Foul Weather Gear and Quality Marine Clothing, Sailing and Yachting Clothing & Gear Mfr's.
Henri Lloyd - Technical Sailing clothing, lifestyle Men's, Women's, high level of garment performance and shoes
Musto Outdoor Clothing and Sailing Clothes, Footwear and Musto Mens Jackets
Gill From sailing, yachting to cruising - waterproof clothing
DUBARRY- Irish footwear company, marine footwear, performance clothing and accessories
Sebago - Marine Clothes - Boat shoes and clothing
Baltic - Safety Products, lifejackets and buoyancy aids
Tilley - Finest Hats
Sailing Angles - comfortable sailing gear and protective active wear
Mustang Survival - Aerospace safety, marine and survival wear
Jeantex - Sailing Clothing, Sail Jackets, Deck Shoes, Boots and Trousers
GAASTRA Sail Clothes, Apparel, Footwear and accessories for women, men and kids
Marine Clothing - A useful Clothing manufacturers, article and info
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Foul weather gear and high-quality yacht & marine clothing, Listings

Range of Sailing clothing and Accessories

Men's and women's Sailing jackets

Fishing clothing for Sele by owner

The best sailor's knifes

Buyer's Guide - The trend in foul-weather gear and how to select

Gore-Tex® Clothing

Nautical Fashion

Life jackets, inflatable life jacket

Deck shoes, board shoes and water

Fishing clothing for Sele by owner

Marine hats

Yachting/Sailing Clothing

Beach Style & fashion

Marine use: Clothing and Shoes | style & dress code

Boat Clothing & Accessories, Boat Shoes

Boat Clothing & Shoes

Boat Accessories - Marine Clothing and Shoes

Clothing and Shoes: Foul Weather Gear, Hiking Suits & Shorts, Footwear, Hats, Sailing Gloves, Sailing Shorts, Duffel Bags, Marine style Clothing, Yacht/Sailing Clothing

Fisherman's clothing

Ice Fishing-Clothing - clothing & Layering - "What to wear tips"

Clothing and footwear for fishing

Popular Hat & Cap Manufacturers

Fly Fishing Hats - Key features, Different styles and models

Fishing Clothing by Fox - Soft Shell Hooded Jackets, Hooded Sweatshirts, Winter Suits and Combats

Scierra Boots & Waders - to make all seams welded in stead of stithced Scierra use Unique new hotmelt technology.

Foul Weather Gear manufacturers

Gill - Designing marine gear

Henri Lloyd - High level of garment performance

Henri Lloyd Sailing clothing - models 2014: Sailing Trousers, shorts, Jackets and Vests

Musto - Sailing jackets, clothing and shoes

Mustang Survival - Survival manufacture and marketing of aerospace and marine safety, survival equipment and Accessories

Baltic - lifejackets, Floatation clothing, trousers and sailing suits

GAASTRA- GX-01 ocean sailing, CG-02 coastal sailing and inshore Wind-and waterproof Jackets, Vests and Trolleys as well as the Pro Sailing collection

Jeantex- Yachting Wear , Sailing(Jeantex T3000) Jackets and Trousers

- Types of PFDs Life Jackets, Models and Manufacturers

ASTRAL - life Jackets & Vest, Men's, Women's, UniSex and Kid's PFDs specific kayaking, canoeing, sailing and rafting. A modern and unique approach to designing recreational thin foam vests.

Favorite PFDs for swimming and paddling

Hiking Suits & Shorts

Sailing Angles - Sailing gear, comfortable gear for racing or cruising

Boat Footwear

Dubarry - Marine Shoes, Sailing Clothing

Dubarry Ladies and Mens Fashion - Boat/Deck shoes

Gill - Designing marine gear

Henri Lloyd - men's Boots, Trainers and Deck shoes

Sebago - Boat and Deck Shoes & Sailing Shoes for Men and Women

GAASTRA- footwear & fashion for women, men and kids

Jeantex- footwear & Deck Shoes and Waterproof Boots

Musto footwear


Tilley - Man's, Women's, Children's Hats

Nautical and Fishing Hats

Gill - Marine gear

Henri Lloyd

Popular Hat & Cap Manufacturers

Panama stylish Hats

Sailing Gloves

Gill - Gloves

Sailing Angles - Synthetic leather Sailing Gloves "stay soft when dry"

DexShell waterproof gear - Socks, gloves and hats for boating and outdoor activities

Sailing Shorts

Sailing Angles - Breaker Sailing Shorts

Sailor Bags


GAASTRA- bags and footwear as well as the Pro Sailing collection

Henri Lloyd

Women's shoes from Henri Lloyd


Tilley - Tilley Bags & Accessories

StarnBag - Extremely durable High Tech Material Sailor Bags from Germany

Swimwear and Suits

Fashion for kids - kid's clothes & swimsuits

Swimwear and Brands - Teens’ swimwear

Botanica Swimsuits

Extra Swimsuits - Functional & Fashionable Swimsuits for women

Beach Clothing & Accessories - The Hottest Trends

and jewelry, Jewelry artwork

Scuba Diving

Diving Fins - Scuba Diving Fins & Equipment online

Manufacturers and exporters of boating parts,and accessories. Top producers in the Industry