Nautical Style & most famous women

Nobody is quite sure, but the Nautical look could catch on. As a rule, fashions and style are fairly easy to predict, once something "works", it just seems to come round over and over again.

Struss Tapped as New Designer for Swim Systems

Eden Struss is the new lead designer for Swim Systems, a separates collection for the junior to contemporary market. Los Angeles-based Struss attended the Laguna College of Art and Design, and in 1994 launched one of the first snowboard apparel companies for women. She joined Sunsets Incorporated Swimwear, parent company of Swim Systems, in 1998. She also serves as market- ing/merchandising direc- tor for Sunsets, Inc.

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Yachting & Marine Clothing,
"Marine Dress Code"

Marine style clothes

Marine style Clothing & Secrets

Marine style of dress at the moment like never popular, because look, if he had just returned from a holiday in hot countries, they want to without exception. Often there is a desire to drop everything and go to the sea, relax, forget about all the pitfalls, mistakes and troubles. To lie on hot sand, then glancing idly at sea, the sky. And if the daily routine still does not allow to do this, the presence of a piece of the sea in her wardrobe is quite possible. Marine style of dress will always be relevant, but with the advent of the sun and summer heat is much more desirable.

Boat Clothing & Shoes


Clothing & Accessories

It's handbags, caps, hats, sailor, scarves. Everything should be decorated with gold chains or anchors, colors - blue, red and white. At the same colors to be performed and costume jewelry.

Young and Beautiful - on photo: best navy blue outfits of the season

Marine style - young, golden tan, the ease of the whole body, the noise of the surf, the romance!

Fans of the sea of style - people who love to vacation, sea, sun, palm trees and sand !

Colors - white, blue, red

Silhouettes - a simple, free, semilying cut

Fabric - jersey, cotton

Accessories - Accessories in the form anchors, steering wheels and boats, bags, captain caps, sailor hats and scarves have gold chains, striped insert and stripe as anchors.

Shoes - sandals on a flat sole, heels and white ballet flats.

Version of a wardrobe: Original vests with hoods, tops, shirts and T-shirts with applique and embroidery in the form of anchors, dresses in a horizontal strip, flared pants, like sailors, well look with knitted tops, pleated skirts, slim jackets and cropped cardigans, button- pearl button of

Brands appropriate marine style: Jean Paul Gautlier, Gianfranco Ferre, Kenzo, Chanel, Celine, Versace, Burberry London, Marc Jacobs, Maison Martin Margiela, D `Squared2, Derek Lam, Carolina Herrera, Missoni, Ralph Lauren.

Indispensable attribute of the summer - a combination of red, blue and white. Dilute the suit , and the Marine style, which goes all the way, is ready! Wear plenty of white - this year it became the main color of the summer. And in this image fits denim.

One of the first try on the image of sailors famous Coco Chanel.

In the old 30's that image has caused a scandal and misunderstanding.

But after that designers are increasingly using this image in its collections.

Nautical/Marine style is determined not only blue and white colors and stripes, it's also all sorts of marine accessories - caps, anchors, ribbons and kakardy.

Want to try out the nautical theme? Then learn some recommendations.

The first thing that gives clothes marine style - it's colors. Typically, this blue-white color, and sometimes red. Any wear in the blue and white stripes will look like the sea. Not necessarily the strip should be horizontal, as on the vest. The strips may be vertical, and even diagonally. Clothes in a marine style may be the most different - clothes for everyday wear, evening gowns and bathing suits.
The second distinguishing feature of the sea of style - a form of clothing and accessories. Pants, flared towards the bottom, like sailors, caps, buttons, iron, etc.

In winter you can support the Marine style with the cape of dark blue or dark red.
To give a nautical theme of femininity and elegance, designers often use various finishing materials such as lace or silk lightweight materials.

Marine style clothing has been around for over 150 years. His prototype was elegant and practical clothing sea captains, as well as coarse, fairly simple, but comfortable clothes sailors. Many designers are working on a garment in a maritime style. After all, a maritime theme is eternal and remains popular and in demand at all times.

Some historians believe that even in the middle of the XIX century, this style has gained its popularity in the Royal family. Back in 1846 at the Royal yacht Queen Victoria requested to wear the Marine dress uniform to his son, Albert Edward - Prince of Wales.

Soon the clothes in a marine style came into the lives of many rich families in Britain. Dresses in this style began to appear in the best shops of Great Britain, extending well beyond its borders. Gradually he won, and Europe. Marine dress code began appearing on television, on the catwalks, commercials, on stage, on the covers of fashion magazines.

Attractive in this style, proportion and silhouette of the costume. This can be a skirt with pleats, with a sailor collar blouse, or a large jacket, which can be worn with a blouse or T-shirt with stripes ("vest"), bell-bottomed pants, pleated skirts, slim jackets and cropped cardigans on pearl buttons.

For decorative use chants, logos, images, anchors, boats, made of metal or plastic. Perfectly complement the image of a hat as a beret. Designers who create collections of clothing in a marine style, are widely used finishing lace and silk fabrics. And in the winter and fall you can wear mackintoshes dense blue or burgundy shades.

The most used colors in clothing sea of style - it's white, blue and red. They are also present in accessories. If you think that the combination of these colors are beaten, you know - your doubts are unfounded, as it is for years without changing the classic combinations that can be seen in the collections of clothes already which successive season, many designers. Blue and white stripe is found everywhere - from evening gowns to the beach provocative costumes. The strips can be either horizontal or vertical, as well as going on a diagonal.

Of the shoe well-suited for maritime-style flat cloth slippers on a low heel with a comfortable round toe, which echo the color solution with the clothes. Suit and plain white ballet flats, that is, light summer shoes are not attributable to any style. The main thing is that your shoes were practical and comfortable to wear. After the Marine style is indispensable in the resorts, walk, cottage, and, of course, a sea cruise. It is just made for the journey!

Each season, designers safely released into the marine light line, experimenting with style and textures, but never away from the three primary colors, which symbolize the sea: dark blue - the colors of the sea, the white-colored foam washed ashore, and red - the colors sunset over the horizon line.

Stripe - a popular solution to those who decided to show off your hot summer day or the mood of the sea.

Moreover, the strip can be not only horizontal but vertical, and even diagonal.

To get the perfect "sea" cocktail, blue and white colors can be mixed with all shades of red - burgundy, scarlet and season them with standard accessories:-anchor, life buoys, boats, shells and so on.

Favorite clothing of all seafarers are bell-bottomed pants and matroski, but fashionable women should not blindly follow all the rules of a perfect sea suit.

The experiment is the most important thing that must be present in any stylish ensemble - this is a manifestation of the nature of his mistress it, some fleeting moods, idiosyncrasies.

Marine style of dress could easily afford to make any girl in the outfit its "flavor".

Instead, wide trousers sailor can wear short pleated skirts, long tunics with marine applications, white breeches or leggings with a strip of sea, and to supplement a set neck with a handkerchief embroidered with it a symbol of the sea.

Standard headgear of any sailors is either a cap or sailor's cap.

However, if desired, it can replace them with a dark blue or black bandana pirates at sea, too, has not been canceled.

And finally, make-up sailors should not be too bright and the hair-too artsy. Marine style of dress that does not tolerate.



White and blue stripes is welcome in a marine style clothing for today everywhere, they can be a traditional vest, and oblique stripes on the sleeves, and an interesting form a collar. If you do not have to prefer a combination of blue and white colors, we can restrict, at least two or three elements of the blue against the white sleeves and collar. It is necessary to provide a young pirate in a torn shirt or soft Assol in a bright yellow dress, and maybe even magical mermaid who wishes to dance. The sea does not skimp on the surprises and always have a choice to choose from - is to try on any of these images and if he really got the sea, then this means that the Marine dress is almost composed.

Inherent in a marine style of color, of course, a combination of blue and white. One has only to submit a white haze of air and the beauty of blue sea. Although, if there is such a desire, it is possible to draw and yellow sun, white gulls, hovering in the sky. This should all add a romantic lady, waiting for the return of beloved sailor, a bouquet of beautiful flowers and the sound of the surf of the sea - and the real picture of the maritime style complete. Now you can be ready to wear the shirt in blue and white stripes, to dilute its golden, red and black shades, and the sea will not stay long. It is easy to pick up all the positive and good thoughts will dispel all the hardships and sorrows into foam breeze and freshen their warmth and attention.

A variety of different tops, shirts and T-shirts with embroidery and appliqués in the form of anchors, the original white and blue bags and shoes with sea symbolism - are all present in the new summer collection of marine-style clothing. Long plaid dresses, wide-open most of the waist, go well with mini-shorts. A bit strange, but then why has the sea. Today it is tender and warm, and tomorrow disobedient and violent. And marine-style clothing - in the morning can be a good little girl in a marine dress and evening turn into a temptress seas in a mini-skirt and vest.

Sailor pants very well in tune with knitted tops, which are strongly reminiscent of beach fashion of the nineteenth century. Strips on the tops and dresses of blue and white shades can easily turn into a creamy black tones - this element is the sea in all its manifestations frenzy. Rumor has it that the sea is an absolute love of everyone, but if these feelings are mutual, the sea remains with the person forever. It does not matter where he is: a dusty and hot in Moscow operating office or on the beach. Choosing Marine dress, paid tribute to the sea.

For cool evenings marine desirable to purchase a marine style jacket or coat in the form of jacket that combines a beautiful gold-plated buttons as anchors. Generally, the anchor has long been considered a symbol of hope and faith, so that if you suddenly surrounded the issue, marine clothing style will give confidence. Sandals on a flat bottom and the dimensionless canvas bags will be thrilled lover of maritime adventure and mysterious sailors.

Clothes in a maritime style and fashion from famous designers are very interesting. Very original dresses in horizontal stripes, vests with hoods and original jackets had already merged with the sea and seemed beckoning to adventure.


Clothing & Fabric

Typically, the marine clothing used jersey. At night you can pick up a jacket or windbreaker in the form of his tunic. Marine style can be enhanced by using gold-plated buttons or buttons made as an anchor.


"Marine Style"

Since by and large marine style is most often used for recreation, shoes should be comfortable and practical. Well it will look rag shoes without a heel or a small heels, ballet flats will look great. Better to choose bright colors or matching clothing.

Shoes in a marine style is also represented in the assortment is particularly interesting look striped sneakers. World shoes designers like Sebago and Henri Lloyd did not stop at the blue and white colors for the stripes on their clothes and used the other shades such as black and beige.

How to Dress for Sea Kayaking?

Yachting & Marine Clothing - "Marine Dress Code"

Chanel - Fashion Marine Style

Yachting/Sailing Clothing And Equipment, "How to Dress"



A supply consciously selected from the best Hungarian designers' current collections - This is mono FASHION. If you want to have a look at modern and talent, up and coming domestic designers' creations and brands, you no longer need to walk through the whole city.There are many fashion styles of clothes and quality accessories you can find in Mono FASHION brand. Style clothes from elegant dresses and yacht style to street wear designed to provide particular creations and high quality products with modern cut that arc simple lined and elegant as well.



Home & Clothing marine unique style

A global lifestyle brand for Men, Womens and Kids clothing , as well as a huge selection of home products include Top Sail Collection evokes our nautical heritage with sailboat signal flags or racing.

at Right: Easy pullover styling, Boatyard comfort Dress with a bold presence in breathable pique-knit cotton and classically-nautical stripes.

Nautica Present in over 60 countries, Nautica is recognized worldwide for casual sporty style, together with quality and durability of it's products. Frame sunglasses for people with practical and active lifestyle. The lenses are polarized sun: UV protection, clearer vision and more contrasts, reduced eye strain, ideal for outdoor activities.

Women's marine style Clothing for everyday. at Left: Classic Linen Shirtdress in blue with stylish sleeve tabs in marine linen for summer


Doce DeCoco

Brazil - style trico

High quality Brazilian Lycra Bikini + and hygienic protection



Fashion House



Ðerformance function in harmony fabrics

Italian Style Clothing for the modern women and men

SLAM's (The combination of detailing , garment cut, detailing and the latest in fabrics) Italian heritage echoes through the styling of our Nautical Fashion Look is not all about sailors. Mix and match collections in carefully created colourways enable you to throw together a look of pared down sophistication. Riviera Chic - from the deck to the terrace our SLAM fashion range of Clothing takes you anywhere, your yacht or bot. Technical Sailing Clothing - Selected by many of the world's top sailors, we are famed for our comprehensive range of technical clothing for sailors. SLAM sailing gear not only protects against the worst of sailing weather but at the same time allows for freedom and max-comfort.


GILL, Floating Polarized

Marine FASHION style Sunglasses

Thermal stability Models - 'Eclipse' and 'Breaker', lightest weight Floating styles Sunglasses (pic below) full Glare free Polarized lenses by "Polaroid" CAB-7layers with high quality (fairly)scratch resistant hardcoating and UV sun ray protection.

Style and modern Floating sunglasses from 'Gill' designed with integral floatation and feature polarized and and Safety lenses specifically for use on the water.


Nautical-style Women's swimwear -

Bikinis, swimsuits, beach clothing

Freya - Paris

Fashion swimwear & lingerie

Freya- Paris is dedicated to giving you swimwear and lingerie that perfect fits Beautifully and looks gorgeous. The Hottest fashion styles include nautical line from a B to a J cup and ...Óou should Have it all.

Paris Stripe 50's The Paris collection model - Low Leg Brief Fashionable ad fun Nautical stripes with flashes of red color combine to create a true boardwalk amazing look and yachting style Swimwear .

Stripe Bandeau Tankini Top

"Riviera" Balcony Bikini - A nautical-inspired mix of colors of white and red and white knots


Sunseeker swimwear from Australia

Fashion Australian beach culture since 1970

Our fashion Brand - are known for our stylish and fashionable prints, and the latest-Trends in fashion, beautiful colors fabrics and quality fit which has earned us the reputation of being a leading swimwear company in Australia as well as a household name. Our swimwear offers women with new ways to celebrate their Body extensive selection of separates in a variety of quality fabrics, prints, selection of styles and colors.

Sliding triangle with loop side pant & Classic onepiece in Blue/Marine combination of colors.


Melissa Odabach

Italian swimwear modelling

Our fashion Brand - Melissa Odabach

modelling for top Italian designers and designs are inspired by Italian fashion for styles that are about simplicity and high-quality best fabrics with a timeless elegance.

Long sleeve stretch dress made in nautical-marine style or white stripes high quality fabrics with popper detailing on the pocket and shoulders.

A triangle bikini top from odabash offering removable padding and adjustable straps round on the neck in black or pink nautical stripes.


Pour Moi

swimwear and beachwear *Swim in Style*

Pour Moi swimwear - created a gorgeous range of flattering and colourful women swimwear also swimsuits and beachwear in a range of sizes that will flatter your body shape

Short Skirt - White The "St Lucia" White-Blue summer Skirt from Pour Moi swimwear Brand with a comfortable wide elastic and can be worn over your bikini on the boat, yacht or beach.

"St Lucia" White short Dress - feminine short women's dress swimwear designer looks adorable in marine colours white and blueand v-neck Designed in a lovely cotton for your holiday or beach that will keep you looking pretty & cool.



Italian-Style swimwear

Style for the woman who appreciates luxury whilst breaking the mould. Simply styled swimsuits and bikinis in beautiful fabrics best of all it covers a multitude of sins and that give a amazing look of elegance and lux for the Sophisticated Ladies.

Colette sleeves summer Dress - Beautiful "Verdissima" summer v-neck dress come above the knee with short capped sleeves in Natucal - Marine Style slate blue and white color with a cool ethnic feel.

"Verdissima" wonderful bikini designed in the distinctive and famous Liberty print style design of small blue and white ditsy flowers and pale green.




Halter style , Removable soft cup in Marine Stripe Style


Ralph Lauren

Over 40 years of Iconic Ralph Lauren style — plus advice and Inspiration to build your warm-weather wardrobe MEN'S and WOMEN'S STYLE.

Ralph Lauren 100% nylon Paisley Surplice + Tankini Top designed with a colorful paisley pattern in Ultra Marine Navy and add feminine style deep V neck line add feminine style to a halter tankini top.


Nautical Marine - Style

swimwear and accessories



Breathless canvas tote bag with handy side pockets designed in 100% cotton With its cool graphics in sky-blue.



Australian beach lifestyle swimwear and accessories

Most recognized swimwear,accessories and beach lifestyle brands in Australia and around the world.We provides women, girls and boys a huge range of Modern, Innovative and sun safe swim and lifestyle high quality wear and accessories are as important to us as they are to our customers for enjoying life.

Style for the woman and easy Carry your beach accessories in Tote "Azure" Bag designed from Seafolly In azure - blue lovely Marine color.

Tote Bag in Lovely paper straw beach bag in marine colors stripes white & black with large Seafolly placard on front and white rope handles Perfect for carrying everything you need for a long day at the beach or yacht.

Seafolly - beach trousers in white designed from womens swimwear to be really cool and comfortable to beach/marine wear and make a great addition to your staff. Keep you cool in white cotton in the hot weather on your best time holiday or beach.

Beautiful long length summer style dress for the evening or a casual beach look.

Seafolly - swimsuit from womens designed in a fresh nautical white-blue style


Banana Moon

- California swimwear designer

this great brand - Banana Moon create mix of high-end quality,style and high-fashion wimwear and clothes for the beach. Have a good look through our Banana Moon swimwear style clothes.

Banana Moon Corey Long handles Bag - that has a wonderful Marine-Tropic-look designed in navy floral print

Banana Moon Cotton Skirt with wide elasticated waistband in marine ,nautical style for young womens swimwear that will make a great addition to your beach wardrobe. Nautical style skirts present a look of a maritime fashion choice that is fashionable no matter where you wear it, Yacht Cruise or Beach, but wear don't have to be relegated to use on the open seas.

Banana Moon Design - Camdencot Calvin summer short Dress ideal for a holiday in the sun, 100% Cotton, cute spotty skirt and will keep you cool on beach. For ease of adapting existing outfits, a simple pair of nautical inspired wedge shoes or hat may be all you need to fit your style.


Manuel Canovas Paris

- Swimwear, Swimsuits and Bikinisand fashion style interior decorating

Manuel Canovas - Paris - specializing in interior decorating. World famous source for beautiful colors, styles and floral designs. Now started creating beachwear collections full of beautiful prints and amazing marine beach style bright colors.

Tulips beautiful Hat from Manuel Canovas,Paris - stylish hat from women's swimwear top designer. Elegance women's Hat in colourful tulips fabric.

Kids Two-Piece White-Blue Swimsuits designed in cool Vintage Nautical Theme with lace through accents of Spandex/Nylon


PHAX swimwear

Our brand "PHAX" dedicated to best Swimwear-style-design and produce and commercialize women who care for their lifestyle. Comfort and sensuality for feminine, modern and active women.


Baku swimwear and bikini

Baku - Beautifully made,innovatively designed with lots of care and style.

Ginja collection - popeye Navy - Nautical/Matine style, White and Blue stripes with anchors.

Baku Cotton Kite Sleeve comfortable "Kaftan" in White with loose open kite sleeve for hot summer days.


Style Women's

Shirts in Nautical/Marine themes

ORVIS nautical style Shirt

Short sleeves "Free-Care" casual Shirt designed from Orvis in Bold white-blue fresh nautical-marine-inspired stripes for sunny days and great addition to your summer wardrobe.


Style Beach Trousers

, Skirts and shoes

Melissa Odabach

"Melissa Odabash" White full length skirt looks amazing fantastic Teamed with any of the Bikini sets in white color with a sense of style and Elegance.

Melissa Odabash full length Skirt - Sky - really comfortable and cool and comfortable to wear with a loose leg and soft roll top. These dresses can be worn as a stylish Nautical fashion statement no matter where you wear them, at the Beach,in the Bedroom or Yacht.


Sie Lei Mare

"Sie Lei Mare" collection - cool and stylish marine style

Sie Lei Mare - A lovely cool and stylish marine-style long loose sleeves dress for covering up on the beach with a criss cross straps and a deep v-neck.

Sie Lei Mare - White Beach Trousers - lovely Baggy style Trousers with cute drawstrings at the ankle and drawstring waist.


American Eagle

Nautical inspired blue & white, Fresh in Style AE women's sandal in Nautical white-blue Stripe features chic details with a classic bow in a preppy stripe on the vamp and a lightly padded matching footbed for summer comfort, white and blue combinations is always in fashion.



One Piece of Women's more fun clothing & different facets of the Marine style. Nautical sandals collections - Jellyfish Thong - comfort and summer look Sperry lightweight and flexible sandals with Nautical Rope Detailing. The red and blue modern Jellyfish Thong sandals have youthful touch and a jaunty cheerleader air.


Style Men's

clothing in Nautical/Marine themes


Hats & Clothing

Tilley style Hats - Born to endure travel Travel in planes, rain, wind and sunshine.

Tilley - "T5" hat model Sewn with a Medium Brim from durable sailcloth fabric. This sailcloth white Hat is simply stylish.

Tilley "T3 Duck Hat" in Navy Cotton - The classic marine style Tilley Hat, designed in Cotton with on Both sides a medium brim. Incredibly Hat constructed of a durable and highly resistant sailcloth material that is still used by most boaters Today.




Nautical Denim zipper-Jeans (Cotton-Polyester) by Avirex with Multiple pockets.


Ben Sherman

Clothing, Fresh and Nice nautical Shirts collection

One Part of the Ben Sherman Natical collection - Mens cotton Button front closure shirt with with a spread collar from BEN Sherman US in fresh Nautical Blue Color.


Lucky Brand

Sebastino Stripe nautical Men's Shirt

Cotton Brand Henley athletic marine style, quality men's Shirt in Chain stitched seams with nautical worthy stripes.


Sebago Lifestyle -

Men's & Women's Marine Clothing

Great Styles & Prices Boat shoes and clothing

Sebago - Full on performance on the water,a little bit nautical Force 3 Style sport shoe for Marine Use , is the driving force in this Hardworking yachting/sailing shoe with slip resistant outsole in waterproof leathers.



Great Styles Apparel, Footwear and Accessories

Reef Men's flexible sandals - Great fitting Mens convertible Flip Flops summer comfort sandals with stylish nautical-blue color woven adjustable straps.



Styles Flips, Sandals & Shoes and Accessories

Boat Men's Sport Sandals Designed from our team "Chacos" Z/1 Marine is equipped with our new a slip resistant nonmarking "Vibram"Marine rubber Outsole, specifically created for boat decks. These mens softer sandals are a great buy for your next summer boat holiday


Burke Marine

Australia’s most respected and Dynamic and Innovative marine brands for Sailors

Specially designed Burke sailing White style Hat for boating, style and quality canvas hat features a wide stiffened brim, large ventilation eyelets and an under chin cord with adjusting toggle. In the wet/wind Marine also Saiuling Hat has a peak inserted in the brim at the front.


boat shoe "pro Deck"

High performance shoes for boat that offers excellent support and comfort made from Quick Dry Fabric upper ,Breathable mesh panels and Rubber sole ,all fabrics are quick dry materials and features ventialtion and draingae. Superior wet and dry grip.


Leather Fashion Boat shoes

Classic and style one of the best on the market Boat, also Marine shoes from Burke.Shoes
made from oiled marine Leather with cup sole, razor cut, solid Brass Eyelets sure fit for every yacht and boat owner.

Marine Style Polo

UPF50+ Proctection light weight and Breathable Marine Polo

New look style Short sleeve UPF 50+ sun protection Quick Dry shirt. Marine Shirt using sun and wet protection methods and UV fibres fabrics which gives a high level of protection against both UVB (burning) and UVA (aging).It wicks moisture away from skin and has a low water retention.This Marine style Polo makes the perfect garment for crew Yacht Club ar Gear uniforms designed from Burke for people who work, live, or play on the water.

Marine/sailing Short


Move seamless Short with removable closed cell foam seat padding perfect for the active sailor, made from fast dry fabric and Reinforced seat plus 3 zipped large pockets.

Marine short plus webbing belt that is as comfortable on the
boat or yacht as the shore Soft lightweight fabric with ample storage as well as protection in the seat.If you do not have this, you will need to take this ideal for summer, to fill your collection of good marine clothing.


Nautical fashion

for him & her


Nautical Blouse

Romantic Stretch cotton blouse from Gant
This blouse is great with jeans or chinos and accents give simple outfits with a business suit for a feminine touch.

Royal Gant Lady Nautical Fashion Blouse made in Cotton in White - Blue(Azure Blue) Stripe Ruffle detail down placket and
Ruffle detail on cuffs

A new head has brought fresh wind: The internationally renowned celebrity designer Brian Rennie, who moved to 2008 from Escada and Gant combines American-European-earth attitude to life and gives fresh impetus to the traditional brand.
Rennie, the tailor, among other things Jennifer Lopez's wedding dress on the curvy body, designed three trend lines for the upcoming summer season, one of which bears the name "Modern Nautical". And the sailors should find special favor: Rennie sets the maritime style with polo shirts, shirts jackets and shorts in the limelight, visually dominated by white, red, yellow and blue stripes and plaids generous. Clear shapes and lines make for simplicity in spite of strong colors and generous use of white elements conveys airy lightness. The look is fresh, sporty and full of joyful energy, figure-hugging silhouette for both men and women and straight and simple.
At last Rennie design again for both men, also he has to change to the Gant was particularly pleased, says Marie-Beatrice Froehlich, Junior Manager of the traditional textile trading company "to pigeon"and CEO of Gant stores in Vienna. "Perfect cuts and translucent lines are ultimately essential for men's fashion. I am convinced that this approach Rennie with his ambitious goal, gant establish as one of four design sportswear brands worldwide, is coming closer rapidly.

Henri Lloyd

nautical clothes

Nothing must interfere with their enjoyment or their concentration while sailing. Especially not the clothing. The continuous development of the Henri Lloyd products together with Sailors give you the security of the chosen optimal have to. With GORE-TEX OCEAN EXPLORER, TP2 SHOCKWAVE lines Henri Lloyd opened up new ways to develop a powerful offer, which Your individual requirements and expectations fulfilled.
Optimized products, which are limited to the essentials to bring up to 25% Weight savings and better protection for maximum breathability under different conditions from mild to Brisebis storm with high waves on the open See. The latest soft shell clothing and extreme moisture wicking FAST-DRI fabrics maximize freedom of movement on board and keep warm at the same time and dry.

Offshore Sailing requires a clothing with exceptional
Properties. Both racers as well as cruising sailors are often exposed to extreme weather situations. The Gore-Tex Ocean Explorer clothing, made ??of a soft and lightweight fabric with no lining complies with all requirements for such conditions.

Gore-Tex Ladies Marine jacket OCEAN EXPLORER -Unlined jacket made of Gore-Tex Pro Shell jacket with high collar lined Polartec 2000, with stowable hood with visor OPTIVISION for a better panoramic view. Zipper, which can be closed in both directions, Front pockets and hand warmer pockets with Polartec lining. Adjustable elastic waist, reinforced with Cordura lower back. Aermeltasche and Eyelets for automatic life jacket.

Gore-Tex jacket OCEAN EXPLORER - The model for women and this jacket has a feminine waisted cut and has the same features as the men's jacket.

Gore-Tex trousers OCEAN EXPLORER - High-cut trousers with a new section that is adapted to the body contours. She has no food and is therefore easier. The bib is higher for
even more protection against wind and water supply guarantee, adjustable suspenders with velcro strap, thigh pocket and two hand warmer pockets with Polartec
Feeding. A novel adjustable waist allows a perfect fit with
durable Cordura reinforcement on knees, ankles and buttocks.

With Shockwave Henri Lloyd brings a new marine clothing line, which can be adapted for various types of sailing to the Crewmitgiiedern good protection and comfort guarantee.
Whether for long-range, coastal, or offshore keelboat racing, shockwave line provides excellent protection for any application on board, because it allows the wearer to adapt to his needs. Shockwave is the first Sailing clothing line in the world in a modular baffle system in- tegriertwurde. It allows the level of protection against bumps and Aufpralleselbst
to vote or to change depending on the regatta, boat type and function on board.

Henri Lloyd

Marine Sunglasses

The new carbon color sunglasses from Henri Lloyd has been specially developed for water sports. The eyeglass frames are made of acetate, are lightweight, flexible and as it were unbreakable. The polarizing filter protects Blend effect on the water and provides higher contrast and clearer visibility with Sun. With 100% UV protection.
The lenses of the sunglasses QUANTUM also have a coating which guarantees erabweisende, the fast roll off of the water
and dirt particles can not fix so easily. The view is
thereby significantly improved. The glasses are supplied in a sturdy case.

Escape The Sun in style

UVA/UVB protection hats

We live in a world of compromise and for the most part I accept that. But even though protecting my face from the sun is important, so is looking good while doing it. UVA/ UVB protection that helps fight the visible signs of premature aging is important to most people, but especially to boaters. That's why I really like the Escape The Sun In Style line of hats from Dorfman Pacific that were created with a very specific purpose: to protect your face from the sun in style. ETSIS offers a wide variety of hats, with each including a pair of SunEscape snap-in side protection panels that drape around your cheeks, neck, mouth and nose. These panels not only help cover your face, but when boating they will also help keep your hat on your head. Originating from Hawaii there are plenty of great styles to choose from, but it was the camouflage print cap that I liked most. The unique snap-in panels can be used in several different ways or not used at all. ETSIS hats range from $50 to $75 and truly give your protection while offering style. by Nicole Richens, PDB Magazine.

published: Ponton & Deck Boat(PDB) Magazine | march 2012


heidi klein bikinis Tu at Sainsbury's and kaftans

published:Brides | September 2011

sunglasses styles:

Style Candy

Frame academy | In Style 2011

Baffled by the overwhelming choice of sunnies out there? Get clued up on how to be on trend and flatteryour face with our ultimate guide by Oliver Peoples founder Larry Leight

Larry's rules

1 "Complement your face shape. Balance a long face with a deeper frame and flatter a round face with
a rectangular style."

2 "If you have freckles, opt for a darker variation of tortoiseshell, so your freckles don't look like part of the frame [like these Ralph Laurens]."

3 "The best thing about aviators? This style can be worn by any face shape andean be dressed up or down."

4 "Blonde or fair? Honey-toned frames or smoky lenses like these add warmth to your colouring."

5 "Step away from black. Gorgeous amber, tan or deep red frames make a flattering and fun alternative."

6 "If you're wearing ornate frames [like this Versace pair], tone down the jewellery and steer clear of big earrings. Less is definitely more!"

Who wears what Be inspired by the stars' specs appeal

Katie Holmes's Jackie O frames look chic on her square face shape.

January Jones's jaunty red frames add a sporty touch.

Kate Bosworth's round face shape is perfect for a Wayfarer style.

Oversized rectangular frames are flattering on Kelly Brook's oval face.

Lady Gaga's heartshaped face and round frames are a winner.

SJP balances her long rectangular face with deep frames.

Shady lady! Find more fabulous sunnies at:

published:In Style 2011

Editors letter Style July 2011


Swimsuit ODYSSEY

Sarahs iourney to find the perfect one-piece

The collection is a collaboration with Brazilian swimwear guru Lenny Niemeyer, a woman he met on his first trip to Rio 10 years ago (instigated, as it happens, by Roberts' late collaborator Issy Blow). 'Lenny had made this extraordinary one-piece bathing costume 'The Brazilians have such a knowledge of the body. They live in swimsuits every other day, so they really know how to cut them, how to flatter, and the Lycra they've developed is really wonderful - it's like wearing Alaia in the water.' From Ninivah, I find myself wandering into the Heidi Klein boutique offSloane Square, a breezy temple ofbeachy chic. From the bare wood floors to the artfully arranged pebbles and the sunshine-yellow 'magic' light that floods the changing room, stepping in here actually feels like going on holiday. I can practically taste the sea salt on my lips. 'What we've always done is to create a very friendly, empathetic environment,' says co-owner Penny Klein, who trains staff not just to understand her customers' body shapes, but to facilitate a psychological shift to stop them shopping defensively. You feel different on holiday, reasons Klein - better, sexier, slimmer even... 'And you can find yourself looking around at women in much skimpier swimsuits than you, and often end up thinking, "Oh, actually, I wish I had taken that sexier one. I feel a bit frumpy in my sensible navy M&S swimsuit.'" Under Klein's guidance, I gather up a brown Seventies-inspired number with sexy gold hardware and a tie-back halterneck, a fantastic one-shoulder snake-print suit with subtle boning on the bust-line; and a coral one-piece. I squeeze myselfinto them in the magic-light changing rooms and they all look (I can't quite believe I'm saying this) rather great. My serotonin is rising. I feel like I could stay all day. Then Klein insists I try a gorgeous plunging halterneck white suit - the Nassau. 'But it's white and I'm white' I protest. 'Well, it's cream, which is much more flattering than white, and anyway you're not that pale,' she says nicely, but firmly. The suit is padded on the bust (another personal no-no). 'Padding is something that's quite misunderstood,' reassures Klein. 'It doesn't necessarily make your bust look much bigger, it just gives a bit of support and a nice shape. This has got a nice cut on the leg - too low is deeply unflattering and too high can look very Eighties - and it's in a textured plisse fabric to hide any lumps and bumps, not that...' but I've rather stopped listening. The Nassau really does work on me. It's a gorgeous Marilyn Monroe sort of swimsuit (sexy, but with its miracle-working halterneck, slightly retro too). I'm going to take it. And the snakeskin one-shoulder number, which I've decided will look great by the pool or for lunch with my tobacco-coloured flares. I feel faintly delirious as I swish out of the store, swinging my slick white shopping bag. I've broken so many of my own rules I'm practically high. Lounger, here I come.

Article published in : HARPER'S BAZAAR | July 2011

Shaun | 2011



Because all shades ain't the same under the sun

By Jordan Pulliam

1) The Throwback Get ready for a blast from the past. The Moscot Zelig's vintage-style frames will make you the most popular guy al the sock hop. They've graced the faces of stars like Johnny Depp and even Daniel Day Lewis. So cool, even the Fonz would say, "Ayyy!" LENSES: Warmer and clearer than most plastics THE X-FACTOR: Retro style

2) Fashion Frames When you want good-looking threads, you go to the top fashion designers. Why would you do anything less for sunglasses? The John Varvatos V710 glasses have sturdy metal frames that invoke a swanky look and fashion-type feel, LENSES: CR-39 gradient with 100 percent UV protection THE X-FACTOR: Blends vintage and modern elements

3) Doing A 180 The Integral from 180s are slick, ultralight and perfect for keeping your eyes covered while exercising. The state-of-the-art frame design holds on tight - even when you're sweating, LENSES: Polycarbonate coating THE X-FACTOR: Temples that rotate

4) Havin' A Meltdown A meltdown is usually the last thing you want on your face, but you can make an exception for these shades. The Bolle Meltdown is constructed of lightweight metal alloy and includes adjustable rubberized temple tips, LENSES: Includes an assortment with precision edges THE X-FACTOR: Weig/is less than an ounce with silicon nose pads

5) Made In The Shade And for the person who has everything ... the Proshades Visor Case. You can wear it around your head as a glare-reducing visor, and it's windproof. It also doubles as a sunglass case and conies in a variety of colors and patterns, THE X-FACTOR: Hangs around your neck for easy storage

Stripe off pounds


For Text Browsers:

Sure, vertical stripes are more slimming than horizontal-but did you know stripes can sculpt your figure? It's true! You can elongate your legs with a pair of vertically lined wedges, boost your bust with horizontal bars across the chest, and more! No matter which striped piece you choose, you're bound to look amazing!

Horizontal lines across the chest make ' the bust appear bigger, while vertical stripes below give the illusion of a longer, leaner you!

$68. LC Lauren Conrad (, style name "Striped hatter maxi dress").

Pin this brooch on your lapel to draw attention to your decolletage!

S26. Jane Tran ( style #134KEYLIMEGREEN).

Vibrant colors help bring attention to your eyes!

$55, Alejandra Sky (, style #7840287 in aqua).

Jewelry organizer

(front): $28: purse kit: $16, Trina ( for store locations, style names "Essential jewelry organizer" and "Essential purse kit" in Kelly stripe green).

The 31/2-inch wedge helps calves look toned!

$59. Diba (314-373-1280 lor stores, style 94828 4 in yellow stripe).

The vertical lines on these wedges visually elongate your legs!

$44.95 each. Restricted style name "Linda edge pump").

Summery striped headbands focus all eyes upward, making you look tall and trim!

$42 each. L. Erickson ( style name "Blair bow headband" in summer cottage stripe in lime, aqua and pink).

Kapu Bikinis

swimwear from kids to women

Kapu Bikinis translates to tabu in Hawaiian, Hence the name because they are tiriy suits and could be considered tabu by some people.

"Kapu Bikinis was launched in 2006. I was inspired as a local boy that grew up on the beach in Hawaii enjoying the surf, girls in their bikinis and photography. We have so much natural beauty in Hawaii why-not show off some of the beautiful women that are here and come to the islands of Hawaii. In fact I sold bikinis in college to-make-some extra cash and imagined-a-company down the road that could fulfill all my passions."

The swimwear caters to women who are looking to show off their bodies, feel good about themselves and be able swim and surf as weft as just relax and tan. The fabrics is long lasting and the colors don't fade. Women tell me they trust the quality of the suits not becoming loose in the water or falling apart after a lot of sun and water exposure.

The type of women that enjoys Kapu suits range from teens and kids to women in their SO's. Women and Kids enjoy these product and are comfortable and conffdent with their bodies. They love that Kapu suits are so light it feels like they, are wearing nothing at all. Kapu suits make a statement and they grab attention wherever a Kapu woman goes, What women doesn't want to Be appreciated for her beauty.

Where to buy: Kapu is sold only in Hawaii and Hulakai Stofe in Maina Lani on the Big Island. Our Swimwear has been featured in car shows; stand up paddle races and on "My Antonio".

you can view the suits at

Swimsuit Illustrated

Young-at-heart lifestyle Fashion Magazine for your Style

Wow, what a ride! When Chuck Neauenbaur, owner of Swimwear Illustrated, suggested I take over Swimwear Illustrated Magazine and its web site, plus the operations I jumped at the chance. (Joe Goodwin and I formed Red Comet Studios earlier this year to take on projects just like SSI.) To have the opportunity to take a traditional T & A genre magazine and transform it into a young-at-heart lifestyle Fashion Magazine. SSI will be devoted to covering beach locations, and beach fun resort wear, vacation activities and young-at-heart adventures. SSI will now be adding men and menswear along with maintaining the traditional beautiful women and their health and beauty tips. We, at SSI, are also creating an outlet for up and coming models and photographers to display their work and promote themselves worldwide. So, we will always welcome contributions from new people and suggestions from all.

Swimsuit Illustrated Magazine, is a state of the art, social media friendly, web-based internet magazine with the ability to view it on your social media devices, at home on your desktop or web enabled TVs. You can also print it on your home computer or have the choice of a hard copy printed collectors edition.

Stayed tuned on where you can Order it! Since we are dedicated to you, our loyal SwimSuit Illustrated fans,SSi will are giving away our first couple of issues! Swimsuit Illustrated Magazine will constantly be looking for new designers, models and photographers, that are on the cutting edge of what "real" active women and men are wearing and enjoying at the beach. Not just the gorgeous vacation beaches of the world. But what is being worn at the rivers and lakes of the Czech Republic, the ponds of Maine, the high mountain streams of Colorado, and the watering holes of the South. Where ever people enjoy the fun beach lifestyle. SSI will now be printed and distributed on the first day of each season to celebrate the coming of change.

Now more fun news. We, at Red Comet Studios, have decided to start publishing a sister magazine to SSI, Jorrnh. It will be focusing on the Fashions of a young attitude and style. Fresh new models and a young lifestyle. We will cover club wear to outdoor wear, hiking boots to hip club shoes, designer wear to vintage recycled clothing, plus, accessories and creative fashion tips.

We, at Red Comet Studios and Swimsuit Illustrated Magazine, are proud of this issue and hope you enjoy it. We are pleased to introduce our new advertisers, models, and photographers, to our global market and looking forward to creating this opportunity for our future friends. Have fun at the "Beach".

Heidi Fish Swimwear designer

Heidi Fish World-renowned Swimwear Designer By lana Klenz Heidi Fish, began designing swimwear in 1999. Self taught, she started her business in her kitchen and began selling her designs at a local beach. Now, Heidi Fish, is one of the world's most renowned swimwear designers. Fish's swimwear has been featured in, and on the covers of, numerous top magazines and fashion publications around the world.

Many of her clients are celebrities. She is known for her creative, unique, and fashion-forward designs. The cutting edge of swimwear. Like several of her suits in her Navaho Collection, featuring sexy fringe and bead detailing. Or, her Goddess of the Sea Bikini, from her Couture Swimwear Collection, with sea shell embellishments dripping down the front of the bikini top. Her designs aren't simply swimwear, they are a fashion statement.


Kids Swimwear designers and Brands

Visit to see Kids Swimwear designers and Brands include Kids world fashion -spring & summer 2014 Collection, featuring amazing swimwear.

2014 season: Summer Color Trends

Navy blue and gold triangle top bikini.

One of the most sought-after summer colors of the 2014 season. This bikini has metal gold tone chains with accompanying O-rings to provide a unique feel and fit to this modern piece. The specific, marine fashion costume made, soft texture of the fabric contrast the metal components offering the perfect balance for a bikini that will definitely be classified as the new must-have trendy look. Come in Imported Nylon/Elastane fabric.

To see more

swimwear trends - Here's a look at what is on the runway and what's in the store for 2014

Didriksons kids clothing

far from old fashioned

Top-quality clothing for kids, which provides warmth and waterproof protection to young sailors and is fun and appealing. Prices may be fairly high, but the items are promised to last and wash well.

Swedish company Didriksons ( has been making waterproof clothing for a century, yet its new children's.

kids clothing, Jackets , hats and products are far from old fashioned. The brightlty-coloured autumn and winter 2014 clothing range immediately appeals to the eye. if not to those on a budget.

The fluffy pink Cruz Fleece jacket and trouser set, with reinforced elbows and knees plus elasticated ankles, is an immediate Hit for small Children.

The thick and soft pile fleece is hard-wearing despite its fluffiness, with two-way stretch technology for improved durability, flexibility and much comfort.

Kids liked the outfit's five pockets and large neon green Velcro zip tab. A fluffy chin guard meant it was comfortable fully zipped, and the outfit provided warmth and style for a boat trip.

JC Penney store - White Style

...they are fantastic. They have so many other wonderful colors and styles and labels. It is amazing at the styles they have for everyone to wear these outfits you just have to know how to put them together. True, maybe not the go to for a stay at home, but if you are professional in a clean office like many its not impossible.

Cute clothes in marine style for those models but not practical. Have anything for a stay at home mom that doesnt want to wear sweatpants on the weekend but most people in this world arent stick models that can wear white all day without a stain forming.
Pants or shorts are one option. You could also see if JCP has a "personal shopper" in the store who'll help you w/ some ideas. Or maybe a "fashionista" friend who'd love some girl time w/ you & helping to find some great looks that'll work for you & your lifestyle! and All the best on your hunt!

White is fun sometimes when your out and about, but you need to shop around the store and find what works for you. Check out the Joe Fresh shop or the bright colors in the JCP shop, both are built around casual clothes. I love ANA and for work Worthington. Some of the Liz Claiborne are nice to, you just need to shop in the various areas to include the clearance racks to find great deals that fit your lifestyle said Kathryn O'Neill.

Garmin GPS-watches

Garmin Forerunner series of devices plus Marine watches. GPS fresh solutions for your fitness, outdoor, automotive and sailing.

i5 Headwind yachting coat

If comfort is key you're going to like the soft and snug Headwind sailing jacket by Gill. It's modern and stylish and works well as a town and style yachting coat.

It's pretty clever too - internal thermal gates within the jacket fabric 'close' if it's cold and start to open keeping you comfortable and allow excess heat to escape if temperatures rise.

Elasticated cuffs and a drawcord hem keep chills out and there's a wealth of pockets with zip in easily accessible, neonhighlighted spots.

If you're travelling to your boat or yacht and don't want to haul a bulky traditional jacket around, this will squish down to almost nothing, and make a good pillow for the journey.

It will handle the odd shower and is a strong wind defence. Gill sailing clothing Company says it's a great mid-layer and recommends layering it underneath your waterproof for maximum performance, yet we found it worked well worn alone for spring cruising and at this price it's also a bit of a bargain.

LALIZAS Sailing clothes

All clothes are designed to meet all needs. The Company offers a a wide variety in the design and manufacturing of sailing clothes and accessories, combining certain characteristics and qualities , such as breathability,waterproofness, durability, comfort depending on the atmospheric conditions and use clothes are intended for.

Lalizas suggests combinations depending on their features, so as to help you make the right choice. However, all sailing jackets can be combined with any of the Lalizas trousers.

All the Lalizas sailing bags are waterproof apart from the zipper. Depending on the model in order to avoid water passing through, the main zipper is covered with a flap.

Can the sailing jackets be combined with trousers other than the ones suggested as a set in the catalogue. They come only with shoulder straps.

Sailing Jackets & Trousers

LALIZAS sailing jackets and trousers are constructed to last for a very long time. However, they may be damaged after a period of time, if they are not used or cleaned properly and according to their instructions. For example, misuse of the clothing may result in tears and holes, and the use of softener will probably damage the PU or PVC coating.

Note: clothes should be hand washed carefully with mild soap and lukewarm water, in order to be kept in good condition. Avoid using washing machine, strong detergents or softeners, as these will probably destroy the PU and PVC coating material, thus reducing their water impermeability.

the sizes

The HTX 15000 in blue navy and red

Only the HTX 15000 sailing jackets (on photo above) and trousers and the Fishing clothes (FT) are available in XXL size. The rest of sailing clothes are offered up to XL size.

In Fact all Lalizas clothes are mainly used for sailing.

Despite that, the some Inshore Trouser and the Inshore Smock Jacket by LALIZAS shown below are suitably breathable, waterproof and resistable against the wind, so as to be used for snow skiing.

For more Information visit

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StarnBag - Extremely durable High Tech Material Sailor Bags from Germany