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Under the brand "StarnBag" provides the Sail-service Starnberg - handmade board and all-purpose bags.
All products in their range are made entirely by hand in workshops in Starnberg. They guarantee thus traceable production chains in manufacturing style and a very high quality.

Sailor bags

StarnBag - handmade sailor bags

All StarnBag's bags are made only with selected high quality materials from Germany.

In cooperation with some renowned boat manufacturers a wide range of on-board and leisure bags Marine and also for all-round area could be created.

StarnBags are very robust, durable, extremely UV and light stable in seawater field.

Board bags (anchor bags)

Handcrafted bags on Lake Starnberg, which are also can be designed individually according to the requirements of different boat owners.

The padded anchor bag For example, the dimensions: 50 x 20 x 30 centimeters
is secured with Velcro. That Material should be especially robust and UV-stable, and so - can also withstand rough handling. In the colors black, gray and white will cost the bag 109,90 Euro.

The small case for the MP3 player or mobile phone is 29.90 euros.

anchor plus mobile sailor bags

BIG PACK StarnBag Bag

Extremely durable (up to 120 Kg) handmade sailor Bag. Plenty of room 40 x 60 x 40 cm to carry everything you need when you are on the Boat and not only.

High Tech Material Bag -  Extremely durable

By producing in factory style, StarnBags have the opportunity to your personal and your customers' wishes individuel respond without creating minimum quantities or other mass production-related obstacles.

for contacts:

Telefon: +49 8151 55 55 33


Boat bags, cup holders, BlockCaps and accessories (

All Sailotec board bags are available on request and with our fishing clips for quick and easy fix to the coaming or the handrail.

Sailotec manufacture these unique cup holder for the cockpit - accessories for classical and modern ships. The special thing about this board is the mounting cup holders, which is individually possible quickly and safely and without any additional fixings.
The system is based on our flexible mounting clips made of fiberglass-Texalium® for various applications for easy attachment without drilling, gluing or screwing.

Custom design: all clips can be specially made for your boat and at the desired position. Alternatively, we can mold the clips directly on your boat.

The clips are suitable for boat bags, cup holders, GPS and electronic instrument holders, etc.

Sailotec BlockCaps

BlockCap - the end to the quirks. The block cap leatherette or natural rubber protects your boat against damage of about optimal beating blocks. Originally developed for dragon boats, the BlockCap is now seen in many other types of boats. The BlockCap there are standard in 5 different sizes for blocks of 6 to 14mm ropes.

Fits single and double disc brand to all blocks as Harken, Ronstan, Sprenger, Lewmar, Barton, etc. Of course, they also can manufacture special sizes and colors by order.

Sailing Fashion

Made of high quality and virtually indestructible Dralon®-fabric Sailotec hand and shoulder bags from sailing to trendsetters. Sailotec tote bags are individually handmade. Maximum smallest small series production guarantees the uniqueness of each Sailotec Boat and sailor bag. But the sole use for sailors aboard the Shoulder of Sailotec have long since removed. Thus one finds the Sailotec bags on the beach and in the city as often as in the harbor among sailors.
expect the pockets a little ending life expectancy. The processed YKK zippers and LoxX® closure buttons round out the promise of quality.

Spinnaker bag 

The spinnaker sail bag can be quickly through the fastening technology with Velcro straps, safe and individually attached to each type of boat with pulpit.
An integrated elastic band in the lid holds the spinnaker is not used safely in the bag, thus preventing out labor - however, by tightening of the case automatically slide out of the bag. Advantageously, when racing, - a quick setting of the spinnaker is made possible.

Sail bag

The acrylic coated material is waterproof, stain-resistant and tear-resistant. The streetwear bags have a carrying capacity of at least 70 Kg.

Sails East sailor bags


The sailmaker "Sails East", which mainly manufactures sailing, has expanded its collection of canvas bags. After the huge success of the blue and the "Toilet Bags" "Gear Bags" these models are now manufactured in a trendy gray. In addition, a new Notebook-Bag was developed, which was adapted to the needs of sailors and the rough board everyday. In everyday use, school, college, work, these bags are often used to stand out from the crowd and to come out as a sailor.

GEARBAG (60x30x30 cm)

- Sail bag made of sturdy 600 D and high-tech sails laminate cloth PX 10 from Dimension Polyant

RoundBag (60x30 cm)

Sail bag of extremely sturdy D 1680 and with hightech sailing laminate cloth PX 10 from Dimension Polyant
- Inside zip pocket (35 x 10 cm)
- Outside pocket with velcro

ToilettBag (30x10x10 cm) - Sail bag made of sturdy 600 D and high-tech sails laminate cloth PX 10 from Dimension Polyant

Laptop bag

NotebookBag - Laptop bag made of sturdy 600 D and high-tech sails laminate cloth PX 10 from Dimension Polyant

- Insulated enclosure for notebook
- Mobile Phone / GPS Case Hand
- Padded carrying handles
- Padded shoulder strap with non-slip
- Div pockets
- Key Holder