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Panama Hats - Panama Hats - stylish and classic hats that fight the waves, the wind and your balance. Panama Company get their hat-bodies from Ecuador and finish them in the US.

Classic and classy Panama hats

Panama hats

Hand formed Panama's- he best straw in the business Merril Lynch work in the family business "The Panama Hat Company of Florida and he's modernized tha process to extend the life of Panama's that are hand formed in this shop by applying a unique Teflon coating and inside-the-crown crease reinforcement.

A premium Montecristi, made from Ecuadorian toquilla straw can cost upwards of $2,000, and take four months to deliver.

Men's Panama Hats

3/4 crown and a classic 2 1/2-inch brim hat
Panama hat comes with a 1 inch Coolmax sweat band equipped

Custom Fedora Panama Hat

This classic style is the Panama N1 Best Seller product. this low crown Hat called "fedora" has a a classic 2 1/2-inch brim, Vam Baur sweat band, brim turned down in back and front and 3 3/4" crown. In add You can to choose your own color band for your style.

Custom Vented Fedora Panama Hat

Pinch proof & Teflon coated, Panama company now offer their great Custom Vented Fedora hat in L/XL and S/M both designed with a 1-inch "Coolmax" sweat band. This Panama is guaranteed to take a couple fishing trip. Without having to worry about getting a waffle tan - enough air passes through the hat's vents for warm days fishing or traveling.

Ladies Panama Hats

durable and soft  Rafia Hat
Panama Gambler Hat

Twisted White PHC601w Seagrass Gambler Hat

This hat is stylish designed for ladies. For better sun protection Gambler Hat comes equipped with a comfortable Coolmax ™ sweatband and cloth under brim.

Ladies straw Hat Raffia

This durable and soft hat "Rafia" will stay snug on a windy day and thanks to a smaller size brim in the back of the hat it won't hit the back of neck when ladies look up.

You can see all available Panama Hats & Fedoras models on the Panama - store page site.

Tony hand forms only expensive Super fino Panamas in the store for an authentic American Panama that does justice to the best straw in the business at a price below that of top tier Montecristi. While raffia, twisted sea grass and paper are more easily packed for travel, it's the fine Toquilla straw that's recognized the world over as having that classic and classy Panama hat look and feel.

Panama Hat Plant

Cariudovica palmate

The youngest leaves, before they open and turn green, are woven into very fine hats.

These great hats are actually made in Ecuador, not Panama!

During construction of the Panama Canal, the hats protected workers from the strong tropical sun.

These days, a high quality hat can cost thousands of US dollars!

The Panama Hat style

The Panama Hat style is a traditional brimmed straw hat of Ecuadorian origin. Hand woven straw hats from the region were originally referred to as toquilla hats. Panama as it turns out, was the original point of international sale for this type of hat in the mid-1800's and the name Panama Hat stuck.

The Fedoras

Never mind the hat - whoever thought the deckchair ticking was worthy of a boating jacket - the boating jacket is uniquely British - stemming from our oldest public schools and universities - based on their desire to be unique. - however it usually involves blue purple green and red.

Tips for caring and traveling with your Panama hat.

Below you can find some tips for traveling with and caring for your Panama hat.

When traveling, pack the inside crown with clothes and build a surrounding of clothes to protect it from damage. You can multistack hats ,larger over smaller, ana then protect them with a barricade of clothes the same fashion. The best way to carry a hat however, is right on your head. Panamas seem delicate but they're more flexible and forgiving tho they appear, just be sure to leave your Panama hat upside down so it doesn't lose the curve on its brim.

Pick a style to suit your look and intended use. Stingy brimmed hats of (2" or less) are very popular since they allow a clear view of the face but wider brimmed hats offer much better sun protection.

Salt is a hat's enemy, so invest in some travel packs of lanolin or aloe baby wipes. An occasional cleaning of the sweat band and the outside surface will keep sweat or sea spray from ruining your hat.

Choose a natural color Panama with a black band. For a dressy look turn up the back of the brim. A snap brim indicates snapping the front brim up or down. These hats are classic accessories to cigars and guayabera shirts for that signature "Cubano" look. Add a seaside view and your favorite beverage for a totally sublime get away.

And Note. Don't toss those vintage Panamas away-they can be restored. Old master hatter, Corvelli is the go-to expert for any questions about hats or hat repair.

Try online

Your hat will cost about 65€ with shipping and I'm very satisfied.

These days Panama hats very often come in modern sizing (S,M,L etc.) so it's easy to get the right size at first try. People strongly recommend buying Ecuador straw hat - my first "panama hat" was albo bought at seaside for 5€. When I bought my first true panama, I was blown away by it's quality. Also white is a very good choice - on natural straw sweat stain are much more visible.

Borsalino is pretty overpriced in my opinion. If it's your first panama hat you don't have to buy super fino. For past four years I used unter fino, which might be considered as not-too-good quality but I have to say, I can't believe how durable it is. Advice - buy "cheaper" but original Ecuador straw panama hat - you're going to learn how to take care of it, and what kind of panama would you like to own next.