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Constructed from solid bronze and stainless steel, ApolloŽMarine Products can stand up to extreme marine environments. ApolloŽ Marine Products feature designs that have been proven to be more durable, reliable, and easier to install. Look for ApolloŽ Sea Flange and shut-off valves, thru-hull connections and flange nuts, 90° thru-hull assemblies, fuel tank selector valves, stainless steel cleats, intake strainers and more. And they meet or excel UL standards, where applicable.

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Bronze 3-Way Valves
Bronze Ball Valves
Bronze Full Port Valves
5 Port Fuel Selector Valve
Fuel Shut-Off Valves

Thru Hulls
Bronze - Threaded
Long Bronze - Threaded
Bronze - Barbed
Bronze - 90 Degrees
Intake Strainers

Pipe to Hose Adapters
Straight Hose Adapters
90 Degree Hose Adapters