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Fishing Equpment: Clothing, footwear

In this article we will go all that is needed for fishing gear except: the clothes, shoes, and fishing gear. clothes for winter fishing >>

Clothing for fishing

Fishing Clothing

- and fishing gear

Usually, the classification of fishing clothing and footwear say about the winter, summer and autumn - spring. Personally, I think that rather talk about clothes for fishing at a temperature above freezing and below, because there are cases when, in July have to wrap up warmer than in October. And it must take into account the tremendous diversity of climatic zones in our country from the Arctic to the subtropical region and the widespread development of fishing tourism.

Thus the period of open water, start with the shoes. What shoes to wear on a fishing trip? Let's start with the easiest, when the heat reaches 30 degrees in the shade and fisherman crawls deeper into the water and want to fully undress, but do not have to, because even if the look of your naked body will not cause anyone harm, the bare heel cut broken Glass is a reason to stop fishing, not to mention the long spoiled the mood. Nor for anybody not a secret that the last time in our country greatly multiplied a new kind of animal waste products which are broken glass, cans and plastic bottles.

Protect yourself from this can be wearing on his bare feet worn sneakers or sandals, but with a further transition wet shoes leg up blood. Perfect shoes in this situation are special shoes for water sports, and they are very comfortable sitting on the foot, not wet, the water from them quickly follows, leaving the foot dry, do not rub the feet with a long walk, suitable for climbing on rocks, and most importantly their sole does not slip even on wet metal, which is very important when using a boat and fishing from pontoons.

Their only drawback - it cost about $ 50, sell such shoes in specialty stores that sell water-motor technique, and surfers. An alternative option costs are bathing slippers with rubber sole and elastic synthetic upper.

Fishing Boots are made of leather, from the canvas upper and rubber, leather boots, impregnated with special hydrophobic lubricant is very comfortable for long passages where the water must come round and deep. Tarpaulin boots take precedence over the leather of their cheapness, but otherwise this shoe is sick of the whole male population, for obvious reasons. Rubber boots are absolutely impermeability, but not suitable for long distance.

Previously, when the boots go all the polls, they put a foot-cloth, now it is an anachronism, much more comfortable to wear wool socks, and rubbed the top so as not to stretch thin nylon socks.

Fans of outdoor activities they know how important the right clothing for hunting and fishing. It will give you comfort during outdoor activities, protect from cold, wind, rain and mosquitoes, will be a perfect disguise. Universal clothing for active rest is camouflage. We offer you a wide range of winter and any-season clothes. Winter clothes before universal costumes, as well as specialized clothing for hunting, camouflage suits. Camouflage for the autumn-spring is divided into specialized, such as clothing for fishing, and versatile.

To meet a number of specialized clothing stringent requirements. It should be comfortable, in camouflage a person can walk for a long time, so easy - a mandatory feature of such a suit. Fishermen and hunters have long to be in the same position, so the camouflage must warm up, to prevent overcooling of the body. Choosing clothes for hunting and fishing, note the length of the jacket, it may be just above the knee, but no less, otherwise you run the risk of freezing. Suit should be windproof and is moisture that is particularly true for clothing for fishing.

Fishing equipment

- for Quality Hunting, Fishing

Let's start with clothes angler, as it is diverse, and finding it not so easy. Clothing for fishing could include the following elements: the outer garment that protects against wind and water, the lower garment, which provides heat retention, as well as various accessories such as gloves and safety vests. Each kind of clothing has its own distinctive features.

For clothing for hunters and fishermen have very strict requirements. It must be reliable and the most robust, since it holds people for quite a long time, while being in extreme conditions. Clothing for hunters and fishermen is simply obliged to protect from wind, water and cold, as is the case, and is its main purpose. Warm clothing for hunters and fishermen should be, thus, not only warm but also very easy because the weight of gear is pretty impressive, and the clothes should not further increase it.

Fishing - complete rest for men who value peace and solitude of untouched corners of nature away from the noise of big cities. However, the pleasure which modern men receive from enjoying the outdoors, can often spoil the wrong pick up clothes: after selection of clothing for fishing requires the same attention as an option, for example, clothing for skiing.

Clothing for fishing, as well as, in fact, any other special equipment, is responsible primarily aims solely practical: protects against wind, rain, mud, inevitable near the reservoir, provides warmth, while not limiting freedom of movement.

Modern manufacturers of clothing for fishing has long offered an effective alternative to natural fabrics, and in particular, cotton - synthetic materials that are much more practical, fast drying, have a much lower weight and also characterized by high strength and durability.

A variety of synthetic materials and garments made from them, you can select clothes for fishing to suit all tastes and budgets. The most common materials - Coolmax and Supplex: they are made from special fibers, extremely dry fast, effective job of removal of moisture from the surface of the human body. In addition, an indispensable material for clothing is fleece - polyester-based material, is durable, moisture resistance, high insulation.

Fishing equipment

- Schoes

Depending on the season footwear for fishing can be different: it's rubber boots, which is convenient in the summer and autumn, and so-called "Canadian" boots, and a special insulated winter shoes, fur-lined boots to climbing or army boots.

"Canadian" boots are recommended for winter fishing, form a sort of "hybrid" - the basis of rubber and uppers of synthetic or conventional canvas. In such shoes requiring special insulated inner layer - Felt, wool, fur. Unlike clothing for fishing, where the presence of special insulated synthetic materials plays a key role as a fishing shoe fits virtually any warm waterproof winter boots. Perfect for ice fishing warm high boots, fur-lined or with synthetic insulation, ski boots.

In addition, there is a special kind of footwear for fishing - a "hybrid" of pants and shoes made of waterproof fabrics such as neoprene.

We should also say a few words about shoes for fishing in general, and on shoes for the winter fishing in particular. Every angler should have a few pairs of shoes, each of which satisfies certain requirements and is suitable for different weather conditions. For example, if you will catch fish in the coastal strip, it will need quite high boots, which can be a long time in the water. Footwear for winter fishing should be comfortable, warm, foot should not it be cold, but should not sweat.

In addition, it is important that shoes for winter fishing is not too massive, since the move on the ice and snow for the fisherman's already uncomfortable. In order to comply with these rules, shoes for winter fishing should be made of modern high-tech materials. In addition to winter footwear for fishing hunting can buy special Thermo socks that perfectly warm leg, the conclusions of the excess moisture and keeping feet dry. High-quality winter shoes for fishing hunting will not only comfortable, but to really protect you from cold and temperature changes.

Of course, the most important requirement that apply to footwear for fishing - it must be sealed. Contact with water when fishing or walking in the forest is inevitable, and it means that your shoes for hunting and fishing, no matter whether it's shoes for ice fishing or light footwear for fishing, do not be afraid of the water and be protected from its penetration. At the same shoes for fishers should be insulated, because the stand, often have a fairly cold water. Even if it's footwear for hunting and fishing, designed for warm season.

No fewer claims are and to design clothes and shoes for hunters and fishermen. It should be convenient to have a large number of pockets and special loops for attaching small items. As a general rule, clothing for hunting and fishing has a protective color - it allows you not to attract attention, because it is known that for fishing and hunting can not wear bright clothes, it will scare away the fish or animal. Another advantage of the garment for hunters and fishermen is that it is not enough mark on it are not visible stains. Of course, special fishing clothing material can easily wash it, even during the trip - it dries quickly.

Clothing and footwear for fishing will need to both novices and professionals. Due to the fact that clothing for hunters and fishermen for fishing and footwear represented today in a wide price range, you can easily choose the suitable kit. If you want to buy clothing and footwear for fishing, we recommend that you stay on well-known brands on the market. For example, for footwear for fishing, we recommend that you buy shoes for winter fishing and Husky Fly rods, which are well known to lovers of outdoor activities. Such footwear for fishing will serve you for years, and you can be sure that even in the bitter cold is it to you will be comfortable enough.

Fishing equipment

- Winter Weather Fishing Wear

Just a few years ago, clothes for winter fishing is any more or less warm clothing that can protect against the cold in the winter: men who love fishing, the winter had to put a few sweaters, several pairs of woolen socks, cotton pants and even coats. While all this gear, of course, safely protected from the cold, moving in heavy clothing was very difficult - so much she weighed. Today, thanks to numerous manufacturers of clothing has changed dramatically: to replace heavy natural materials such as wool came to light and warm at the same time, synthetic, heavy cotton trousers and coats have replaced light overalls.



Summer with head uncovered fish is not recommended: you can earn a Sunstroke or heat stroke. For sun protection suit cap with a visor, wide-brimmed hat or a soldier's khaki Panama.

However, no hat, no protection from the sun's rays reflected by water - there needed sunglasses. Special glasses for fishing supplied a special coating, directed specifically against the sun's reflection on water. When you purchase you will be prompted to look at the holographic image, adapted to check the quality score. Do not give up!

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