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Gori Marine is the manufacture of the Gori propellers. Founded in 1968, they have more than 20 years experience in developing manufacturing and marketing high quality propellers and boat parts and accessories.

Gori propellers are well-known and respected all over the world. Gori marine offers a full range of folding propellers in addition to propellers for industrial and commercial projects all over the world.

Gori - high quality propellers and boat accessories.

A propeller which uses nature's own forces and combines the best characteristics of both the folding propeller and the fixed propeller.

The self-adjusting Gori propeller is the optimum solution for:

Maximum speed under sail
Full power astern
Full power ahead

A propeller must always be matched precisely to a boat's size, hull type, weight, engine and gear ratio.

A fixed propeller only absorbs 100% of engine power, when used under conditions for which it has been chosen. Therefore, any change in weather conditions or circumstances will render the propeller less efficient due to its fixed characteristics. A fixed blade propeller with its high drag factors impairs sailing performance. The Gori propeller adjusts automatically to the blade position which gives maximum speed - both under sail and power.

Thousands of sailors world-wide have tested the Gori propeller features, and value the result. The following will explain further how you, too, can benefit by fitting a Gori propeller to improved sailing speed and economy under power.


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