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A Max-Prop feathers to a low drag shape. Compared to a folding propeller, the extra wetted surface of the Max-Prop blades is offset by the reduction of projected area: A. Available in two & three blades. The torque of the prop shaft acting on the "differential" type design will open the blades in unison to the pre-seat pitch at any throttle setting.

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Max-Prop, Boat Props Catalog - 2009

This will provide maximum efficiency (96% of same size fixed prop) plus eliminates the vibration problems of a folding prop. As in forward, the torque of the shaft will rotate the blades, 180 degrees in less than 3/4 of a shaft rotation, presenting the same leading edge and pitch in reverse. This provides better directional control and 80% greater power than a comparable fixed blade propeller.

Max Prop propellers for sale: Automatic self feathering 2,3 or 4 highly successful low drag (Classic or VP-Variable Pitch Series) propellers listings from owner.


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