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When making a control system selection, please note that the type of engine, number of engines and number of helm stations determine which control or range of controls can be used: Single engine/single station boats can use most of our controls when used with universal 3300/33 type control cables.


Outboards and stern drives should use controls which offer the neutral safety switch and lock-out features.

Inboard single-function type engine controls are recommended for hydraulic transmissions and twin stations. Note that some of these can be used with the heavy duty (43 type cables); others cannot. Check your application. Single function controls in dual station applications should use shift detents at the main operating station only.


Dual Function Controls
CH-2100 Side Mount
MT-3 Top Mount
SL-3 Side Mount
SL-3 Top Mount
ST Side Mount

Single Function Controls
Chrome Handle Controls
SLT No-Slip Controls
S Type Controls
SR Twin Control

Control Cables

Morse Controls and engine Controls parts

KE4 Control System Electronic Engine

The Morse is a new generation marine c control offering state-of technology, coupled with the latest concepts in performance, top quality and style.
Engine control ke4 is compatible with any engine - outboard/inboard or sterndrive - gas or diesel.
Tests have shown that the KE-4 control system out-performs the typical mechanical system.

Actuator and 12-24V-Control Unit

Morse Controls and Morse Cables:

Custom lengths and designs of Cables

- Stainless steel corrosion resistant 5mm (3) core

- Supreme Control Cables 75mm (3) for multistation use.

- 40 XL heavy duty construction Control Cables,nylon coated inner core with formulated lubricant, travel-75mm (3)

- Cables for D290 Helms and C230/C231 Helms

Morse Steering


Command C230/231

A rotary drive steering system for use of boats up to 7.9m
fitted with outboards up to 55hp, Compact size, Stainless steel output end of cable, Damper externally adjustable and 2.6 turns lock to lock.

A compact rotary steering drive-system for use of boats up to 12m fitted with outdrives, outboards or rudders. Steering loads should not exceed 140KGF at
the point of connection.

Compact size, 20deg Optional with rudder position indicator