How To Choose The Right Swimsuit To Hide and Cover Your Body Flaws

We all have certain parts of our body that we are not thrilled about and when it comes to baring it all at the beach we often freak out..
Even super models stress about the way that they look - so don't feel so bad or think that you are being vain. However, if there is a particular area that you want to cover, hide or draw attention away from you can do it fairly easily when you choose the right style plus size swimwear.

In thise videos you will see how you can quickly accentuate your positive areas,How to Select the RIGHT Swimsuit and cover or hide your problem areas.

We all have at least one area of our body that we are not too thrilled about. Sometimes we try to cover our flaws with a longer shirt, maybe baggier floral & pants, a minimizing bra or maybe wearing a longer skirt.

We also may not like our hair color or texture, shape of our nose, think that our lips are too small or too big.

Now that it is time to squeeze into a swimsuit, other parts of our body don't seem as important as the parts that our bathing suit will cover.

So we would like to know...

Why Shop For Cheap "Clearance" Swimwear Plus

Let's face it, the economy doesn't seem to be getting any better. More and more when faced with purchasing something that isn't absolutely necessary, most of us are weighing whether or not to make that purchase at all.

Swimwear while an essential item for summer 2015 fun can be more expensive, particularly when purchasing multiple items to accommodate the entire family or for those of us who want to remain fashionable. Quality, fashionable new style swimwear can be very pricey making it one of those items that we keep putting off for another time.

I've found that shopping for quality swimsuits that are marked down to rock bottom clearance pricing is a great way to stay in fashion and still afford new bathing suits from time to time. Sure, I'm not buying the "new releases", but is that really that important when you can save a lot of money? Especially when times are tough. Not for me, what about you?

Not only can you find great clearance priced swimwear at Swimsuits For All, but at the same time you can work with your own personal style consultant by using Fit and Flatter Solutions at Swimsuits For All.

So while your new swimsuit will fit into your budget, you will also fit into your new swimsuit just nice.

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High Quality Swimsuits At Clearance Pricing

The swimsuits featured here

are an exceptional value. They are all high quality, designed in the latest styles, yet available at rock bottom clearance pricing in order for Swimsuits For All to bring in newer styles.

When purchasing one of these clearance priced bathing suits, you are sacrificing neither quality or style, but you are gaining a tremendous savings on a great bathing suit.

At these values why not buy two or even three?

Plus size Monokinis

Finding the perfect combination of monokini's style, cut and color could seem like an impossible, solid colors usually look the best when it comes to eye catching monokini swimwear. Monokini in solid, vibrant colors will help you create a stunning look with a touch of elegant glamour and playful charm. But be adventurous and also experiment with bold patterns, floral prints and creative designs.

Monokinis are all about being bold, imaginative, and unique.

Fashionable and Functional beautiful Swimsuits for women

Summer lifestyle: swimwear & swimsuits

Discover the world's women's swimsuit plus extra collections and Brands that offers unique styles of bathing suits that are comfortable and practical, even look "sweet".

Two styles

They'll be good for beach going, but not functional

Both style have beautiful patterns though but they are not practical for lap swimming. They'll be good for beach going, but not good for serious lap swimming.

Love the colour combo of the strapless one - but strapless isn't ideal when considering how much waves love being the cause of mega embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions. Do you like them - but when You'are wearing a swimsuit, you don't just want to stand still.

Debenhams swimsuits

Debenhams have showed no matter how different we are we can all look good.

photo: Debenhams

This is fantastic what beautiful people it truly doesn't matter what size, height colour, age you are or if you have all your limbs or not we are all individuals.

The models are beautiful and the fact that they are all different shapes sizes and each piece looks wonderful on them and you can actually look and that would look good on as the person who is modelling it is true to shape.

Seeing a good variety of real models would surely make more women want to buy more clothes, certainly makes me want to buy that summer clothes and bikini.

Natural & Fashion

- Designers Swimwear

Gorgeous on the beach? Well ladies and mothers, for that you have to opt for exquisitely designed beachwear. Swimsuitsforall help you make a splash at your next summer vacancies.


for all

Plus Size Swimwear, Plus Size Bathing Suits Womens Swimsuits

Head to website and check out the entire Marilyn and New Collections , #SwimSexy area perfect for women with hourglass and shapely figures who want to be a bit edgier and stylish while still flattering her figure! If you need any help with styling or sizing, please write to Swimsuitsforall Brand Ambassador, Cher, at [email protected] and she will be happy to help you.

The real life, real people

Real sized people that the clothes fit and show how good they can look rather than hanging on stick thin so called highly paid models.
...and now when ordering online ( can really see what items look like.

Don't compromise on comfort, and style, Debenhams have a fabulous range of pretty and practical, fully functional bras and Swimsuits to fit your curves perfectly. If you follow the Debenhams web site you can view each item on our website which will state what sizes the bras come in.

swimwear trends - Here's a look at what is on the runway and what's in the store.

Miraclesuit swimsuits

Swimwear Brand for confident and fashionable extra women

It's almost impossible to have a plus size swimwear page without highlighting at least one Miraclesuit swimsuit. Uplifting women swimsuits in expressive bold colors and amazing prints deliver the same fit, form and function as a Miraclesuit Brand, and exude glamour and confidence.

One of Miraclesuit's many plus   size of blue Swimsuit, but she doesn't look like a plus size. You can order this suit on

If you are not familiar with Miraclesuit, then you should know that Miraclesuit swimsuits have both slimming designs and also a power holding fabric that makes you look 10 pounds thinner as soon as you put it on. There are many different designs from Miraclesuit but this is one of my favorites since it had so many good design choices going for it.

From the Ruching that appears to whittle your waist, to the soft pleats in the skirt that help to cover lower ab fat and belly rolls. The V-Neckline adds to the slimming look, while giving you good bust support and enhancement. It is also a "full coverage swimsuit", so you don't have to worry about having to always tug at the bottom of your swimsuit.

To view this amazingly Slimming Miraclesuit bathing suit along with more Miraclesuit choices just click here. (

See the suit that turns every woman into a bombshell (tastefully)

In years of online fashion hunting, the Seafolly swimsuit is the only item for many people. My Seafolly came from Anthropologie and was a last-minute "ugh, I hate all my swimsuits!" buy right before a vacation. In my haste, I felt like I overspent a bit. But once I put it on, I realized that the way it flattered my bod, the suit would have been a deal at twice the price. After all, what's more valuable, a drawerful of mediocre suits you never feel confident in, or the one awesome one you always do?

Seafolly is an Australian swimwear line that includes bikinis as well as one-pieces, but their vintage- and lingerie-inspired maillots are the real standouts. I fell so deeply in love with my Seafolly one-piece that I not only posted that review but came thisclose to urging my favorite women over email to buy the same one. Why? The ingeniously ruched construction manages to suck in one's nonpreferred areas without that horrid "shapewear" fabric that (anyway) makes it hard to breathe, eat, or enjoy life.

Seafolly suits make a straight-ish torso like mine look curvier without adding weight, while turning a more womanly figure into a gorgeous, pinup-worthy hourglass. A Seafolly swimsuit delivers playful retrocool for a 20something; chic, non-costumey vintage for a 30something; and understated sexiness for 40-plus.

How many swimsuits are even appropriate, not to mention flattering, on all these different shapes & ages? That's what made me a Seafolly evangelist. Below are some great styles for new season.

 A Seafolly swimsuit : Want a solid-color suit in a fun yet forgiving cut that won't ride up your backside at the beach? Here it is. The fresh gingham pattern in right gives this suit an extra dose of retro, without pushing it over the top. Too cute