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DexShell accessories for boating and outdoor activities

Socks, gloves and hats manufactured with the special construction technology

Clothing for Boating

Stay DRY when boating

keep you dry and cool - these concerns can now be a thing of the past.

Even if it's perfectly calm day getting wet to some degree is really one of the
necessary evils of boating. Most people still tend to indulge in a delicate balancing act to avoid getting wet feet during retrieval and launch.

DexShell waterproof accessories for boating and outdoor activities

Waterproof socks, gloves and hats These socks, gloves and hats are perfect. There's just one problem: they're not cheap. Socks cost between $44 and $75
depending on the type, gloves are in the region of $65 and a beanie will set you back around $30.

But they are not your avaerage waterproof gear, boat safety clothing and you will
know where that extra money went. Given the protection and comfort they offer, they are worth the outlay. Read below for more details or visit

These DexShell waterproof gloves, socks and hats can't stop the water from washing over you, but they do prevent it from getting to your skin. Particularly
for those who continue to get out on the water through the winter cold months this is welcome news.

Waterproof clothing - between the DexShell inner and outer layers

When people hear an item of clothing is waterproof they often assume its material will make them sweaty, but that is not the case with the DexShell gear because the outer fabric itself is not actually waterproof, rather, a waterproof membrane is
sandwiched between the outer and inner layers.

This membrane is designed from something that goes by the name Porelle, suggesting it has tiny pores which keep the cold water out while allowing air to circulate. And not only do these outer layers breathe, but the membrane itself does, too.

The membrane with multi layers

The range of socks available seems mildly complex at first glance, but the main distinction is cool or warm.

The membrane with multi layers sandwiched between them might suggest a bulky outfit, but that's far from the case. The gloves and socks are very comfortable and the waterproof gloves have as much feel as any non-latex pair.

Comfort on the deck

The warmer versions have Merino wool blended into them, while some also have a bit more padding for activities like boating, fishing or hiking. When combined with a pair of cheap deck shoes, these socks redefine comfort on the ramp.

Increased safety

There's also an element of increased safety because you'll be less inclined to indulge in gymnastics to avoid wet feet.

The DexShell gloves have the same basic construction as the socks, but cut resistant / abrasion versions of gloves are available, and these qualities can be particularly useful out on a boat, when filleting a fish for example.


"I wanted to put this theory to the test, but seeing as I am not entirely stupid I used a carrot to simulate my finger for the initial cut-resistance tests with a sharp filleting knife. As it turns out, I needn't have worried because normal filleting pressure
failed to make it through the glove.

I tested abrasion resistance whh harsh nylon rope and, as you'd expect given the cut resistance, rope burns are a thing of the past with these babies on your hands. I also dragged fishing line under decent tension through my fingers, and although I
could feel the heat build-up from friction, the line still didn't cut through. In short, the abrasion I cut resistance of these gloves is excellent.

They are also claimed to be flame-retardant, so you know what that means. That's right, I set them on fire. I used a match and a high-intensity gas torch, and although the gloves will burn
while the flame is applied, they self-extinguish as soon as it's removed. After I'd tried burning them, I doused them in petrol without any detrimental effect".-tested by Paul T. used materials: Tyrailer boat magazine.