Don't :oss it in the dryer or let it line-dry in the sun.

Breeze through summer

Hit the right relaxed note-and protect skin from sun damage-in a patterned blouse. A coordinating statement necklace and aviators complete the laid-back ensemble.

Cover-up, $50, sizes 14/16- 26/28; Sunglasses, Minicci, $10; at Payless ShoeSource. Necklace, $40, and bracelet, $30; cold Towel, $35;

Flaunt your gams

This bikini's high-cut bottoms make legs look extra long and still offer plenty of coverage in back.

Suit, Cole of California, $38 per piece, sizes S-XL; at Bass Pro Shops.

Go wild

Don a giraffe-print tunic and a colorful wide-brim hat.

Cover-up, $39, sizes 1X-3X; Hat, Cappelli Straworld, $30; 800-367-3626. Earrings, $8; Bracelets, $27 (blue), and $23 (yellow); mangotree

Suit yourself

Find your comfort zone in this pretty tankini. The adjustable sides mean you're in control of how much you show. Convert the bottom to a skirt, depending on your mood.

Suit, Bisou Bisou, top, $20, sizes XS-XL. and $25, sizes 1X--3X, and bottom, $18, sizes S-XL, and $25,1X-3X; Necklace, M. Haskell, $24; 212-764-3332.

Do you love following all the new kids' fashion trends?

Enjoy our choice

Sunday Telegraph Kids | 1-4-2010

1.'Denja'dress. £60 Poppy Rose at Pipsqueak.

2. White and pink paisley bandana dress. £35, Sunuva

3. Rgey and yellow silk chiffon 'Muse' dress. £90. ilovegorgeous

4. Twtst tartan headband, from €67. le Tour de Force at Little Fashion Gallery.

5 Taupe trench coat, from €233. Anne Valerie Hash at Little Fashion Gallery.

6. "Misty" gingham - print bikini. €30. TroiZenfantS at Little Fashion Gallery.

7. Tulle top. £77. Ryklel Enfant.

8. T-shirt. £83. Jacket. £166.50. skirt. £203. all Miss Blumarine.

9. Striped ruffle

dress, £142. and striped ruffle skirt £76. both Bonpoint

10. 'Hyde Park' dress. £55, No Added Sugar.

11. Long overall in cotton, from £105. Gufo.

12 Liberty- print ra-ra skirt. £80. Marie-Chantal

Sunuva - Kids , Boys & Girls UV protective Swimwear, beachwear and accessories

for hot summer days, created by Emily Cohen and Sabrina Naggar who know just how difficult it is to ensure that active kids stay safe in the sun.Sun dresses and swimwear come in a huge range of models, designed as per latest trends and styles.

Sunuva's Company Marine Stripe kid's collection published in Junior magazine.


Catherine Hudson

finds the latest fashion must-haves for children

Sun-safe style

Sunuva. who specialise in stylish UV-protection
swimwear and beachwear.
has created a host of new designs for summer, including swim shorts and
rash vests for boys and swimsuits for girls, as well as a range of beachwear and
accessories. Prints include Indian elephants and marine stripes (right). Swimsuit and shorts £34 each (ages 1-12).

Beach Belly Cover-UPS

| ZEST Magazine

These are perfect, whether your tummy's a work in progress or a work of art



Nude feet!

Free your feet

with the new barefy-there running shoe.
The Vivobarefoot Ultra L - in wicked white, pumpin purple, pretty pink and block rockin' black - can be used on every terrain from beach to park. They've run
straight to the top of our holiday checklist!

Cool beach kid's Stuff

Say hydrated with aContigo travel mug or hydration bottle! Featuring patented autoseal technology that automatically sealsthelid between sips making them completely spill-proof and leek-proof and blowing for an easy onehanded operation. Contigo pooducts are perfect for modern parents who juggle diaper bags, briefcases and children! West Loop Stainles Steel Travel Mug keeps drinks hot for 4 hours and cold for up to 12 hours. The Double Wall Insulated Mug holds 14 fl oz. and fitsin most car cup holders. The desgn reduces erternal condensation and retans the beverages temperature for a longer period of time Visit

Keep the Kids Busy En-Fbute! It's a summer staple. the family road-trip!

An annual adventure that will surely lead to family bonding, if only you can make it through the 'Arewethere yet??' Introducing a cure for your kids boredom. the Wikki Six Travel Fun Kit! The kit indudes an 8-page booklet of travd-related activities a lightvwght playboard, and 24 Wikkies mean hoursof quiet, no-mess creetive fun for the entirefamily! Wkki Six are perfect for boysand girls ages 3 to 103; and at only $2.50 a pop, you'll have plenty of money for all that pricy gas! Visit

Keep Ray Safe This Summer!

It's so important to protect kids' eyes ail year round, since-even when it's not blazing hot-the lens of a child's eye lets in 70 percent more UV rays to reach the delicate retina than an adults Babi at or sungfasses are BPA-free (because we know how much littleonesliketoput things in their mouths!), protect 100 percent from UVA and UVB rays and arevirtudly indestructible as they are made of rubber

(how many times have we bought kids sunglasses for them to breek?) Babiators come in two sizes(for ages 9 months and up) and four cool colors Black Ops Back, Rockstar Red, Princess Pink and Blue Angels Blue Visit

Got outdoorsy plans for the summer?

Try out UV Skinz, a line of fun and fashionable sun protective swimweer for adults and kids UV Slinz offers UPF50+ protection, which blocks out over 98% of the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays Using UV Skinl while outdoors means less sunscreen to apply (no harsh chemicals absorbed into skin!), more play time and less worry! Made without harsh toxins UV Sunz'ss protection lies the tight weeve of the fabric Greet styles in adult sizes, and the children's line isavalable in sizes 6 months to 14. Choose from hats,Sorts, long-sleeve and short-sleeve tops for protection from heed to toe! $19,95- $39.95. Avalableat http://www

Make a beach trip more fun with these great totes!

Sturdy yet lightweight, brightly-colored styles include a Crab, Alligator, and Shark for little boys and a Dolphin, Ladybug, and Butterfly for little girls. As with all Sephen Joseph kid's accessories, the attention to detail will bring a smile to your child's face. They won't want to go anywhere without it all summer! And parents will appreciate the convenience and roomy interior. A child can pack their own snacks, shovels, beach toys and extra set of clothes. The totes are designed to withstand water and easily remove sand. Avalable at children's boutiques nationwide and

Coastal Christian Family Magazine | June 2011


Palm beach Fashion Guide

published in Worth Avenue Magazine- 2011

At first blush, Palm Beach can be a bit daunting, what with towering palms and somewhat foreboding hedges.
Couple that with the lifestyles of the rich and famous, and anyone can have an identity crisis. But with a few quick trips around Worth Avenue, anyone can capture the Palm Beach look.

Cafe Boulud

301 Australian
Ave., 561/ 655-6060

Most desirable:
22, by the window in the corner, the best place to see and be seen


Two South
County Road,561/273-2537

Most desirable:
1 for a party of six to eight; 14 for a party of four; 103 on the

Leopard Lounge at the Chesterfield

333 Cocoanut
Row, 561/659-5800

Most desirable:
16, in the corner, with a view of the entire lounge

Polo Steak & Seafood at The

155 Hammon Ave., 561/659-8100

Most desirable: 21, so you see all the action

Tapestry Bar at The Breakers

One South County Road,561/655-6611

Most desirable: 22, the grandbanquette that makes you the center of attention


221 Worth Ave.,561/835-3500

Most desirable:
1 (by the window) 24, by the fireplace

Starla Sandals - The perfect summer resort-style fashion accessory for Beach or Brides, for Day or night!

featured in the Boca Raton- FL Magazine

Spring Fashion Edition 2011 (

Fancy Feet


After seven months of marriage. Michele Paredes' husband knew her perhaps better than she knew herself "I knew I wanted to do some- thing in fashion I wasn't quite sure what," says the 28-year-old, who began dreaming up business ideas in late 2009, shortly after earning a master's degree in business administration from Nova Southeastern University "My husband said. 'You have a passion for jewelry and for shoes. Why don't you create shoes that have crystals and jewels and things like that?" The Boca Raton resident decided to do just that, and only seven months later-in May 2010-she launched Starla Sandals, a ime of embellished thongs named in the spirit of shimmer and sparkle. The more than 25 casually elegant styles, ranging from S50 to $120, are handmade in Indonesia and Brazil out of leather, suede, and Swarovski. Czech and Austrian crystals and stones. "You can wear them with something dressy and go out at night, or you can wear them with jeans and a T-shirt and feel a little bit more dressed up." she says. "They definitely have a South Florida and resort-style feel Paredes is working to expand the brand's bridal, wedge and heeled offerings and eventually plans to sell her sandals at stores countrywide. "We've had a lot of inquiries from people who want to carry the sandals." she says. "I just want to make sure, take it step by step." In the meantime, Starla Sandals are available exclusively online at

8-Ways to Feel more Beautiful on the beach in 2013

How to Look Amazing - Beautiful at the Beach

The summer is coming, which means it's time for vacation and ...beach.
make sure that you are ready for Sunny Seasons , this article will introduce you to

eight Ways to Look and Feel Beautiful on the beach

Read and enjoy, because Summer is almost upon us.

Exfoliate your skin

Smooth and soft skin is absolutely necessary in a mission to look good on
beach. Dressed in swimwear, your skin is fully revealed, so you will need to
invest in a good exfoliant. Use it regularly for several weeks and this product will ensure smooth and beautiful skin for Sunny days at the beach.

Moisturize your skin

Remember that the sun your skin dries very quickly, even if use lotion with a high sun factor to always keep one beach bag intensive moisturizing body cream, which you can relax irritated skin from the sun if necessary.

Get a safe tan

Ye is not a bad idea to get a little tan before you get naked on the beach.
There are millions of ways you can do this. The solarium or tanning products. If you are worried about the harmful effects of tanning or of uneven tanning lotions for tanning, contact a professional, who can guide you on how to get beautiful and safe tan without the Skin Damage.

Healthy Hair

Girls and Boys do not forget that your hair is exposed to the sun. Most of us
forget that their hair is exposed to strong UV rays. Therefore, we must protect
hair with special products for sun who offer cosmetic and Hair Care products, or just wear a hat.

Sun lotion

It's pretty obvious. Good sun lotion is an absolute necessity, as it comes to beach. It is best to have two lotion - one for sensitive skin face & body. Use waterproof lotions, so you do not have to
to anoint every time you leave the beach.

Choice of swimwear

Pay attention to the shape of your swimsuit and select the appropriate
your figure. Remember that perfect swimsuit is someone who stands well
does not make you fall into a nervous breakdown while trying to relax on the beach.
Be sure to check whether you are comfortable swim by moving or walk on the beach and most importantly never buy a swimsuit that is not yours size.

Beachbody-issues - The bras section

It is surprising, if not downright distressing. to learn that after almost four decades of liberation literally thousands of women are either squeezed into bras far too small, or are bouncing about in bras largely unsecured. It is estimated that as many as 60 percent of women and girls are wearing the incorrect bra size. The reason for this is that as you change, so does your bra size. To find out where you fit in, ask yourself the following questions:

1.Does your bra ride up your back?

2.Do the shoulder straps carry the weight of your breasts?

3.If the cup size doesn't fit, do you increase the back size?

4.Has your bra size remained the same over the years?

5.Does it leave marks? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you are wearing the incorrect size, and are ready for a new fitting.

also we recommend:

that you check your bra size regularly, as your breasts and chest shrinks or expands with changes in age and lifestyle. To help ascertain your correct bra size, try the following: Take a T-shirt with you to your fitting to ensure a smooth, non-puckered shape. Lift your arms - does the bra ride up? A wellfitted bra should never ride up because this means that the posture falls forward and the breasts drop. Another test is to lean forward - do your breasts spill over? Then you need a bigger cup! While these tips can help you choose, remember that it takes a trained eye to truly ensure that you triumph over gravity. Whatever your size, shape or age.

Say "bye" to Cellulite and...

attract at the beach - Get a Beach Body

Sun Care Tips

Skin/Body care and UV rays by Dr. Andrew

six Cellulite Fighters

That really works! - improve your tone and make you more... flexible on the beach

Body vibration may help improve muscle strength stimulate blood circulation and actively regenerate the body for the summer

VIBROGYM - Yes, it vibrates and, no, you aren't wrong in thinking that this technology is somewhat related to cosmonauts. Vibrogym is the latest in high-tech therapy that is touted as not only increasing strength and flexibility, helping weight loss and improving bone density, but it also literally melts away cellulite. Too good to be true? Not so, according to the number of highprofile women recently putting their names behind the brand. The whole body gets a work-out and in only 15 minutes you have completed the equivalent of what would have normally taken an hour in the gym. Vibrations help stimulate blood circulation and actively regenerate the body. Vibrogym work-outs are qincremental and progress over I time, escalating in intensity to dissolve fat and warm muscles. With visible results in just two to three weeks, it also gives a great massage and costs about $30 a week over a three-month period, allowing for maximum results. Summer is just around the corner and, girls, although our inner beauty is definitely the part of us that counts the most, a great butt is a benefit. Vibrogym sessions should be on the Christmas wish list.

published: Western Australian, November-2006

If you're scared to strip down to your bikini this summer, read our expert guide on how to banish lumpy legs and bums

by Jennifer Dunkerley

See full text below, or click on images to view actual article


Does the sight of sloops sailing close - hauled off Annapolis, Maryland, or the view of a classic cutter reaching past a sig- nature lighthouse bring back happy memo ries? If so, the Art Deco posters designed by Aurelio Grisanty may appeal to you. Grisanty often draws upon the beauty and power of sailboats to add motion, mystique, depth, and graphic interest to a seascape. "A sailboat makes the ocean speak," he says. Inspired by vintage posters, this expand- ing series portrays a modern take on travel postcards and posters seen in the 1920s and 1930s, but with the more vivid color and clarity made possible by state-of-the-art printing techniques. Sixty-seven posters are available in the series, with more on the way. Each measures 18 by 24 inches and is priced at $30 unframed, $135 framed. To see if your favorite beach landmark is available now or to leave your suggestions for future posters, browse the Beach Town Posters online gallery ( Sue Fennessey |CW

Do you love the Cap and hats - keep from the sun with style and grace

see below: some of my proposals that I think that is not bad for the summer

Women's Cameo Cap

The Women's Cameo Cap was designed for perfor- mance in an urban style The soft 100 percent cotton fabric and cotton poplin womens lining provides breathability while the durable plastic-stiffened bnm adds shade from the sun. The moisture wicking TransAstion headband stays dry in hot weather The cap features elastic at the back for ease of fit.It ts available in Mandarin Plaid. Sand and Pewler Stripe colors.

Brim Hat

The Papyrus Brim hat was designed with breathabte,
ultra-lightweight woven paper fabric.
Its airy construction provides cooling coverage and protection, and the
moisture-wicking headband stays dry. Other features indude a Suppfcx nylon crown and brim lining. UPf 30 protection, a removable chin cord with cordloc for fit and a 3.25 in. brim.

Echo Cap

The lightweight Cap was designed with exposed trail runs in mind, wicking moisture while blocking the sun The cap has a low-profile silhouette which block

s the sun without interfering with visibility. It features ultralight, breathable Ar- Vent fabnc wtuch dries quickly and manages moisture, a TransAction headband, a Supplex band around the cuter crown for stability and shape, quick-release buckle adjustment, a folding brim for easy stor- age and a reflective logo and stripe on the back for veatxlity. The cap is available in Mandarin/Diablo. Latitude/True Blue, Olive/Evergreen and Black/Dark Grey colors.

Sunshower Sombrero Hat

The SunShower Fashion Sombrero takes the concept of me Seattle Sombrero further by containing sun and rain protection with versatility and functionality. UPF 30 sun protection is built into the Supplex nylon fabric. Vents provide air conditioning while me removable waterproof cover sheds rain, providing versatile weather protection. The hat features a foam-stiffened brim, TransAction headband, external drawcord adjustment and removable chin cord with cordlock. It is avatable in Diablo, Khaki. Grey and Olive

most luxory and Beautifully style Watches. The Collection include CHRONOSWISS , Milus, ROMAIN JEROME, Hublot, Campanola, FRANC VILA, Polanti, ULYSSE Nardin, Breitling, Corum, Ulysse Nardin, Bell & Ross, BLANCPAIN BOUTIQUE and Bovet Watches.

Summer Colours

Pretty pastels are the perfect way to look feminine and girly this summer, so cover yourself in ice cream toned pink, purple, lemon, and mint, as seen documented in Elle UK's coverage of SS12-13 Luis Vuitton, Philip Lim and Givenchy collections. But if all that pastel is too chalky for you and want an edgier look, "go for the hardcore neons" says Style Melbourne blogger Sarah Willcocks. And you can modernise your look even further with a hot new trend on the AW runways - neon eye shadow or mascara.

There are many ways pull off a fresh smart look without feeling the heat and choosing the right fabrics makes a major difference when you're stepping out into the sun. Try some light colours and don't be afraid to experiment with them...after ail, it is summer. See full text in fjorde magazine issue 12