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Sandy Feet Kids Swimwear Australia

When yon ask someone from OS what first comes to mind when they think of Australia, our pristine beaches arc waaay up there. Usually , the Great Barrier Reef and an image of "Paul Hogan" in a crocodile-skin vest. Of course, along with the beaches come the bronzed babes. Aussics in barely-there ensembles typify australian culture like Vegemite on toast.

And just when you think the swimweare market is bursting at the seams with every suit and style possible, enter a new player - one who's already making quite. Sandy Feet girls and boys swimwear include a huge selection of . kids rashies, boys boardshorts, sun shirts, swim hats, UPF50+ children's togs and swimsuits, unique, fashion-forward take.

Sandy Feet Company from Australia captures the essence of what it means to be an Aussie kid in Australia during summer. SF's girl's swimwear and suits are designed for maximum sun protection. With an eye for detail and quality they offer the various styles of the swimsuits and togs.

The new girls collection of swimsuits and togs are UPF50+,, front lined, chlorine proof and quick dry and chlorine proof. There are many styles of Kids Swimwear and Dresses you just have to see:

Smaahjerter swimsuit & fashion is one of Denmark's biggest web shops for kid's & children's fashion and they have an impression selection of great apparel for both boys and girls.

With more than 60 brands there's something to suit every taste, and the buyer, Iben, is amazing at spotting new trends and must haves for her shop. As there's currently a sale at, the lucky winner of the 1500 DKK-gift card can shop till she drops and get great value for money.

My little square

Pumpkin patch frilled kids swimsuit

Petit Voyage

Petit Voyage brand is an ultra cco-conscious company featuring high quality Pima cotton, baby and kids alpaca and organic fabrics available for specific customers. Their inks used for printing arc natural and free of chemicals and even garment snaps are nickel-free.

Many of Petit Voyager's simply refined styles are eversible, mixing such fabrics as Pimacotton interlock, pointelle and waffle thermal knits. "This collection is inspired by the little world traveler, the true citizen of the world. We incorporate design inspiration from pre-Colombian Andean symbols, to Japanese design elements."said Rosario Valle Lau - Petit Voyager's CEO.

Tres Flores Unique swimwear

Tres Flores is a new swimwear brand producing a unique suits range for young girls,kids and babies designed from only the very best fabrics with a modern twist
and classic designs.

Maribel Swimpants

A beautiful patterned Swimpants with in green paisley for Very Young from 1 to 2 years and 3 to 4 years Girls. Comes with hand sewn orange bow detail.

little girl in Tres Flores patterned Swimpants

Bonita Kid's Rose Collection

Take a look at details below. Each pink or sky blue rose is individually hand sewn by Tres Flores.

Limited Edition Bonita Kid's Bikini in sky Blue and pinktwo little girls in Bonita Kid's Bikini

Other Companies:


Women and Kids Designer Swimwear & Clothing

Neptunes Kids Swimwear Boutique

Great Two  Piece at Neptune models

When it comes to kids' fashions, the company "Neptunes Boutique" one of the biggest trends based in Miami knows how to make the little baby her favorite mini to look beautiful.

Neptunes little girl on the beach

Neptunes offers fashions fabulous and functional swimswear for mommy, but little babies and kids are getting in on the action too. Cover-up's are colorful, cool, colorful and creatively detailed, a beautiful blooming-touch and fantastic styles.

Quality Swimwear clothing for everybody


cheap brand-name kids swimsuits

Skidders Footwear Inc.'s

The new SUN GRIP SHOES are designed of a soft neoprene material with an ankle toggle to fit baby just right. The new CASUAL SPORT SHOES were developed as the ultimate
toddler kids shoes, with a durable outsole but flexible outsole and a fashionable look which is great for daycare and playing in and around the house. Skidders Comany is also an authorized licensee of MLB, NFL, and CLC sports teams and they have introduced several new gripper sock styles for kids. The Company also make several footwear products for Ladies too!
With over 107,000 fans on Facebook. primarily Mothers ages 24-36. Skidders is becoming a well-known brand in the market. Today - The Skidders products are sold in over 20 countries and to over 10,000 retail outlets across the USA and around the world. As Skidders Kids Footwear now continues to grow, they remain focused on innovative products that improve and nurturea healthy, fulfilling and active lifestyle for both the Mother and their kids. The full new collection can be viewed at their website at:

Botanica Swimsuits and Bikini

To see more

Kids swimwear with easy access snaps on the bottom

Went on a trip to the beach We had the cutest, so we thought one piece bathing suit. My husband got her ready to go swimming, We got down to the pool only for me to realize he used a REGULAR diaper instead of a swimmie. She had just started potty training and decided it was time to go.

RUSHING to the bathroom, her bathingsuit hanging the diaper looking as though it is about to explode we finally make it to the little ladies room. NOW, I had to wrestle with the bathing suit just to get it off, WET and NOW COLD, once the bathing suit released the diaper it exploded, little bead like things, all over my feet and lets, all over the baby, while i am standing there in shock and horror she is standing there peeing. YIPPIE we ALMOST made it. We now have another little girl, Hopefully when summertime comes we can have a great bathing with easy access snaps on the bottom so this wont happen again, that and let mommy get her ready for the pool remembers Trish A.

Women's Swimsuits for real ladies

Real Women's Swimsuits - Fashionable and Functional beautiful Swimsuits for women, for real life, for real people.

Banana Moon Teen and Kid's swimwear collections

Focus on the trends of the season: To choose the right swimsuit, that'll take some doing! Besides, this is not the kind of article you would swap with your best friend.
For each morphology corresponds its model and type.

A Letarte Swimwear Inc.

The label of Company is available at 400 wholesale stores, at high-end department stores such as Bergdorf Goodman and fashion boutiques. Letarte operates four of its own retail stores in Greenwich, Nantucket, Maui and Palm Beach.

Letarte teen models Lisa and Michele show two-piece bikini swimwear ot tha beach in Maui.

And something interesting: How to monitor your teen's / kid's Facebook account without his knowing?

see someone's Facebook wall, even if you're not friends.

Neptune Boutique

Whether you need cover ups, kids dresses, pants or swimwear, the Neptune's is a fashionable Nouveau and unique Women's and Kid's Swimwear store. They offer a huge selection of quality swimwear by best Designer-Brands where you can find swimwear that will meet your or your kid's demands.

Alanna is spending the day at Neptunes Kids Swimwear, now with their new collection for women as well, great cloth, awesome prices girls, not only online but also with a store in Miami, call the store at 1-877-994-2678, you won't regret it, great place to buy, check it out.

Kayokoko Swimwear Inc

Kayokoko Swimwear Inc is North America's Top Kids Designer Swimwear store.

Fallin in love with the new season Hartley kid top and Lily bottom in Redwood

When you think of spring break, what's the first clothing items that comes to mind... a new swimsuit and cover-up of course! Kayokoko swimwearfor girls sizes 6 - 16. Get your kids ready for your Spring break vacation.

Shop for new Spring Summer 2017 Designs. See New Styles and designers such Bikinima, Blue Life, Frankie's Bikinis, Karma, Greenlee, Benedetta, Flash Tattoos and much more.

Kayokoko Swimwear strive to ensure that their clients get the exact fit and style that they are seeking.

Swimwear and suits
fashion for kids

Kids Swimwear and Suits

kid's clothes & swimsuits

You love that when it comes to kid's clothes and swimwear everything is allowed, even in ways that most adults You can mix patterns and colours in innumerable ways.Have your kids wear a classic outfit in the style of French Riviera or Royal Copenhagen one day, and then go all in with relaxed beach style, Jungle Fever or Hawaii theme the next.

Below you can find more about, - with tons of inspirational fashion tips,swimwear brands around the world, so there's no excuse to hesitate!

Tayla-Lu Kid's Swimwear

The Signature Cut of Tayla-Lu children's swimwear is Australian designed brand for children’s swimwear for both young and girls and boys, that rate from babies to size 12 yrs.

Tayla-Lu use high quality fabric which has UPF factor of 50+ and lycra content. All they are vibrant and funky, in beautiful styles and eye-catching patterns designed for little girls of all ages.

vibrant swimsuit plus hat Pink Butterfly  Full piece Swimwear Children's Swimwear  - New Pink Hibiscus for $39.00
full piece Swimsuit for very young girls Tayla-Lu Childrens in new Swimwear funky kid's Tayla-Lu Swimwear

Two Little Princess in Tayla-Lu full and one piece Swimwear model for Only $35

Cool Kids Suits, with SPF

Don't settle for an ordinary swimsuit. Many now come with something extra: SPF 50 to shield the harmful sun's rays.

The Kid's Place has stylish swimsuits for baby to adolescent, including an adorable pink suit with ruffles and sun hat for a newborn girl and a 'surfer dude' suit for a baby boy. You'll also find SPF-rated swimwear at major retailers, including Lands' End, Gap and Target. Suits start as low as ten dollars.

for contacts:

may be interesting:

Nuys for Kids - Blooming Toes

Ever arrive home from running errands only to discover that your kid or baby
has lost a shoe? Worry no more with Toe Blooms, adorable feet decorations
for your baby girl or boy. Creator Hallie House has gone all out to ensure that these cloth sandals stay on your baby's feet and look good all the while. She's also added a line of flowering headband accessories for girls. View the full line of kids accessories online at web:

Petit by Sofie Schnoor

children's clothes & Kids fashion

A new fashion brand for kids had arrived and would soon take off. The many beautiful collections of clothes and shoes are not only a playful mix of elegance and edge, but they also contain a simpleness that puts the child in focus. Sofie Schnoor finds inspiration around the globe, when she visits second hand shops, markets and more - the encounter with a tiny piece of fabric, a button or a string can inspire a completely new collection.

When it comes to kids, the fabrics must be light and comfortable to wear. Sofie Schnoor work a lot with cotton and fine knitwear. Concerning shoes, it's important to me that the materials are soft and flexible leather. Company use Italian leather, primarily.

Flap Happy Swimwear

UPF 50+ Asymmetrical Kid Swimsuits

By making a UPF50+ barrier Kids swimwear and hats comes to protect from the sun. They works better than sunscreen because it doesn't come with the risk of many chemical sunscreens. The unseen skin damage that most people don't get to see, and to show the importance of starting to protect from the sun from very early in life, as sun damage is cumulative.

That is where UV protective sun hats and apparel as well as sunscreen definitely help to protect your kids from the sun.

the brand nee mermaid's dream come true this spring with our Flap Happy Swimwear piece mermaid swimsuit set

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UBANG fashion for kids

The Danish fashion brand for kids UBANGhas initiated a collaboration with Japanese Bandai to create three exclusive nightwear collections which will be launched on the Japanese market thricc during 2013 and 2014. The images for the first collection will be a mischievous monkey, a good-natured elephant, a happy octopus, and a giraffe stretching its neck along one of the sleeves. Thus, the concept is faithful to to designer and owner Ulla Bang Jorgensen's fundamental vision:
That kids' clothes should appeal to curiosity as well as being integrated in play and work on the kids' premisses.

Sop more at

Isobella & Chole Kids Swimwear

Fnubbu's kids collections

A new webshop,, has just opened and there are tons ol temptations. Fnubbu is a Danish clothing brand which since 2009 has created collections for women in exclusive cashmere and wonderful prints on cotton and silk. The designer behind the brand, Signe Moller Jensen, decided last year that it was time to open a web shop and with a sharp eye for fashion and good taste, Signe has carefully selected great products from other esigners and artists which compliments Fnubbu's collections. Fnubbu now opens the doors to the new shopping universe. Fnubbu are especially hooked on the many lovely swimwear, clothing and products for kids. A babybody with watercolour printing, peculiar cards and mobiles are on the top of our wish list.

for contacts:

CVR: 32671713

Boy+Girl , LA

children's fashion brand

The American children's fashion brand Boy+Girl was launched in spring 2012. The collections offer a combination of ethnic prints and great materials from Japan, Europe and the US. The collections are a mix of lovely ana edgy styles which all embody a philosophy declaring that the child can live, play, and trow in the clothes. Boy+Girl is all about quality and good esigns who inspire outdoor life and fun. The designs for Doys are inspired by the Californian surfer style and skater culture

- this is in stark contrast to the girls' line which is inspired by European sensitivity.

See and

Todd Girl Kids Swimsuit

Unique childrenswear collection modern range of swimsuits with great emphasis on fabrics individual styling and detail.

The New creative collection and playful fit for kids through a mix of colours,fabrics and fun prints, girls and boys will be able to find themselves in this playful summer collection.

Little Hanbury Boys' Clothing & Fashion

Little Hanbury is the name of the loveliest web shop for kids only between the age of 2-10. Little Hanbury has managed to create its own universe full of cool brands such as Indikidual, Quenotte and Nico Nico. There's a large selection of tops,swimwear and trousers as well as cool shoes and accessories. Sarah, who's the owner, has a fabulous ability to select and mix the perfect styles. There's no doubt that you'll find your favourite outfit to junior in no time.

Kids world fashion

spring & summer collections

This season's Spring/Summer 2014. collections offered a strong selection of fresh, wearable apparel with clean, striking designs.

the mostpopular Kid's motifs.

At the 17th edition of Kleine Fabriek, Amsterdam, visitors enjoyed a presentation of appealing styles displayed in a pleasant atmosphere with a decidedly positive vibe."True entrepreneurs have to stand out" was the widely shared view here, and"complaining about anything, even the weatherhas become strictly taboo,"said a Kleine Fabriek spokesperson. This show's unique combination of middle to high level kids fashion, accessories,products and homefurnishings strives to be colorful, trendsetting and innovative. Visually compelling graphics and prints are a specialty here, with nature-related themes continuing to be the most popular motifs.

Molo Fashion

Molo,Brand from Denmark, presented intricate and vividly colored full-coverage prints on a huge range of styles from baby coveralls and swimsuits to cool tee shirts for kids teenagers. Designs of daisies, pandas and lily pads were rendered in vibrant palettes, while a group of striped garments were equally eye-catching.

Africa kids 2014 collection

Amsterdam's Wild featured an"Africa" collection, a theme also seen at several other companies this season. Gorgeous photo-real graphics of zebras, elephants, lizards and tropical birds are artistically interpreted on high quality tee shirts, dresses, legging and more. The line is attracting a loyal group of young admirers who add new collectable styles to their"Wild" wardrobes each season.

The Oilily collection

especially lovely this season as the company celebrates their 50th successful year in business. The line featured all Dutch-themed looks with motifs including tulips, bicycles, windmills, road maps and lace patterns. These traditional motifs are recreated into fresh, contemporary designs with a great deal of charm. Outstanding sportswear was seen at No Tomatoes, Tumble 'n Dry, Mood Street, Stones & Bones and many others offering high quality clothes with creative styling.

Froy & Dind organic fabrics playwear

For those interested in organic fabrics, Froy & Dind from Belgium was a popular choice, while Denmark's Fred's World, Ej Sikke Lej and Mala showcased bold, simple prints on practical knit playwear.

In Florence, Italy, the 77th edition of Pitti Immagine Bimbo attracted 10,000 visitors, including a high attendance of international buyers coming from Russia, Spain, Germany, Turkey, France and Belgium as well as Middle Eastern countries. The show featured a slightly different layout this season, with the directional"New View" section conveniently located in the central pavilion, giving greater visibility to these highly creative smaller companies.

In the main area of Pitti Bimbo some of the season's strongest collections were seen at Gaultier Junior, Roccobarocco Kids, Ermanno Scervino, Simonetta and Twin Set.

The generous schedule of runway shows included more companies than ever before. II Gufo, Parrot, Fun & Fun and Twinset are among those companies presenting great fashions, adorable models and elaborate choreography which delighted the audiences.

A group show including several children's wear companies from Spain was a welcome addition. Spanish collections such as Boboli, Bambolina and others are consistently high in quality, value and originality of fashion design.

the newest Quis Quis Kids collection

Quis Quis, the newest collection by the co-founder of Pinco Pallino presented elegant, luxurious outfits for boys and girls including intricate embroidered dresses in ethereal fabrics. At several of the runway shows, boys wore outfits of casually chic striped blazers, shorts and straw Fedora hats, creating a mood of easy-going nattiness.

Stella Cove - kids swimwear models

Stella Cove - kids swimwear models

The meticulously made line of resort kids wear without focusing on one particular target market, which was borne from a laidback conversation is now ready to take on the world with their ever-growing collection appeals to parents everywhere that now includes swimware, products and accessories beyond the swimsuit such as cool kids sunglasses. Although the collection is now available in 21 different countries at 250 stores.

the Italian Brands

Generally, styling at the Italian companies are paired down and less frou-frou than sometimes, while creativity and consumer appeal was not diminished.

Versace Kids & John Galliano

Versace Kids made a splashy statement with an energetic "Rock & Roll"and comic- book inspired collection while John Galliano Kids showcased ultra-creative graphic designs.

Paul Smith

Paul Smith presented a theme of earth and space travel inspired by the music of David Bowie. Their new, trendy"tween"styles interpreted from the adult line should be a big success.

Fun & Fun

SFILATE PITTI BIMBO Video 2014 Fun & Fun

As always, Fun & Fun attracted a steady stream of buyers to their ambitious range of sportswear for girls and boys of all ages. Their exciting runway show is a great opportunity to see these fun outfits put together, including accessories such as fringed boots and flower wreath headbands for girls.

From jeans wear and street wear collections to the highest level luxury looks seen in the Apartment area.

Pitti Bimbo

Pitti Bimbo continues to hold the position as the most comprehensive event for international children's fashion.

Rounding out the Spring/Summer 2016 season has two important shows in Paris: Playtime and Who's Next. Playtime is steadily growing each season in popularity, attendance and the selection of exhibitors, firmly solidifying its reputation for high quality and original designs for kids.

Zorrro and Gold from Belgium

Long established Belgium companies such as Zorrro and Gold presented especially strong collections, while Noch Mini, Whip Cream and Macarons created much enthusiasm with unique, avantgarde lines. At Who's Next, a wildly creative"Mexico"theme filled the entire show with colorful decor and festive flavor. Although primarily a show for junior and young men's companies, Who's Next is an interesting and fun venue to inspire trendy children's fashion design.

Chichanella Bella - Vintage Kid's Swimwear

The purpose is to make swimwear with a more innocent and feminine look. Chichanella Bella also like to offer a bit more coverage with the designs. The swimwear model in this picture is the five year old, Sadie. She sits and stands however she wants. The last thing Chichanella Bella try to do is make her look amazing or older than she is.

One of the most sought after silhouette of the Chichanella Bella Kids collection - a lots of unique details.

Sailor Sadie in a 2 piece is a designer favorite for sure. This navy fabric is so striking and the white really pops with the navy. For anyone who is familiar with Chichanella Bella Swimwear models you know they don't make up our little ones for shoots.

Vintage-Inspired Swimwear

The children are beautiful all natural. That does not mean they are any less beautiful with hair and makeup. This is artistic freedom. Some persons rendition of what they see as beautiful. Wether you agree or disagree, there is no need for negativity towards the company, the photographer, the model or in general. It honestly hurts to see so many people who live in a country where "toddlers in tiaras" and "dance moms" are national sensations to still behave like this.

Bella Bare Wear Children's Swimwear


the TINY ones at Kayokoko

The Bella Bare suits run true to size, 6-12m, 12-18m, 18-24m, 2T, 3T, 4T. They are made with a 4-way stretch deluxe fabric that can grow with your child! One size should last the entire summer! A size chart to help with the correct fitting can you find in the web page. They are also UPF 50+ to protect from those harmful rays.

Through Bella Bare stores page here:
Just choose how many pieces from our collection you want now and click on the pledge on the right to order. So many great names already...keep them coming. Remember, Bella Bare Children's Swimwear are naming the "style" not individual suit. They have a surprise fabric combination coming out.

Real Women's Swimsuits - Fashionable and Functional beautiful Swimsuits for women, for real life, for real people.

Swimsuits for kids need to be more fun, not flattering

However to some extent, based only on what you can see, I have to agree that some swimsuits look better on some kids. Do I want my tween (who is body conscious) feeling self conscious at the pool or do I want her to know that she picked the suit that looks best on her? No one should be shamed/bullied but we all need to admit that what looks good on one doesn't look good on the next. We are all built different from childhood to adult and we need to embrace that difference, find what looks best on our body type and feel confident, comfortable and happy. To deny that we are all built different is just silly. It's up to us as parents to help our kids celebrate those differences.

Maybe you're in love with this English Roses print from NostalgicFox. Its kinda got a little vintage feel with the rose beautiful Designs from the Little Finch Patterns shiny gold contrast.

Rashoodz swimwear

Keep your kid sun safe with rashoodz children's swimwear

Rashoodz Company creates sun safe, chlorine resistant, UPF 50+ bathers that
protect your kid from the sun's harmful rays. The baby and toddler swimsuits have nappy clips to ensure easy changes, and an attachable hat that can be clipped to the collar of your baby's togs to give extra protection. A great choice for your little nipper this summer.

The built-in hat and UPF 50+ protection of these super-cute Rashoodz ® rashies will give you peace of mind while kid splishes and splashes in the shallows. Available online from $50 plus postage.

Squirtini Bikini

age appropriate suits for every girl's

Just as our kids continue to grow like weeds, so does the market for kid's quality swimwear. Now the market is different and the price has come down and down. Squirtini Bikini Company isa fashion forward swimwear kids line created to fill the void in the junior market for feminine swimsuits, that cater to girls' ever changing minds and bodies - makes this young lady tick. The prices range from $15 to $38 and sizes range from 4 to 16.

SQUIRTINI BIKINI & SWIMWEAR Squirtini Bikini proudly unveils their
2014 Nature's Treosures Collection suiting oges 2 through teen and kids. Hip yet models, age appropriate suits for every girl's body type proudly mode in the USA.
Squirtinibikini is more thon just o bikini...It's asummer lifestyle.

Each Squirtini Bikini kids collection contains a bevy of coordinating, vibrant prints and various of colors . By combining suits from past seasons with Company's new reversible tops and bottoms young fashion stars can express their creativity this summer.

Squirtini Bikini UV protection is super strong, with fabrics that match their swimwear. Now going forward. Two collections called "Nature's Treasures" with animal prints incorporate some into SB 2014 kids.

Rey Swimwear

Rey Swimwear is small Company In the world of style swimwear, established by designer Jessica Rey in 2008 has international presence in over 20 countries and is rapidly growing. They making such beautiful swimwear that is for everyone. They created some adorable styles with the one piece.

It's a one-piece, the same as Elizabeth in Gingham. Also, Elizabeth is good because the straps really do a great job of supporting and it fits perfect, so you would have trouble in a medium or large.

Rey Swimwear can offer more sizing. They are a small business and have to test the demand before venturing out into new waters- whether it be for plus-size, kids, or maternity. In fact, these suits celebrate a woman's curves and the beauty that is within every woman, whether you are a size 2 or a size 22. Once the orders come in, your company will be able to guage the real need for these suits in the market and your next production run will be even bigger. Don't listen to the haters out there.

Swimwear 2015 trends - Here's a look at what is on the runway and what's in the store.

Lemons and limes kids Swimwear® - a really adorable site - called Lemons & Limes Kids swimwear. Right at the very top of Google, so this site give you a once over as to which we were more than impressed. This site has the best swim­suits for babies and kids on the world wide web.

The mother who designs(on photo left) this line of sweet is inspired by her daughter and nieces, who love a comfy fit. This come from Lemons and limes kids Company.

This high-quality two piece halter set is from their Lemons and Limes Kids's Blue Sky Collection. It's cute in the photo in right , but even cuter in person. It's very well designed and made in soft gorgeous shade-colors.

it's bikini season for kids

These super cute "Coral" baby one piece swim­suits plus hat on the photo below are sure to make your baby look like a star on the beach.

Company offers amaz­ingly sweet baby bikini for Andi from the Apples Col­lec­tion.

Super cute Kids Swimwear

Their swim­suits "Lemons & Limes Kids Swimwear" sizes range from infant (6 thru 24 months) to tod­dler (2T thru 4T) and girls (4 thru 14). Absolutely every piece of Lemons & Limes Kids Swimwear col­lec­tion is a huge buf­fet of beau­ti­ful swim suits for girls ages 6 months thru 14 years old.

It is rel­a­tively dif­fi­cult to find a high qual­ity baby swim­suit that is com­fort­able, pro­tec­tive and nice look­ing and doesn't cost a for­tune these days. Thanks to Lemons & Limes, their high-quality swim­suits are priced just right, and def­i­nitely won’t break your bank! Their swimsuits are also made fol­low­ing strict manufacturing standards which gives every­one a peace of mind.

You can fol­low Lemons & Limes Kids Swimwear on twit­ter @lemonslimeskids and even "like" them on Facebook to keep up with their latest designs and styles for baby & kids.

Visit Lemons & Limes here and you love them. Mothers rec­om­mend them to every­one! Their cus­tomer ser­vice skills as well as their deliv­ery time were also beyond outstanding.

VSOLO Kids Wear Brand

VSOLO kids wear brand takes inspiration from European children's wear and weaves in a cultural Asian twist to her designs, like pretty indigenous prints from India.

VSOLO Kids Cropped Rashie Set 2017

If you're on the lookout for stylish apparel for your tittle one, there arc now plenty of unique shops to choose from in Singapore, from independent standalone stores to online boutiques - many of which support ccofiiendiy and ethical manufacturing, too.

Affordable kids clothing and swimwear in vibrant designs independent design studio VSolo crafts gorgeous timeless and affordable childrens clothes from fine linen and cotton fabrics sourced all across Asia Founder Valeria Solo, an Indian-born Australian mum.

VSOLO Kids swimsuit available in 3-7yr sizes

All VSolo apparel is tailored with attention to detail to ensure active kids can play happily and freely. Valeria spent several years visiting suppliers around the Asia region to find the finest fabrics at affordable prices, which are suitable for girls and boys from one to 10 years of age As a mummy herself.

Valeria understands what many parents are looking for when it comes to kids' pparel: clothes that are stylish and comfy, and at prices that won't break the bank - alter all. we all know how fast little ones outgrow their outfits.

vibrant colours and cheerful designs

VSolo crafts distinctive children's clothes for children aged one to 12 - transforming fine fabrics from Asia into classic and comfortable styles for everyday wear.

It places great importance on tailoring and design so that children can move and play freely. VSolo's high-quality cottons and linens are soft and easy to wear, and kids love the vibrant colours and cheerful designs.

VSOLO Kids new Nice collection

Check out the shopping locations below and visit the website:

Coral Dorado Kids swimwear line

Create innovative designs created in 2009 by the Puerto Rican sisters Liza and Griselle Espinell.

Their creations making every swimwear design a piece of art. Mixing texture and vibrant colors to to make sure their customers, mothers, girls and kids are satisfied. Inspiration comes from Nature, designing for the modern woman and their kids.

Their passion, unique concept and experimenting new ideas for the fashion swimwear business has helped them to expand and launch the "Coral Dorado" company web store now at:

UV swim Onesie - In the Swim of Things

Getting outside this summer, Of course you are! When the weather finally warms up. you probably can't wait to 2017 doff your cumbersome Canadian winter/spring-hybrid apparel as near to naked as acceptably possible!

Of course, it helps if your wardrobe choices come with an ethicallyproduced pedigree. We have some stunning picks that will let the summer in while keeping the bad conscience out.

Boob swimwear company

Boob is a swimwear company with a sustainable mandate that focuses on maternity and nursing swimwear. We asked Boob founder, Mia Seipel about her ethical philosophy and sustainability initiatives:

Boob founder - thinking "sustainable" and "eco" is something that starts at the design stage.
Boob swimwear company always try to think of how we can make our garments long lasting and multifunctional.

If you buy eco swimwear that is produced like the swimwear from Boob you will get swimwear that is made with a lot of care... about the people who construct the garment as well as the planet as an added value.

They always strive to choose materials that are as environmentally optimal as possible.
Boob swimwear is also tested for harmful chemicals and certified according to Oeko-Tex 100, a certificate that guarantees that there are no harmful substances left in the final garment.

They keep all our production in Europe which for us is a way to guarantee a responsible production when it comes to people and the environment.

Makara Kids

Makara Kids - Made in Canada, sunsafe and dedicated to ethical and low-toxin production, this company is all about the cute for our kids!


H&M - This popular international retailer has made a commitment (seven of them actually!) to sustainability that has earned them accolades upon accolades including being among the world's most ethical companies. So even
if not every garment is green, their overall iniatives (like their 'Conscious' collection - check out the organic cotton H&M T-shirts on the cover of this issue!) warm the cockles of their hearts, and are definitely worthy of support.

Bella Bare Wear

Bella Bare Wear is another great Company for amazing kids & baby swimsuits. In additional, they would like to keep their swimwear in the from $40 to $50 price range so it is affordable for a number of different persons and families with kids.

One size swimsuit should last the entire summer!

Bella Bare Wear kids suits run true to size, 6-12m, 12 to 18m, 18-24m, 2T, 3T, 4T. They are made with a 4-way stretch deluxe breathable fabric that can grow with your kid.

Don't miss out on life because it's these moments in life that are so special and memorable. Love following you. You have are so real and it's refreshing to see.

Chichanella Bella Kids clothes and swimsuits

I'ts Vintage Inspired Kid's Swimwear from "Chichanella Bella"

Chichanella Bella Vintage Swimwearyoung teen model show CB Vintage Swimwear

All suits are such good quality it was passed down to the little sister when big sister out grew it. The suit still looks and feels bran new.

Most of the Chichanella Bella company silhouettes are shared in the high level $60's to $80 range. But these below are the ones that are very popular and significantly less expensive kid's Swimwear in the $49 range.

young girls in Red Swimwear

This new classic navy in two piece is desdigned with crisp white bows in red and ruffles. They have a slight flared leg and unique vintage - knee length bottoms. Sailor Sadie is available in two versions in red and navy blue, now priced for only $22.00.

Another nice shot used Disney's Epcot Resort Area BoardWalk Resort, Yacht & Beach, and SeaBreeze Point as your backdrop for these shoots. It makes such a perfect backdrop for Chichanella Bella Swimwear. This two piece silhouette on photo below features lots of unique detail, have a higher waist, italian white buttons and mock pockets in beautiful navy fabric.

nice young  model posed on the Disney's Epcot Resort Area

To see more one or two piece silhouette in assortment of delicious colors, which are embellished with with laces and such girlie items as, high heels, contrasting ruffles & ruffle straps, glittery fairies, floral motives, perfume bottles, and more visit:

Lil' Island Kid's Bikini & Swimwear

One-Piece kid Pebbles in pinkTankini sets  in Pink Leopard

Vivacious Swimwear fabrics are selected with quality in mind and sourced from countries such as Germany and Italy and designed from their overseas factories.

The Company only choose quality lycra-swimsuit and thick lining high quality materials. Before sending to the consumer all kid's swimsuits and swimware are quality checked.

SwimZip Girl’s Boy's Swimwear

Toddlers, Infants, and young girls and boysn will want to wear these fun swim shirts both in and out of the fresh pool. The best answer for summer skin safety. All are more stylish, safe sun protection and easy for my son to zip himself up.

UV 50+ swimwear for toddlers, babies, and children! It's cute, hip - all while being easy to take on and off. And kids love to wear them.

hugging girls in pink Swimwear

SwimZip girl model heading to the beach

This SwimZip company offers a custom designed, FULLY zippered, UV 50+ rash guard. SwimZip sun shirt keeps infants, toddlers, and young kids comfortably safe from the sun's harmful UV rays. With incredible ease to put on and remove, children will actually ask to wear their sun protection.

In Fact SwimZip Swimwear Blocks up 99% of UVA and UVB rays. Little baby Swimwear are Chlorine Resistant, Tagless Neck, No-Pinch Zipper Flap and Protective Collar.

SwimZip kid's zipper rash guard is great with any bathing shorts or suit. The full zipper design makes Swimwear models easy to slide off and on.

A Swimwear details & features

SwimZip's kid in the beach

Flat Seams - No more rubbing and chaffing. SwimZip company has flat seam stitching so it is comfortable to wear a wet swimsuit.

No ags - No itchy, scratchy tags to remove - it comes tagless.

Zipper Garage- The zipper won't rub against the baby or toddlers chin or neck.

Full length zipper - Zip on, Zip off. Quick and easy to take on and off even when wet.

Your kids and babies and children will want to wear their sun protection.

Loose Neck - The loose neck makes comfortable for kids to wear nothing too tight.

Kid's SwimZip sun-protection is a must to keep your family sun safe because according to the American Cancer Society, with more cases diagnosed annually than breast, prostate, colon and lung cancer cases combined. This SwimZip Company offers a nice swimwear for kids that is not only stylish but realy effective against the suns powerful rays. Not only does SwimZip protect against the sun also super cute and stylish for both little girls and boys.

Just kids wear

baby, girls and boys swimwear

it's another company focused on in sourcing and design quality products that wonderful. Useful and bright kid’s swimwear and swimsuits that they have sourced from all over the globe. Just kids wear specialise in cheerful clothes, bright, for kids. Don’t really do plain swimwear and clothes.

teen JKW bikini models

So much choice at Tey stock all sorts of swimming or practical gear for for kids.
Whether it’s a baby sunsuit, baby swimsuit, baby wetsuit, beach robes, kids rainwear or swim nappy , "Just kids wear" stock the smallest sizes available in every range all year round too.

Sironna Kids Swimwear

Sironna Sironna Brand is Colombian fashion company as a distinctive brand of beach wear, accessories and swimsuits. All they are characterized by combination of textiles and handmade elementsinclude modern and style.

Sironna has unique collections for both girls and kids that emphasize the beauty. Photos below show simply touch of their work.

Sironna Brand Swimwear model

Sironna Brand Swimwear model in two pieces

Platypus Australia

This Australian Company is a quality, UV Swimwear and Swimsuit fashionable brand for Youth from 10 to 14 and Kid , Baby from 2 to 8.

Happy Snap of  winner girlPlatypus Australia swimsuit

Summer season 2015 features beautiful prints used in unexpected ways and the first Platypus terry towelling range. To learn more visit

Veve Swimwear

Veve Glamour offers Swimwear, Swimsuits and bikinis for Grown Kids. Veve Swimwear Designer can made you feel so confident before and after having your daughter.

two-piece swimwear Veve Two piece Bikini

It usually works out about half the price of the bikini. For any more info on the exact price for a separate, just send Veve a message with the style that you are interested in or visit websit

All Swimsuits are designed by CA model Ellie G. Veve represents a roster of intelligent, positive, beautiful women, and this Swimwear - Brand give teen & girl bikinis a whole different meaning. They make you feel glamourous, beautiful and confident. Veve Swimwear Designer can give you a positive outlook on life.

To find teen girls' swimsuits and Brands at CM

See the latest swimware collections and models of teen girls' swimsuits from the most popular fashion brands and stores around the globe. Swimwear fashionistas featuring swimsuits, bikini and bathing suits for girls, teens and juniors.

Plum Baby & Kids

PLUM Australian brand completely understand the needs of today's parents. Thanks to its own in-house design team this Company offers a unique well designed and stylish kids' clothing include wswimware for girls, boys, and baby.

With over 15 years’ experience Plum producing finest, designed baby and childrenswear - with graphics, prints. In addition Plum offering newborn clothing, a great range of pyjamas and accessories. It's a more nostalgic and traditiona baby collections with soft fine fabrics, floral skirt in this range and prints.

They have lots in newborn sizes but also in size 1 and 2 but you have to be early to get the bigger sizes of swimsuits. They have a bit more swimwear but only rash tops for girls.

at the Plum Kids and Baby  fashion show

set on left: One piece fine orange kid swimsuit, sizes available from 0 to 7 years. Comes for $29.95 in all-in-one, swim nappies legionnaires hat and rash top.

set on: babies in plum collections

Kids fashion - orange swimsuit

Swimwear from Marysia Dobrzanska Reeves - "Marysia"

Designed in U.S LA Marysia is high fashion, stylish and chic swimwear spot for women and children.

BUMBY kids swimsuits Styled by A. Mood

The resort 2015/16 collection from Marysia Swim is equal parts elegant and edgy. A vision of Polish-born designer, surfing enthusiast and ballet dancer Marysia Dobrzanska Reeves, the line consists of fashion- forward prints and classic cuts that result in executed modem and perfectiy silhouettes, all inspired by fresh and effordess poolside style. Spotted on picturesque beaches from Montauk to Sainte-Tropez, her latest collection of maillots, bikinis, kids swimsuits and cover-ups is all about sheer details, quirky pretty, very playful prints and tees pastel shades. Dive in, and prepare to make a standout statement in and out of the water at