Ambassador Marine

The Stripper propeller protector

Ambassador Marine specialises in the construction and development of anti-fouling propeller devices for conventional shaft and sail drive boats.

The most reliable engine in the world is useless if the propeller fouls, the consequences of such an event can be very varied. Engines being wrenched off their mountings, sterngear wrecked and gearboxes damaged. However the cost of life can be far greater, submerged debris including ropes, nets, plastic bags and seaweed can all have tragic consequences.

Even the best boat skipper can't avoid all submerged debris and if you were to run over such debris the Stripper will not only save you money, but may even save your life.

252 Hursley, Winchester, Hampshire, SO21 2JJ
TEL: +44 (0)1962 775405,
E-Mail: [email protected]

Boat Propeller Protection from "Mussel Buster®" (MBPP)

It's unique boating technology, it is not sold to the general boat owners, as an over the counter running gear coating.
This product has many uses for O.E.M. Companies looking to provide their customers with metallic parts that are easy to maintain in a barnacle filled environment like the inter coastal waterway in Florida.

Take this opportunity to learn more abyt patented technology called Mussel Buster Propeller Protection® coating.

Propeller Protection MBPP - Ring Test

They continue to receive numerous accolades from Florida to North Carolina regarding its resistance to fouling properties and durability. Since 2000, the Mussel Buster have received feedback from hundreds of boat owners.

The results are the same across the board whether Mussel Buster apply it to: propellers, bow thrusters, rudders, trim tabs, struts, suction screens or any number of other “under the water line” hardware.

If growth does occur due to excessive non-use, in most cases it sloughs off when the boat is used the next time. However, if all of the growth does not slough off, what is left is easily removed with a gloved hand. After five years of testing, Mussel Buster® has never caused a propeller to go out of balance.

Better fuel economy

Power Boat owners have noted either increased speed or better fuel economy. The bottom line is that Mussel Buster® makes maintenance of propellers and all other running gear a snap and keeps boat owners “in their boats rather than under them.

A full 90% of our testing has been done on boats that cruise above 22 knots.
This extremely durable powder coat finish can be applied utilizing powder coating equipment. Mussel Buster withstands even the harshest environments like boat propellers and rudders. Another very desirable trait is its ability to eliminate electrolysis erosion and corrosion like that found on sea strainer baskets, A/C intakes, scoops and screens.

For more details or Testing Results visit: This site offers many photographs of current and past testing.

for contacts:
Matrix Engineering Concepts, Inc.
3575 Investment Lane.
West Palm Beach, FL.

How to choose the right boat propeller and position

Propeller manufacturers

Controls & Steering

Boat Accessories - Controls and Steering Cables

Find appropriate manufacturers and exporters of parts, boat accessories of the top producers in the boating industry.

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Browse our list of Boat Propeller Manufacturers Companies offers a broad range of propellers for almost any type of boat in many sizes and variations, manufacturers of fixed-pitch metal, lighter weight propellers and Outboard Propellers, so recreational boat owners and users can find the exact piece they need.

Marine propellers International manufacturers | specializes in Propeller Design & Manufacture

Highly respected Manufactures

of Boat Propellers

Signature propellers CA - outboards and sterndrives propellers

At Our Company , our boat outboards and sterndrives propellers start from a basis of over 70 years of experience. From That basis, we modify and test our Ðrototype propellers under real life water conditions until we have created the ideal propeller.

With so many different vessels and models in all the world, we have created this chart to help you find the most suitable for your boat Signature Propeller for your ex. specific boating needs.

Models:Fourby4TM-Bravo III "Yanmar" ZT350, Fourby4TM-Volvo F Series, ML400/500,15 1/4" & 15 11/16" D SL four


2683 Halladay St
Santa Ana, CA 92705


Veem Limited Companu exp. manufacturing propellers since 1956,we offer a complete range of products and services, thousands of propellers , include patented revolutionary Interceptor Propeller™ - to meet the boat needs in the leisure, High speed naval and work boat markets.


VEEM Limited
PO Box 1542
Canning Vale
Western Australia 6970

Mercury Marine Propellers

Here you can find all MerCruiser inboard propellers. Easily find your stainless, mercalloy or aluminum prop for every boat type with MerCruiser PropFinder.

New Mercury cleaver props

Company passionate about building the boat outboards Mercury Racing debuted cleaver props for outboards at the Miami International Boat Show.

- The blade edges of new prop design are sharp, and you can see that we pulled aside the plastic sheath / guard. In fact, four blade cleavers and crazy sharp.

Advantages of props

But, Would there be any advantage to have a prop that 'expanded' in size while speed increased? Has anyone every invented/designed/built one? Thanks in advance to those that answer.

With the amount of pressure the tips of these props are exposed to, you'd be hard pressed to design anything hydrodynamic that could both expand, withstand the forces at work (made worse as they would expand too). It would give you the advantage of potentially not needing any transmission since you could just adjust the prop geometry to output more force within the powerband, but this can actually be achieved to an extent with adjustable prop pitch as well.

Where to use

If you're in shallow turbid water where there's a lot of sand and sediment mixed into the water, it would be like powder coating and it would affect the fine edge of the prop. All in all, what purpose does it serve having it that sharp along the leading edge.

Bruntons Propellers Ltd

Experience Manufacturing and Designing boat propellers and sterngear for all sizes and types of vessels for over 100 years. models : Autoprop, Varifold, Autolock, IonGuard, Fixed, Sterngear, Q-SÐD and Custom


Bruntons Propellers Ltd
Oakwood Business Park
Stephenson Road West
Clacton on Sea
CO15 4TL

Eris - Turkey’s leading boat propeller

Over 35 years experience in marine business and propellers manufacturing,
by combining current technology & knowledge with previous experience and tradition.

We offer Models for: Sailing-Gulet Propellers, CommercialPleasure Vessels Fishing Boat Propellers , Cruising & Performance Cruising & Performance Ship and Nozzle & Bow Thrusters Ship.


GPS Imes Sanayi Sitesi, D.401 sokak No:16, Dudullu Istanbul, TURKEY

Max-Prop"™ - Italy ’s automatic propellers

The Max-Prop propeller has been realised in Italy in 1975 and has solved the age-old problem of the motor propulsion for sailing yachts.



Eval® - since 1976

Our PROPELERS models:









Vetus 3 - 5 Bladed Propellers

A propeller is possibly the most essential component of a motorboat and very important for sailing boats too. It requires a lot of attention, both by the naval architect and by the propeller manufacturer. "Specialists", who are able to tell you
"off the cuff" what Type of propeller your boat requires, simply do not exist. VETUS makes good use of an especially developed computer programme, which ensures the determination of the exactly right propeller for your boat, with the aid of some (correct) information, which we require from you. What are the most important demands made upon a propeller?

If you bear in mind that a propeller is often rotating at 2.000 r.p.m. , you will appreciate that a good propeller should be well-balanced. A difficult and time
consuming job, but an absolute "must" nonetheless.

Propellers Materials
"Bronze" is the common denominator of a great variety of alloys. VETUS propellers are made of manganese bronze, an extremely resilient, yet very flexible material. By virtue of their material specifications, Vetus propellers, when damaged, can nearly always be repaired. The choice of a good propeller, combining all qualities mentioned above, is therefore of utmost importance! The diameter and the pitch of propellers are nearly always given
in inches (1" = 25.4 mm).


5 Compass Point,
Ensign Business Park, Ensign Way,
Hamble, Southampton SO31 4RA

Amartech - Netherlands PROPULSION & RUDDER SÓSTEMS

Amartach Priducts:
fixed pitch propulsion: FPP - fixed pitch propeller system will be custom engineered and delivered as complete package.

controllable pitch propulsion: controllable pitch propeller , for saving on fuel consumption and max efficiency.

retractable propulsion solution an ultralight propulsion solution for high preformance sailing boats and yachts.


P.O. box 313
3370 AH Hardinxveld
The Netherlands

Craftsman marine CM French Company

Our propellers are earmarked by the highest efficiency and an absolutely minimal production level of vibrations and noise. The production processes guarantee a perfect Balance of the marine propeller and identical pitch for each of theproper blades, as well as the diameter, everything designed to suit the properties of each individual vessel. They are available as 3-bladed propellers in a variety of dimensions (pitch, diameter, and shaft hole).

Propellers: Type B propeller, Silent and comfortable, From ø12 "to ø 17 ",For ø25 mm et ø30 mm shafts,From 7 to 16 Pitch


Salon Nautique de Paris
from the 4-th to the 12th of Dec. 2010
Hall 2.2 D21

Tevo® Finland Company

Tevo delivers fixed pitch and NiAl bronze each individually based designed propellers( fabricate propellers up to 10 meters in diameter) for marine vessels to reach optimal performance.


Tevo Oy
Hiientie 17
92160 Saloinen

Marine propeller Finland Company

Our company Marine Propeller Ltd was established in September 1988.
The passion for sailing and for the Mechanics you need to make quickly learn from national and international market for its product: the pi op Ði op J. the variable pitch propeller conceived and designed specifically for sailors.
The pi op Pi op J and the result of studies and research aimed at improving not only its 'international patent' but also
to develop a product that will best meet the needs of customers Marine Propeller.
Participation in international events of settote, both in Italy and abroad has given us a way to introduce us to a large customer base.

Propeller FEATURES
The absence of vibrations
Prop J is balanced statically and dynamically using electronic control to obtain a vibration-free operation.
Made of cast aluminum alloy / brass, is machined on CNC machining centers to ensure the highest quality components.
The nose cone and 'built in aluminum / bronze, with notches for adjusting the pitch and removable terminal zinc electrolytic corrosion absolute protection of the propeller.
Suitable to contain different types of propeller shaft and Sail Drive System. The tapered seat or other is made to customer specifications.
A helical gearing to put away from any problem with the application of high power.
Draw-section and profile symmetrical to get a nice balance of the center of Hydrodynamic pressure.


Via Cesare Battisti, 35
Solbiate Olona (VA)
P.I. 01792980128

Solas propeller Solas Propellers | Rubex™ Propeller System

Solas company offer stainless(highest percentage of chromium, nickel and molybdenum), aluminum(coated with 4 paint layers) and plastic propeller has either a pressed-rubber bushing or a shear pin hub to match the boat motor.

Like Rubex, each Solas boat propeller is well balanced and precision designed with superior materials for a stronger blade that is thinner , smooth, fast, more efficient and tough. There is also a plastic prop for 2.5 - 3.5 HÐ boat engines.


Solas Science & Engineering Co

Schottel Germany

We are a group of companies specializing in the design, development, production and marketing of manoeuvring systems and azimuthing propulsion, as well as complete Ðropulsion systems with power ratings of up to 30 MW for vessels, boats and yachts of all types and all sizes.

High product quality and innovative system solutions a real commitment to local presence are the hallmarks of our success.


mercury N1 On The Water™


Precision Propeller IN - Turbo™ props

Turbo® is a brand name for high quality performance driven stainless steel propellers engeneered by Propeller Industries, Inc.we optimize our existing products and implement innovative solutions

3Blades Models : Turbo 1Lightning, TXP™, Pontoon 1,Hot Shot™,Quest™,Offshore II,Vector
4Blades Models:Ultima 4,Offshore I,2*2 TH,FX4,Quest™ ,4,2+2 0T,Fusion 4,TXP™ OT-4


Precision Propeller Industries, Inc.
2427 North Ritter Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46218
Toll Free: 800.922.9955

Propulse propellers - SWEDEN Company

Propulse Propellers is an excellent choise for 20-300 HP outboards and stern drives from Mercury, Evinrude, Johnson, Mariner, Force, Tothatsu, Honda, Selva, Mercruiser, OMC and others motors.
With the efficient Propulse 4-blade design, cruising speed is increased with up to over 25% compared with traditional 3-blade alternatives.

Model Propeller Pitch Propeller Spline Gear Case
Diameter Range Shaft Diam Count Diameter
4901 10.4" 11-17" 19mm 14 74/78mm
4902 10.4" 11-17" 18mm 10 74mm
6901 11.5" 11-17" 23mm 13 80mm
6902 10.4" 11-17" 23mm 13 78mm
8901 13.0" 15-21" 23mm 13 96mm
8902 13.0" 15-21" 25mm 15 101mm
9901/9911 14.5" 14-22" 25mm 15 109mm
9902/9912 14.5" 14-22" 25mm 15 110mm
9903/9913 14.5" 14-22" 25mm 19 109mm


Propulse AB
Sjcflygvägen 35 G
SE-183 62 Täby

VOLVO PENTA™ propellers


Clements marine Propellers

"The friendly and knowledgeable sales team at Clements manage to make what seems the most complex problem into a straightforward engineering exercise."

For over 25 Óears Clements Marine Based in Bedfordshire UK offer complete solution for marine propellers and solutions using modern CAE inov. techniques to suite your requirements.

All our products and boat propellers are designed(also and tested to the highest standards) and manufactured in our up to date facilities, including in house foundry and CNC workshop.

Propellers : At CM UK we design and manufacture 3, 4, 5 and 6 blade marine propellers for all commercial and leisure vessels, up to 60" , we also produce 2 and 3 blade propellers for sailing boats and yachts. We offer depending on your specific boat requirements there are other propeller Blade options available:

HyperQ propeller: quiet and ultra smooth specifically designed for vessels providing a smooth directional force.

Hyperform propeller: Optimum speed propellers with unique blade profile for fast V shape planning

Turbine models: engeneered for commercial workboats


Clements Engineering Ltd
Unit 120
The Industrial Park
Little Staughton
MK44 2BN

Seahawk *Sailboat Piopellers*, Feathering, Folding or Fixed

Seahawk Australia Pty Ltd - Designed and Mannfactiiied in Austialia since 1976.

We offer the three most commonly used propellers on sailboats, No service requirements/Lowest initial purchase price fixed, Lowest drag of all propellers folding and Superior manoeuvrability/Low Drag feathering design propellers each Have a number of distinct advantages and disadvantages.


41 London Drive
Bayswater 3153

Scott WATERJET - PRODUCTS: Impellers

Scott Manufacture and Design Ltd produce a range of 7.5 inch - 9.5 inch water jets to a very high performance - quality level waterjet units and accessories.


Unique Performance Custom Impellers:Scott offer 770 Hamilton / Kodiak Bullet nose and rear Impellers. Impellers are Unique design three blade impellers offer huge performance gains over standard units suitable for salt or fresh water.More load lifting capability,top end performance and Less Maintenance ...and Better fuel economy!


AirBoat Propellers

When Southern Enterprises needs a prop with outstanding performance and a low sound signature, they choose the NGH Series from Sensenich Propellers.

Combining the best characteristics of the Sensenich H Series and Q Series blades into one superb propeller, the NGH Series prop has quickly become a favorite for 150 - 300 HP direct drive airboats because of its great all around performance and high-tech look. Plus its blad shape and tip winglets minimize tip vortices, eliminatin drag and improving overall propeller performance.

Below you will find a full list of all airboat propellers manufactured using Strict Quality control from aerospace grade components and Wood (CNC machined) by "Sensenich".

Scana The Scana group Propellers" Marine Products


Strandkaien 2
P.O. Box 878
NO-4004 Stavanger

US "Turning Point Propellers" Aluminum and S.Steel Boat Propellers

Full Line of Aluminum and Stainless Steel Propellers Available for Outboard and Stemdrive Boats 3 and 4 Blade Propeller Designs Fits 8 - 300hp+ Engines.

USA Company -"Turning Point Propellers, Inc. "one of the world's largest propeller design, manufacturers,sales and produce high performance pleasure craft propellers to fit most outboard and sterndrive engine applications for all boat manufacturers>. Propellers designs to maximize propulsive efficiency and propeller housing system from 8hp to 300hp for outboards and sterndrives.


Turning Point Propellers, Inc.
Ðo Box 803338 #27855
Chicago, IL 60680-3338

Austral Propellers CO Australia's Largest Manufacturer

Austral Propellers - design and manufacture quality marine all types of inboard propellers for over 60 years. Available in 3, 4 and 5 blade styles, all propellers are produced from fully C.N.C. machined patterns to ensure both accuracy and improved performance at very competitive prices.

We offer: Improved top end performance Skiboat Propellers, CompuProp 3B, 4B & 5B, Commercial Propellers ,Folding Sailboat Propellers for racing and social yachts, ProPulse™ & Outboard & Sterndrive Repair Services.


38 - 40 Stanley Street

Peakhurst NSW 2210 AUSTRALIA

Hundested Propeller A/S controllable pitch Denmark propellers

Denmark, located in Hundested Company " Hundested Propeller A/S" specializes in the manufacture of controllable pitch propellers supplied in various sizes to suit engines from 150 HP to approx. 3200 HP. and thrusters range from 25 HP to 1360 HP.


Stadionvej 4

DK-3390 Hundested, Denmark

LA "Power Tech" Propellers Stainless Steel and Aluminum Boat Propeller

PowerTech Propellers are US Company that specializes in the manufacture & service and design of, both type , stainless steel and Aluminum vessel propellers for the marine and boating industry.We offer one of the largest selections of quality and performance propellers in the Marine industry.


8101 Kingston Road
Shreveport, LA, 71108

Stump jumper - WI propeller manufacturing - Bill's Engineering

The Stump - Jumper propeller sizes 9 1/4 x 7, 6 3/4 x5 designing, testing and perfecting the newest of mud motor propellers with a process which provides clone-like production in every propeller. Ðoured of 410 s.steel with Thicker blades design for longer wear, and hardened to Rockwell-43 for durability and toughness.


By Appointment Only
Bill's Engineering
W3836 Stark Road
Mindoro, WI 54644

Yh - South China propeller manufacturing

Company Founded in 1993 as a propeller manufacturer and a well designed propeller makes a well efficient for ships.Our main products are: fixed pitch Propellers, controllable pitch propellers, Zinc sacrificial anodes and Aluminium sacrificial anodes.


No.10 Caogang Street

Qiaoshan Village, Shiji Town, Panyu
Guangzhou,Guangdong, China

Propulsion Naval - CP Marine Propellers Solutions

Propeelers Design and repair

Propulsion Naval, S.L Company - large size Propellers - we can manufacture monobloc propellers up to 5000D mm and total weight of 10t,constant and variable Ðitch propellers in all bronze alloys engeneered with latest software and hardware technology.


Francisco Manuel Gonzalez
e-mail: [email protected]
phone: +34.942 25 00 58

c/ Mies San Juan s/n
Poligono del Aeropuerto, apartado 33
39600 Maliaco (Cantabria)

Piranha ® CA - CP Boat Propellers/Props by "Piranha" Propellers

We've been hard at work making a new and improved site just for you! Come check us out at "".
For those of you who prefer the old site, we will continue to maintain it for a few more weeks.

Piranha Made in the U.S.A. Propellers since1988. Our Propellers Benefits include:

I/O's and O/B's from 9 to 280 hp,aesy Repair or Repitch the Propeller,Lower Unit Protection,Spare Blades Store Easily,Non-Corroding and Lifetime Propeller-Hub Warranty.Our propeller runs between $ 80.00 and $ 150.00. All Ðiranha™ Props/Propellers are made from a fiberflass reinforced nylon resin to be 15% stronger than die-cast aluminum and have lower vibration.


250 Scottsville Blvd

Jackson, CA 95642

Finnoy - CP Propellers

Finnøy's CP Propellers are manufactured with 3, 4 or 5 blades from 1000 mm to 5000 mm in diameter,The blades with hydrodynamic bladedesign and hub are engeneered in Ni.Al.-bronze and Stainless steel.The CÐ marine propeller shaft is hollow bored and made" of stainless or carbon steel.

Our models:

3-bladed propeller
Type diameter (mm)
P26 1000-1250
P30 1200-1400
P35 1400-1700
P40 1600-1800
4-bladed propeller
Type diameter (mm)
P39 1300-1700
P50 1600-2200
P58 1900-2400
P70 2300-3000
P85 2800-3600
P95 3100-4000
P105 3500-4400
P125 4100-5000
5-bladed propeller
Type diameter (mm)
P45 1200-1500
P52 1400-1700
P60 1600-2000
P68 1800-2300


Finnøy, N-6487 Harøy

SMI ® (Saraswathi Metal Industries) Propellers - More than five decades of experience in marine equipment industry

The world's leading manufacturer of Marine propellers, custom designed, High end propulsion systems and stern gear equipments since 1956, experience with modern technology and engineering.S.M.I. offers the most comprehensive range of the precision and perfection Marine propellers using highly sophisticated technologies and that too at a reasonable price when Compared to Other industries.


Saraswathi Metal Industries
Development Area, Aroor,
Alapuzha District, Kerala, India

Osborne Propellers - custom Propellers

Specializing in manufacture and Design of custom "Osborne propellers" to meet the criteria of the customer's vessel and it's use , include services for all types of boat propellers.

We offer propellers designs match blade area, blade shape &^ thickness
to the boat requirments. Osborne hub sizes are customized to Match strut barrel diameters, drive shaft diameters, and shaft Taper length.


Osborne Propellers Ltd.
1865 Spicer Road
North Vancouver BC
V7H 2V2 Canada

Rice The Power of the sea

We have a full line of Propellers and Nozzles to meet any requirement.
Our engineering & development department is at your 'service' to assist you to determine the ideal propeller for your boat. Manufactured in bronze designed to mount propeller on the shaft Allow the best performance Ðroviding a hydrodynamic profile. We also manufacture custom nuts
for special needs.

TITAN offers you

performance propellers:

-Hard working propeller
-Built toltake heavy demands of tugs, workboats & heavy duty vessels.
- Greater thrust in smaller diameter.

Heavy duty propellers:
-Blade sections are larger than standard propellers for boats with limited propeller space.
3,4 or 5 Blades from 30" up to 150" diameter.

Each product is endorsed, under request, by certification agencies that operate worldwide DNV, ABS, Lloyd's Register, CCS, Germanischer Lloyd, RINA and Bureau Veritas.

50 years experience in the production of marine propellers of the highest quality and durability. We calculate the most efficient system for the required operation, depending on the characteristics of the vessel being analyzed.


Helseth adjustable controllable pitch propellers

Helseth Norway Company since 1912 is a highly specialized propeller manufacturer,we also serve a wide variety of small or medium sized professional vessels, high-speed, fishing , work and offshore boats.Our core design programme comprises controllable & adjustable pitch three- and four-bladed boat propellers with diameters of up to 4,400 mm, and up to 4,500 kW motor power include propeller systems.

Our Propeller models :

4SX(4-bladed,power range800-4500 kW, speed 20 knots) - Controllable pitch, hub pitch servo

4TX(4-bladed,power range800-4500 kW, speed 20 knots) - Controllable pitch, pitch rod

4T(4-bladed,power range500-2700 kW, speed 30 knots) - Controllable pitch, pitch rod

4H(4-bladed,power range200-1700 kW, speed 35 knots) - Controllable pitch, pitch rod

other models:4J Fixed, 3-bladed APP 3J Fixed pitch, 3H - Controllable pitch, pitch rod


Baklivegen 11-13 - 6450 Hjelset. Tel: +47 71202900

Axiom UK propellers - An innovation in marine propulsion - Narrowboats and yachts Propellers

A unique propeller blade shape revising traditional principles for the 21st Century

Our models RANGE
-2-Blade 16 x 20 degree Yacht Propeller - available in 12" - 13" - 14" - 15" diameters

-18 degree 16 x 18 degree Propeller - availabli in 12" - 13" - 14" - 15" diameters

- 20 (18 x 20 )degree Propeller - - available in 15" - 16" - 17" - 18" diameters
- 24(20 x 24 - D:16" - 17" - 18" - 19" - 20") & 28(24 x 28 - D:16", 17", 18", 19", 20", 21", 22", 23" and 24") degree Propeller


Axiom Propellers Limited
Midland Road

Prop sale & Published Articles:

TRIED & TESTED | Axiom Marine Propellers

TURNING THE SCREW | When buying a boat, TRADITIONAL & AXIOM & TIPPED Prop, Canal Testing and in the Lab

Wesmar® WESTERN MARINE ELECTRONICS The Ultimate in Bow and Stern Thrusters

New Power, and Look, Quiet Strength Bow Thrusters for from 38 to over 200 Feet Vessels.

We offer 28 Models,tested & designed of top quality materials to withstand rugged heavy sea conditions, electric and hydraulic single prop and dual prop counter rotating systems for commercial and pleasure applications, vessels from 5 to 350 HP


Western Marine Electronics
14120 NE 200th Street
Woodinville WA 98072-4001, USA

Watson Marine Enginrrting

Full Underwater Chandlery for all your boats needs

• Propeller sales, service & repitching
• Computerised propeller scanning
• Manufacturers of new stern gear
• Stern gear repairs for run agrounds
• Preferred Club Marine repairer
• Replacement of worn seals & stern bearings
• Servicing & supply of glands & dripless seals
• Engine & exhaust system installations
• Stainless steel fabrications & welding
• Approved Prop Speed applicator


  • Zinc anodes
  • Novasteen, Rubber & brass case bearings
  • Stainless steel sea water strainers
  • All sizes of gland packing
  • Tides & PSS dripless seals
  • Huge range of secondhand boat propellers in stock
  • Aqualine & Silverline bearings

contacts: offer too many propellers to list, Stainless steel and aluminum props, More Discount Propellers here:

Turning Point aluminum boat propellers

The New 2013 V4 Aluminnum props

Now Boat owners and mariners can now gain 4-blade performance with a lifetime warranty on its hubs with little to no top end speed loss, enhancing their craft with unmatched acceleration and cornering, and rough seawater handling.

Hustler props not only deliver superior performance, props will add beauty and style to any yacht and boat. The US company TP Hustler's exclusive new Ultra Coat powder coat process creates a uniform, glossy finish with more corrosion-resistance and more durability than paint.

As with all its products - stiff, strong, blades with less flex for maximum-speed and more and more thrust, T-Point Company makes these new Boat Hustler lightweight props using an new and modern squeeze casting method ,unlike common die-cast processes, it generates the high-est mechanical properties possible from a cast aluminum propeller.

Turning Point Company is the only manufacturer to offer boat-proven technology such vents on an aluminum boat propeller, enabling powerboats to get on plane faster, produced up to 50% more reverse thrust than other manufacturers and increase hole shot and low speed acceleration.


Turning Point Propellers, Inc.
11762 Marco Beach Dr. Suite 2
US, Jacksonville FL 32224

sales: +1 (904) 900-7739

BBLADES Spins Out Custom Props

steel propellers, customizes and repairs

Located on the Fox River in the heart of central Wisconsin, BBLADES Professional Propellers, LLC operates out of a newly assembled 16-hundred square foot facility designed for efficiency and rapid turnaround. BBLADES offers custom propeller work from basic general applications to the most serious, highly technical race set-ups.

Combining a passion for boating, 30-years of propeller experience, and high standards of excellence BBLADES Professional Propellers, LLC. Company has opened its doors to boaters seeking that little something more.

After a brief leave, Brett Anderson, formerly of Mercury Racing Propellers, is back in the custom propeller industry bringing with him his reputation for exceptional personalized customer service.

Partnering with Brett is Bob Lucht, a 22 year propeller technician who cut his teeth-and plenty of boat propellers with Mercury Racing and Kiekhafer Aero Marine.

BBLADES Professional Propellers is proudly performing custom Lab Finishing and propeller repairs for applications ranging from stock outboards, to the largest #6 SSM propellers. Specializing in Mercury stainless steel propellers, BBLADES can repair, alter or customizes any aluminum or stainless steel wheels, as well as offer gear case and outdrive repairs.

BBLADES Professional Propellers, LLC takes pride in offering general and high performance boat set-up advice free of charge. The years of experience and dedication to excellence puts the staff at BBLADES in an elite league of propeller service centers. They love to talk boats! Check us out on the web at:

Hill Marine Propellers

Boat Propellers is one of the most and most important part of every powerboat. For that reason, the vital factor in maximizing performance for your boat is selecting the right Propeller.

The result of proven technologies Hill Marine offers meticulously manufactured Propellers for every boat owners, all they're highly engineered and carefully designed, manufactured in
Hill Marine Santa Ana factory, CA.

Since 1935 Hill Marine follow the lessons of the past through the most recent achievements for competition and success, built Propellers these days by his grandson.

Range of Propellers

Four by 4 Boat Propellers

One of Hill Marine Signature boat Propellers' most recent achievements has been the development of the "Four by 4" propeller models for Mercruiser Bravo Three drive units. All they are manufactured from stainless steel,and for maximum efficiency they are finely polished with cupped blades - available in six sizes, 18,20, 22, 24, 26, and 28. Each Propeller provide quicker planning, exceptional handling ,and maximum efficiency without cavitation while turning. What a beauty, not to mention what an improvement in performance, which you can only imagine.

Double blade props

The high quality 15-5 SS ones from the Hill Marine® Signature series. For optimum hardness all they are have been heat treated and cut through weeds and mud with ease.
These well-made double blade propelers fit most major mud engines. You can choose from a variety of diameters from 6.5 to 12.

Propeller services

Hill Marine Company also offer the customer and quality focused  Propeller services on all brands of propellers include: customizing, propeller repair, customizing and blueprinting services.

If you want fast dependable service or more more information visit or call Hill Marine toll free: tel: 800/ 762-0309.


Saltwater Props (Yamaha) - Yamaha Saltwater Series boat propellers, who's quicker. Offered for sale.

Offshore propellers - around higher pitch & higher speed