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What is the Proper Size Primary Fuel Filter?

A question that comes up during haul out/winterization time is: What is the proper size fuel filter for my diesel engine?
Answer: Many sailors add Racor (or Groco etc.) filters to their diesel engine. The purpose of these filters is to provide fuel filtration in addition to the on engine filter.

Let's begin with the stock "on engine" filter. These filters are typically 10 microns or under. In layman's terms 10 microns means they filter out particles 10 microns or larger in the fuel.

You can then add additional inline filters before or after the on engine filter. If you want to add a filter after the on engine filter, a 2 micron element would be appropriate. A 2 micron element should only be used as the last filter prior to fuel being ingested by the engine.

If you want to add a filter prior to the on engine filter, ie between the tank and engine you should use at least a 10 micron filter. If you use a filter that is known to be of good quality, then 10 micron will likely be sufficient. If you are at all suspicious about fuel quality you should go to larger 15 or 30 micron elements.

Another way to look at this is that your filtration system should have filters with larger micron numbers nearer the tank and your final filter should be smaller than the primary filter, as small as 2 microns.

When it's time to change, the finer the filter (or the smaller the number of microns) the more frequently the filter will need to be changed.

Also you can order Racor replacement elements such as the R12 , and R24 here. (check that Amazon is REALLY cheapest spot for Racor filters and Replacement Elements)

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RACOR The company’s product line includes fuel filter/water separator systems, high flow filter vessels and elements, oil filter systems, automatic transmission filters, heavy-duty engine air filters, crankcase ventilation filter systems, and coolant products.

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Racor Mfr. offers concentrated additives for fuel and gasoline. Applications include engine-powered equipment in the on-highway, off-highway, marine, agriculture, and stationary markets.

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Racor Diesel Fuel Filter 1000FG/H

1000FG/H Diesel Fuel Filter by Racor Mfr. A durable new single-bolt mounting bracket doubles resistance to vibration fatigue. Manufactured from high grade aluminum components with a compound polymer bowl.

Racor Diesel Spin-On Series Fuel Filter Model 445R, 460R, 490R & 4120R
Diesel Spin-On Series Fuel Filter Model 445R, 460R, 490R & 4120R.Fuel Filters includes hand primer pump as standard. Includes a 2 micron filter. High-capacity Aquabloc filter elments. Specifications

Diesel Spin-on Filter Assembly
Easy to install, and even easier to service, spin-on filter fits between filter head and see- thru bowl. Specific assembly, filter element and option packages.

Racor Fuel Filter 110A, 6"
Marine Spin-On Series Fuel Filter 110A. Designed for engines with high working pressures. Can be used on gasoline and diesel engines..

Racor Diesel Spin-On Series Fuel Filter 110
Diesel Spin-On Series Fuel Filter 110. The 110 has been replaced by the 110A.

Fuel Filter/Water Separator, 75/500FGX
Turbine Series by Racor Mfr. Diesel Fuel Filter / Water Separator, 75/500FGX. Polymer bowls are virtually indestructible.

Fuel Filter/Water Separator, 75/500MAX10
Turbine Series Diesel Fuel Filter/Water Separator, 75/500MAX10. Maximum flow rate of 120 GPH. 2 Micron replaceable element.

Racor Fuel Filter/Water Separator, 900FH10
Clear Polymer bowls are virtually indestructible.They won't discolor from exposure to alcohol, additives or UV light a see-thru that stays see-thru.The.

Marine Turbine Series Diesel Fuel Filter / Water Separator

Marine Turbine Series Diesel Fuel Filter / Water Separator. Maximum flow rate or 180 gph. Standard port size: 7/8"-14 UNF. more about Turbine Series, Specifications

Marine Turbine Series Fuel Filter Model 75/1000MAX
Marine Turbine Series Fuel Filter Model 75/1000MAX. Dual turbine diesel fuel filter assembly. Filters fuel through a three step process, Seperation, Coalescing and Filtration.

Marine Turbine Series Fuel Filter Model 75/900FHX10
Marine Turbine Series Fuel Filter by Racor Mfr.,Model 75/900FHX10. Includes Bracket, 10 micron filter elements, Vacuum gauge and SS Manifold. The Turbine action centrifuge separates.

Marine Turbine Series Fuel Filter, 75/900MAX2
Marine Turbine Series Fuel Filter Model 75 / 900MAX. Dual turbine fuel filter assembly that filters fuel through a three step process, Seperation, Coalescing and Filtration.

Spin-On Series Fuel Filter 120AS, 120AT
Racor filters offers reliable protection for smaller gasoline and diesel engines used in generator sets, pressure washers and other equipment.

Turbine Series Diesel Fuel Filter / Water Separator w/ 12Volt Heater
Polymer bowls are virtually indestructible.

Turbine Series Fuel Filter Models 791000MAV..
Turbine Series Fuel Filter Models 791000MAV.., turbine Series Fuel Filter separates water and solid contamination from fuel utilizing its internal centrifuge.

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RACOR Fuel Filters(*Racor* Diesel) for Sale, new or old/used - NEW Series - 500-FG_30 Diesel Fuel Filter,Parker Diesel Fuel Filter/Seperator, turbine Series, RACOR R60P DIESEL NEW SPIN 30 Micron FUEL FILTER, etc.

Filters(*Racor* Gasoline ) Racor also offers marine Gasoline Fuel Filter spin-on(flow rates up to 120 GPH), OEM(for inboard marine applications), and in-line(keep fuel dry and clean) series with engine flow rates up to 120 gph, heads with multi-port mounting and more ease for installation. Filters are made to operate at 98% efficiency and corrosion resistant.

Racor - Filters/Water Seperators for Sale by Owner, ebay listings.

Racor - AIR Filters- heavy duty engine air filters/systems perfect optimized to filter over 99.0 % of air-contaminants.