Syrup Swimwear®

A Los Angeles based Swimwear line that merges exclusivity with world-class design. This brand brings EU influence to America’s pool scene for both: girls and teenage girls.

The fashion brand Syrup Swimwear maintains its high standard of nickel and lead free jewelry grade hardware, trims and fine fabrics, and a fit that is worked and reworked to perfection. Note:All Swimwear designs are manufactured in small batches or individually - custom designs.

Acacia swimwear

All Acacia collections of swimwear and swimsuits are inspired by designers Lyndie Irons’ and Naomi N.

By : Largodrive - Womens Swimwear, Lingerie

Every girl rocks her Acacia Swimwear bikini in a unique way. Added By : Vida S.

Gabrielle Swimwear

South African Gabrielle Swimwear Cmpany is focused on Retro styles swimware, include Vintage and Classic statement piece or bikini. All they are very populars among teens and young girls, they would feel comfortable in, reflecting good summer taste and individuality, it offers the girls even more freedom and specific style. Vintage swimwear comes in a variety of fab fits, in exclsuive range and you'll be able to find it at

Girls looks are all so different, in their fashion tastes and body types, Gabrielle Swimwear offers individuality styles and opportunity to find your perfect suit this season.

It's a Brand new from Gabrielle Rose Print Hipkini Bottoms Swimsuit Edition.

Hipkini bottoms for teenage girls: some new  Summer Rose Print

grab the set: "Lori GS bikini" with ruched bum bottoms in the pink-print, shows up more when wet.

 shoot of Teen's Swimwear, pink Edition

Gabrielle Swimwear Model stuff

 shoot of Teen's Swimwear, pink Edition

Beautiful Jussi in mis-matched GS cossie

Mis-matched Gabrielle bikini

Photo Shoot in Sri Lanka: Floral elements with ruffle bottoms

 shoot of Teen's Swimwear, Floral bikini

Sedica K. Photo - Awesome bikini

 shoot of Teen's Swimwear, Sedica floral bikini

Girls & Teens Swimwear
and Brands

Swimwear fashionistas - Swimwear and Suits

Teens’ swimwear


If you are locking for different style, summer jet setting Verano will help you pick a few modern styles for your spring or summer break getaways, or just because you feel like a new bikini.

The Swimsuit designs combining to give you a sophisticated style, Unique designs that are used in Verano High are a mix of amazing silhouettes, exotic prints, nice hues and silhouettes.

Photo shoots: by Nantucket chevron. NC bikini looks on SI Melissa Haro model

Juniors Mmacys Swimwear

Browse through New Look's girls and teen girls collection of quality swimwear including swimsuits and bikinis.

From tankinis and bikinis to swimdresses and two piece suits , you’ll find a here great suit to last you all seasons long. You can Coordinate with maxi dresses or sarongs , as well as a comfortable pair of open-toe wedges and sandals.

If you’re looking for a specific or unique style of a swimdress , you’ll discover at over the halter and shoulder tops, tops,triangle bikini tops and much more.

Acacia Children Swimwear


Style, seamless comfort for Childrens and Teens

The brand is focused on custom prints, intricately detailed sophistication designs and fine buttery fabric. Acacia has expanded to include resort wear, a teen’s line named Honey, include footwear and accessories.

Mommy Daughter Style Bikinis

Kourtney K. Is Obsessing over Mommy Daughter Acacia Bikinis.

on photo: Acacia mommy - daughter bikinis with floral printed bikini and children's two piece bikinis in same warm style and a little Kourtney glow.

Acacia swimwear

BeachCandy Swimwear

Fashion Brand located in California, Corona del Mar. Company offers boutique Swimwear and modern Beachwear for girls and young girls.

Take a look, BeachCandy offers unique Bikini in black with Swarovski crystal.

BeachCandy FB Snapshot

Kini swimwear (Australia)

another touch to experience

coming for Brave Teen Girls and Women

Keping cool with Kini swimwear. Seeing their swimwear designs come to life. It’s the first company in Australia focused on swimwear sector where girls and women can actually design their own swimsuits and bikinis online. They always try to stay true to their KS swimwear philosophy that ticks all the new fashion, styles, fit and comfort.


Betsey Swimsuits

Zappos believe beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, The swimware model wearing these styles on photo below is named Betsey, but you can check out some of Zappos other beauties here

Zappos models are truly representative of real people. Throwing in a couple size 14 gals is hardly what the vast majority of people making about the real women.

Teen and Kids'

Shop thousands of swimwear models. looks for little swimmer and kids. In additional Zappos girls’ swiming collection features some of the best fashion swimware brands around.

At Zappos you can fnd everything from board shorts and surf shirts to the season’s hottest swimwear for Teen and Kids'. Fall in love with a one-piece O’Neill or Toobydoo tankini, in add a Seafolly Kids swiming set for your young Girls and Boys.

From babies and boys to beach bums, Zappos have something for everyone. From stripes to fine tropical prints to plaid, Brand offers collection of swim trunks,surf shirt and swimsuit in all sizes and lengths for your boy.

Zoggs swimwear for girls and boys

From boys to mens, from teen girls and kids to women you will love Zoggs colorful and bright collection of swimware. They have plenty of fine patterns for adults and children. At Zoggs, you will find a huge selection of children's swimwear.

Available for kids aged 6 to 14, and teens, all designed from durable materials comfortable and stylish swimwear for girls and boys, so that you can rely on Zoggs quality swimwear for plenty of time on pool.

Boys and Arrows


Every piece of Boys and Arrows Swimwear are designed and manufactured in CA, Los Angeles. Boys and Arrows used only quick drying and chlorine resistant fine Italian fabrics and they guarantee the perfect fit for girls.

the Boys and Arrows wearing girls

Fabrics from recycled polyamide yarn features exceptional color and breathability which allows the swimsuit to absorb sweat.

Boys+Arrows two piece bikini,top in FL looking ridiculous - for party girls: THIS Boys+Arrows MULTI-TASKING TOP WILL KEEP YOU COMING BACK

Boys and Arrows is your destination for young girls Swimsuits, Bikinis and more including the latest trends, styles, and patterns.

real summer life in FL looking ridiculous: Swimwear style for teenage girls.  Make sure you go and get your BA from their amazing stockists in your area.

Boys and Arrows. Photo shoots behind the girl swimsuit line

being all amazing  - MULTI-TASKING Bikini + TOP -  FL summer life Boys+Arrows: swimwear Models - Amazing Blue and Pink Bikinis

Three of the best Little Models in a bikini with ice cream in hand.

Little princes - from the beginning of Boys+Arrows Swimwear

For the latest BA bikinis: Check out for details and on Boys+Arrows favorite 2015 swimsuits and bikinis.

Beverly Swimwear

Swimwear born on southern California. Swimsuits are referred to as the exclusive swimming attires worn by young girls, while on the beach, or going for a swim. All models are designed from the Beverly's heart. She love to beach style , design, and create smart and stylish swimsuits.

While the still Beverly Swimwear giving you a classic look they hit all the latest trends. Tankini, Vintage Bikini or One Piece - these swimsuits are available in different types of fabrics. All swimsuits are handmade.

Beverly swimsuit in fireStripes looking ridiculous - 2 swimsuits are handmade

Each fabric (all purchased in the U.S.) that is used by Beverly for making more attractive Girl's Swimsuits is designed and carefully cut for a perfect fit and will last many seasons.

Swimwear fabrics

Swimwear Brand is focused on giving women, girls and teengirls more modern and stylish options while give you the perfect swimsuit and allowing you to remain modest.

Below are shown some of the handmade models of swimsuits from Beverly. Company is also able to customize your wish to have the swimsuit you've always wanted.

 really cute Beverly - Girl's swimsuit designed from strap fabric real summer life in CA - Girl's swimsuit with Beverly B. 2-piece styled bikini  for your flirty life. Affordable and customizable  allowing girls or teen girls looking hot.