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Nobody is quite sure, but the Nautical look could catch on.

As a rule, fashions and style are fairly easy to predict, oncesomething "works good", it just seems to come round over and over again.

Coco Chanel

This summer, it's time for a spot of naval gazing once more. It was Coco Chanel, at the turn of the last century, who first made it sartorially acceptable for women and girls to dress like a First Mate, with her nautical hats, jersey sailor dresses, wide-legged sailor trousers, believed to be fashion's first foray into trousers for women and jaunty sailor caps to be worn over neat bobs.

Greta Garbo

The likes of Greta Garbo were quick to follow suit and, ever since, many of the world's most famous women around the globe have tried to get attention by nautical dressing like sea dogs.

Greta Garbo gets it right in a striking medley of plimsolls, dressing grown and
jaunty nautical captain's cap.

Over the years, the nautical look has been carried off with varying degrees of success.

Britt Eklan

From the top picture down, Britt Ekland better known as Britt Ekland, in very little other than a sailor's cap, just managed to stop Ahoy there.

Left Photography: Christina Aguilera | Right Photography: Rod Stewart posed on a boat with Britt Ekland in NY

Paris Hilton Style

...slipping over into Oh Dear! by being bewitchingly beautiful, which is more than can be said for the Paris Hilton terribly tacky take replete with strategically placed anchors, provocative beach style costumes and nautical style elements.

By the look of her, though, she seems to think its working for her. Although Lulu usually gets lots of prizes for ageing and dressing very well, the silky seafarer look she sported at Elton John's party earlier this year was a low point.

In truth, the Fashion accessory that no nautical wannabe should be without is
a healthy sense of irony.

Christina Aguilera Style

Thus, by camping it up with red lipstick, plenty of diamonds and a cheeky wink on a recent tour, Christina Aguilera pulled it off with aplomb.

Christina Aguilera's nautical style

photo: xposurephotos

Hugh Hefner

The same could also be said of Hugh Hefner who, in the vein of jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis in Some Like It Hot, is a sailor with a smirk. Rufus Wainwright could
perhaps take a page out of his book next time he goes to a fashion show dressed, with deadly seriousness, as a pop version of Popeye. Land-loving sailors
take note; if you don't have a boat or vessel , make it a bit of a joke.

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