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The Ultimate in Propulsion Experience for Cruising Sailors and Trawlers.

Extend Your Cruising Range by 25% or more.
Increase Speed at Cruising Rpm's by 16% or more. Feathered to Minimize Drag. Every Autoprop is custom engineered for each boat propulsion system. Simplest Installation of Any Folding or Feathering Propeller.


Elminate Prop Walk. Unique Design Gives same Power in Reverse as Foward Motor Sail at Hull Speed at 1/2 Your Normal Motor Sailing Rpm's. Trawlers can cut their fuel bills by 22% or more. Available from 13 to 37 inches/18 to 350 horsepower, in Right Hand or Left Hand Rotation.

autoprop feathering prop

- Practical Sailor 1/95

"After all was said and done...we purchased the Autoprop"
- Passage Maker Magazine 2/00

Autoprop Models range:

  • H5 Systems
  • H5BB Systems
  • H6 Systems
  • H9 Systems
  • Saildrive Systems

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The Autoprop is supplied fully assembled and tested, ready to fit to your boat or yacht. Before installing your new Autoprop ensure that the cutlass bearing is not worn. A worn bearing will not be suitable for any propeller. If it is worn, replace it with a good quality bearing…preferably with a brass shell casing. Your Autoprop is fitted with greasing channels in each of the autoprop blades. Therefore blade removal is not necessary in order to re-grease the propeller bearings.


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The Autoprop is a unique self pitching propeller design for sailing and displacement yachts. It greatly enhances the performance of your vessel underpower and sail. The self-ptch blades optimise pitch angle for any given operating condition reducing fuel consumption and increasing range under power.