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GORE-TEX ® - the standard for weather-resistant functional boat/marine clothing!

Gore-Text Jackets

Men's Jackets,


Sometimes it turns out differently than you might think: When the chemist Bill Gore over 50 years ago, the company founded in the basement of his house, he had his first focus is not placed on innovations for outdoor sports, yachting, sailing: He wanted the electrical properties of the plastic PTFE (insulating, thermally stable, low friction) use for really new ideas in the field of electronics.

With the discovery of expanded PTFE but also a milestone for the apparel industry has been set. Finally, a material was found, which is both waterproof and water vapor permeable. Since its introduction in the 70's GORE-TEX® stands for high quality outdoor clothing, which not only protects against wind and weather, but also offers a comfort that is completely tailored to the needs and the activities of its carrier.

GORE-TEX garments are durably waterproof (unlike textiles, working with a simple impregnation), characterized by its best wind resistance and provides - thanks to the vapor-permeable membrane for a warm and pleasant body feeling.

Gore tex technology : The "GORE-TEX®" Membrane is the Heart of every weather and marine clothing. It consists of a double layer of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) and polyurethane (PU), which is penetrated by numerous small pores.

With its 1.4 billion Micro-pores per square centimeter of the material is not only waterproof, but in fact permanently totally waterproof. The reason: The pores are roughly 20,000 times smaller in diameter than a water droplet - so no chance for moisture in the interior of the tissue to penetrate. Even at high pressure to the diaphragm ( of water on the outside is blocked permanently.

In return, however, water vapor can diffuse from the inside through the microscopic pores. Finally, the pores are approximately 700 times larger than a water vapor molecule. Sweat can be freely away from the body according.

In addition, the lining is provided with a grease-repellent substance. This prevents the penetration of insecticides or body fat into the pores and the function is impaired.

The microporous structure of the membrane in the outdoor clothing have full functionality, certain conditions must be met: only lies when the outside temperature is at least 15°C lower than the temperature in the jacket, pants and shoes, the necessary osmotic pressure exists. At a lower temperature difference can be transported less water vapor through the pores.

In order for the different applications to each have the ideal material, the membrane is processed in different ways. They are available as:

Z-liner: Membrane is hung loosely between lining and outer fabric Lining laminate: laminated membrane lining the entire surface with Paclite: Membrane is fully adhered to the outer fabric, the lining is replaced by a wafer-thin carbon film on the membrane 3 layer laminate, lining, membrane and outer fabrics are fully bonded with each other 2-layer laminate: the membrane is fully adhered to the outer fabric, the dress is lined with a loose lining.

TO KEEP YOU DRY - its GUARANTEED :Because the principle of membrane not only in theory is convincing, all wear clothes that are equipped with a GORE-TEX ® membrane, the GORE-TEX ® GUARANTEED keeping you comfortable and dry warranty. It promises the long-term function of the diaphragm - and over the entire life of the garment. So if the water tightness, wind resistance and Breathability of GORE-TEX ®'s outdoor clothing is not really satisfied, can easily contact their dealer, who then can assist in all further steps.Weaknesses of each functional goretex clothing has always been the Seams: Even the best can be waterproof and windproof outdoor jacket in the rain, if the seams are completely sealed. Because the penetration of the needle holes are small, but yet so big that they can serve as an entry port for rain. The result: clothes soaked to the skin and discomfort.

So this can not Happen, is throughout with "GORE-TEX products", GORE-SEAM ® tape technology used, all exterior seams are sealed with adhesive tape - keeps the water out and ensures the body temperature in clothing guaranteed.

Comfort Mapping Technology - the best in any climate:Not only on Earth, there are different climate zones. Even the human body, different areas are different, are distinguished by their - needs characterized in terms of respiratory activity, thermoregulation and fit - sometimes very divergent.

Anyone who wants to achieve the maximum comfort, should be geared to different needs. Gore has developed not only for his own comfort test, thanks to the comfort mapping technology will be the different climate zones of the body through a sophisticated mix of materials and special design requirements.

Breathability, fit and heat regulation of the clothing, the use of different 'Goretext' fabric is optimized precisely in the zones as it urges the body respectively. In plain language, especially breathable fabrics membranes are used in places where the body sweats Most abrasion-resistant material at Ðotential abrasion points such as shoulders or hips, when a pack is in use.

Optimum comfort for a variety of outdoor and marine activities -high, breathable comfort and durable weather protection as a 2-layer construction. Here, the diaphragm is connected to the outer fabric and the lining is freely suspended. Better insulation, but more expensive in production.As a 3-layer construction. Here, the membrane is on one side with the feed and on the other side to the outer fabric firmly.

Extreely light - Extremely versatile, extremely lightweight and highly breathable garments with minimum packing volume The membrane is coated with a special protective coating, which consists of an oil-repellent substance and carbon Less abrasion-resistant material.
Maximum freedom of movement - Made from a soft, high-performance outer fabric and a soft fleece or Flanellinnenfutter The soft material of the waterproof and breathable material to reduce the number of layers and thus offer greater freedom of movement Material stretchable, windproof and waterproof. But often at the seams not waterproof processed (not taped)
For anyone looking for the freedom of movement, comfort and stylish look.

Constantly on guard, even under the harshest conditions.
absolutely durable, highly breathable laminate is processed with abrasion-resistant outer material and a stable food for 3-layer laminate Micro Grid lining for improved reathability and reduced weight Clothing for the highest demands of outdoor professionals and Enhusiasten Gore-Tex ® XCR Pro: the predecessor of Pro Shell similar properties and applications such as Pro Shell However, clearly more difficult.

Gore-Tex Uniforms & Jackets "Workwear" -
Good Gore Tex waterproof workwear protection from rain in bad weather. Protective work clothing breathable Gore-Tex no moist warm air accumulates. Whether cold winter and hot summer, this dress just right for relaxing at work. Good sturdy work wear sturdy, durable work clothes Gore Tex waterproof robust stable in value. Windproof breathable, durable workwear buy cheap. Light ermcgtlicht good work clothes. Opt for super real work clothes & Their Benefits Try what fits best. Buy direct online fast delivery. Large selection of good many clothing pockets and hood. Durable & waterproof trousers properly with ruler pocket Reinforced knees, pads used. Jackets for a wet autumn and winter weather suitable, warm lining integrated. Very easy to maintain sturdy durable clothing. Re-proofing is not necessary to permanently waterproof.

product tests - Each prototype of a shoe with GORE-TEX ® technology will be subjected to rigorous testing in the laboratories of Gore. Not only the finished shoe is tested, but ask any single component must be the harshest test conditions to demonstrate their functionality. Only when a shoe's high quality standards for GORE-TEX ® products meets, he can go into production.
Care tips for shoes with GORE-TEX ® Technology
To obtain its value in the long run, as shoes with GORE-TEX ® equipment are regularly and properly cared for everything.
gross contamination - Leather shoes are best brushed off with lukewarm water, cleaned with lukewarm water Sneakers and a sponge. To protect the shoes we use a sponge.

Goretex care - No care product can harm the GORE-TEX membrane. High fat or very oily products that are labeled accordingly (eg, fat cream, leather, oil, etc.) should be avoided, however, because they "clog" the pores of the leather and thus restrict the breathability strong.
The impregnation is not necessary for the already waterproof GORE-TEX ® membrane, but also serves to protect the outer material:
prevents the weight gain due to wetness
provides optimum heat insulation materials by dry outer
prevents water at the collar and so gets sucked up into the shoe.

The right socks - The socks are the layer between the foot and shoe linings. It is therefore particularly important to ensure that they are optimally tuned to the desired application. The GORETEX membrane works in principle independent of the used socks. Optimally designed, but the socks can comfort, especially the climate comfort that influence positively palpable.
Therefore pay attention to the proper Mix of materials: 100% cotton absorbs moisture and provides a lot of them only very slowly. Moisture remains on foot, from the feet cool. Advantageous, therefore, is a Blend of high quality sheep's wool and synthetic fibers (eg polyester, olyamide).

Gore - Tex Clothing

Gore-Tex® Clothing

Gore Tex Clothing


Musto - HPX Ocean Jacket

Ultimate boat choice of foul weather gear for discerning sailors, - jacket providing protection from waves , rain and havy sea wind for any conditions provides the ultimate "level" of breathability and durability design giving virtual drysuit cuff protection. On sleeves and shoulders Gore-Tex Pro Shell offers ease of movement ,Transparent hood height adjustment for the best protection in really wet ocean conditions for comfort and warmth. Unlined for ease of movement and Recycled fleece lined Collar. Large size Hand-warmer pockets, Seat patch with internal abrasion free seams and for high levels of sea visibility - branded prismatic reflectors.

Musto - Offshore MPX Jacket

Musto Offshore Jacket for pleasure sailors suit all all foul weather conditions "Gore-Tex pro Shell" offers high levels of breathability and durability, highest level of durable waterproof and breathable performance for extreme ocean racing

Fristads - Gore-Tex Jacke GXB 487

Zip up the collar with 2 front zippered pockets, detachable hood and adjustable cuffs,2-layer GORE-TEX ® breathable, waterproof and windproof laminate Certified to EN 343 for rain protection clothing.

Sitka Gear Downpour - GORE-TEX Hunt & Fish Gear -

Stormfront Series Jackets designed with a GORE-TEX® laminate

Sitka Gear Downpour - GORE-TEX Hunt & Fish Gear

What you would give for some GORE-TEX Hunt & Fish Gear Sitka Gear makes some nice stuff. it'd be nice to have some of their gear and downpour lite jacket in my hunting gear bag!

Henri Lloyd's - GORE-TEX Pro Shell Ocean Smock

Henri Lloyd's - best protection from waves, wind, and rain in absolut any conditions

Henri Lloyd's - GORE-TEX Pro Shell Explorer Jacket

Henri Lloyd's - The Ocean Explorer Jacket perfect ideal for the cruising and racing , provides a wider peripheral vision without the loss of protection to the face, 2 - way storm flap with drainage channel include large size cargo pockets and reflective Ðatches.

Nothing must interfere with your joy or your concentration while sailing. Especially not the clothing. The continuous development of the "Henri Lloyd" products along with top sailors give you the security of the chosen optimal have to. With GORE-TEX OCEAN EXPLORER, TP2 SHOCKWAVE lines Henri Lloyd opened up new ways to develop a powerful offer, which Your individual requirements and degeneracies optimally met. Optimized products, which are limited to the essentials to bring up to 25% leather , better protection and maximum in breathability for under-
different conditions from mild breeze to storm with high waves on the open
See. The latest soft shell clothing and extreme moisture wicking FAST-DRI textiles maximize freedom of movement on board and keep warm at the same time
and dry.

Henri Lloyd's - GORE-TEX Ocean Explorer Men's & Women's Hi-Fits

ORE-TEX Ocean Explorer Hi-Fits - engenered to tackle, this these Hi-Fits are also unlined to reduce weight a and speed up drying time.

Men's Hi-Fits with a new interface that connected to the body contours fit is. She has no food and is therefore easier. The bib is higher for to offer even more protection against wind and water, adjustable pants carrier with Velcro, thigh pocket and two hand warmer pockets with polartec Feeding. A novel adjustable waist allows a perfect fit with durable Cordura reinforcement on knees, ankles and buttocks.

These ladies Hi-Fits have a fashionable feminine cut and is in addition to
equipped and has two side zippers and adjustable crossover vehicle.

Henri Lloyd™ Ocean Racer Series - , the toughest race around the world with crew, to ensure optimum protection to guarantee the most extreme conditions in the southern hemisphere. For the last edition of these clothes have been improved, thanks Using different teams. Besides, have 4-man properties of 8 boats participating in this regatta that Henri - Lloyd™ clothing worn. Henri-Lloyd is entirely original with the Ocean Extreme Series used. It combines the Gore-Tex Ocean 'Technology membrane' with the unique original exterior fabric made of durable polyester. This Material was for the best protection in extreme conditions
developed. Moreover, Henri-Lloyd was one of original permanent,
water-repellent DWR subjected to the external tissue water can not absorb.
The Gore-Tex membrane has 1.4 billion pores per cm2 and is 100%
impermeable to water, since each pore 20,000 times smaller than a water-
drop is. The membrane allows perspiration to escape but because the Pores 700 times larger than a water vapor molecule.

Musto - HPX GoreTex Ocean Boots

This Gore Tex Boots provide maximum in breathability, the offshore sailor with warmth and comfort for the most Challenging situations. Full height GORE-TEX® fabric durable and water resistant leather boot with elasticated drawstring top Grip Deck outsole provides lateral stability.

Atlas - Gore-Tex GTX-835 Boots

Atlas Safety Gore-Tex GTX Boots, 100% polyester Protective toe cap and slip-resistant,GORE-TEX® liner prevents water penetration and is breathable, Gore-Tex antistatic membrane regulates the excellent "boot climate"- oil-, acid-and petrol resistant.

Atlas - Gore -Tex Shoes S3 GTX-740

Super lightweight Atlas Safety Polyester Gore Tex Shoes - slip-resistant and Protective toe cap with heavy Great Profile and spike protection-oil, acid & petrol resistant.Antistatic shoes with optimal stability, larger contact surface , designed to be the most rugged waterproof and breathable.

Matterhorn - Gore -Tex US Marine Corps Combat Footwear

Engeneered to keep you steady on a variety of different surfaces, with durably waterproof GORE-TEX® Safety and Performance Comfort Footwear military appoved for even the most demanding of jobs and are built tough with Goodyear® Welt construction and "Vibram®" Sierra outsoles & Cambrelle® moisture wicking lining. more footwear, shoes by Brands >> | shoes online

Garmont - Gore -Tex IceLock Boots

Momentum "IceLock" GORE-TEX™ - you can trek on in reliable warmth and comfort . Cordura mesh upper with hardy leather overlays Boots engeneered to ensure the snow remains on the trail and not in your shoes - x6 more traction on ice,rate -50° F/ -46° C.The fleece in surrounded by a membrane GORE-TEX that provides best waterproof protection without sacrificing breathability.


eindl Softline - Gore -Tex Footwear

Softline GTX Lady |Softline GTX Ottawa Footwear

Softline GTX Lady - Ultra |Softline GTX Lady - Ultra

Softline GoreTex Men - Ultra |Softline GoreTex - Ultra

GORE-TEX ® Shoes - over 25 -years perfect combination of high
technology and traditional craftsmanship. Already one quarter of a century ago, Alfons Meindl began to insert the rolled GORE-TEX ® in hiking boots. Even now, as then, this process is a real challenge for the production. build a shoe waterproof while maintaining an optimal environment the foot, it means maximum perfection. Even in the age of the production machine must be perfectly combine more than 150 materials and about 200 processing steps. The multi-year partnership between the Meindl and Gore as well as a valuable tool for quality control are factors
been tested and are the basis of our success.

Quality Control
Gore - an extract
• Certification of partners and production sites according to the ISO 9001
• System quality control comprehensive and documented for each partners and production site
• Training and education periodical
• Collaboration with technical Gore it's tangled and construction

vacuum GTX Men-Ultra Footwear

Expanded special Collar with soft padding cured. MFS ® foam - vacuum - Schaum
Fine tuning and no points pressure to each foot shape in the ankle area, the collar
and tongue. Laschenbereich. Reaches the bearing of the foot. The wrapping of the foot is soft, but close. Foam reticulated to the area of the toes, to get a perfect adaptation.

the Sitka Gear Pantanal Cap by Simms - GORE-TEX Hunt & Fish Gear

GORE-TEX® Clothing is useful for varying situations to different people

SIMMS is using Gore-Tex in their jackets as attested when that front moved in Sunday afternoon on the North Platte River. 40 +mph winds freezing temps,white capping spray and 5 more miles rowing a driftboat to the take out.

Gore-Tex rain suits for different weather conditions,while pricey compared to some many people found that it is worth every penny when you plan on spending the entire day afield for deer or turkey hunting. And all day fishing in comfort even in a down pour.