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Controls & Steering

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Blowers, Cutless Bearings, Engine Controls & Cables, Engine Spare Parts Kits, Feathering Props, Folding Props, Fuel Filters, Fuel Lines, Fuel Valves, Hoses, Outboard Motor Brackets, Ignition Switches, Outboard Motor Carriers, Outboard Motor Lifts,Shaft Logs, Shaft Packing Material, Shaft Seals / Stuffing Boxes, Steering Systems, Trim Tabs, Vents, Weed / Line Cutters

Find appropriate manufacturers and exporters of parts, boat accessories of the top producers in the boating industry.

Controls & Steering manufacturers

Manufacturers and exporters of parts, accessories of the top producers in the boating industry | Manufacturers CM Index, Controls & Steering

Alternators & Regulators - Manufacturers

Balmar - Balmar marine Alternators built to provide optimum charging capacity for economy, shorter charging cycles and increased battery long life

Boat Vents Blowers

Jabsco - Designed to remove fuel vapours and fumes from the engine compartments of petrol engined boats

Attwood - Ventilation Equipment include "Blowers" and "Vents & Collector Boxes"

Cutless Bearings

Duramax - Our precision designed, specially formulated nitrile rubber is molded to fit the shaft in accordance with U.S.

Johnson - Boat Vents

Engine Controls & Cables

Morse - Morse Controls

Teleflex - 60 years have been notable for the company's innovations in steering, controls and monitors

Engine Spare Parts Kits

Yanmar - Structured to facilitate maximum enjoyment of leisure time spent on the water

Feathering Props | Propellers | Int. manufactures

Max Prop - Propeller Manufacturer, MAX-PROP, FOLDING PROP and FIXED BLADE PROP

Martec - Feathering Propellers for racing and cruising boat

Autoprop - Specialized propeller Manufacturer

Folding Props


Gori - Steel Team develops, manufactures and markets Gori propeller

Fuel Flow Meters

Floscan - FloScan Instrument Co., Inc.

Marine Fuel Filters

Racor - Diesel,Gas Filters

Racor - Marine Filter Funnels, 4 flow Rates Series

Racor Filtration - Marine Air Filters, (800-2000) flow Rates Series

Water Filters

Racor - Drinking Water Filters

Fuel Valves


Apollo - Marine Valves

Parker - Marine Valves - Check, Ball, Pneumatic and Control Valves for marine applications

RACOR Div. by Parker - Marine Valves - Check, Proportional and Flow Valves

Products Review & Manufacturers

Boat Hoses


Outboard Motor Brackets

Garelick - Designed from over 30 years top quality Outboard Motor Brackets. Series offers the most advanced innovative features available and was tested by a leading motor manufacturer

Sea-Dog - Outboard Motor Brackets, Transom and Horizontal Mount Fixed Motor Brackets

EVAL - line of outboard motor brackets (Out Board Weight:40 to 60 kg)

Trem Motor Brackets - A deep assortment of Fixed and Adjustable motor brackets

Ignition Switches

Sierra - Ignition Switches and Accessories

Outboard Motor Carriers

Garelick Mfg- Accessories for moving lighter outboard boat motors and small fishing and sailboats to and from Repair and Storage. Built of high tensile strength aluminium

Outboard Motor Lifts

Forespar - Safety equipments and many other boating accessories, Davits & Motor Lifts

Shaft Logs

Buck Algonquin - Marine Shafting Parts & Accessories, Boat Propellers

Shaft Packing Material

Chemstar - World leader in starch-based polymer products for industrial applications

Shaft Seals / Stuffing Boxes

Boat Steering Systems

Teleflex - Steering systems and components


Hynautic - 3-line Heavy Duty steering systems for most work and pleasure vessels up to 70 feet

Trim Tabs

Trim Tabs - Bennett Trim Tabs, Models, Why to use & The role of the Trim Tabs, How To Install A Set Of Bennett Trim Tabs and Details.

Bennett - Most reliable, trouble system on the market

Hydrofoils - Workplace experience and advice

Boat Vents

Attwood - Leader in Ventilation Equipment and Accessories featuring the revolutionary, include "Blowers" and "Vents & Collector Boxes"

Air Ventilation Marine Ltd. - use the natural force of wind or Electric motor Boat Air Vents

Vetus - Boat Air Vents and Power engine rooms Ventilators

Weed / Line Cutters

Shaft Shark

Fuel Lines


Controls and Steering

An informational directory for finding Boat Controls and Steering Systems and Components, Manufacturers and much more, quickly and easily.

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Here you can find the most comprehensive and highest quality line of marine products - control boat parts & steering systems, high performance hulls with single or multiple outboards, Control Cables, standard and premium, Parts and Accessories. Find the right controls and steering system for your boat.

DriveGuardian DCM - DriveGuardian is a reliable torque-limiting coupler for power and racing boars

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